Monday, July 31, 2006

it's monday!

some photos from the weekend:

Tarzan (Saul) Meets the grandparents

Grandfather holding baby

first bath

first manicure

Friday, July 28, 2006

tonight Dale & Joan came over and cooked. YUMMY! sheesh kebabs. yummy.

Tarzan has taken to laying on is back with his hands behind his head, just like lounging daddy!

This afternoon, my back was killing me, so I went to Ken Armann's, and he cracked it for me, I feel much better. By Much, I mean an entire metric assload.

found this interesting graphic on the web

and? I dunno what else to say.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

my folks are in town, which is swell. Mom made yummy veggie soup for Sara today

We should make more soups.

Sara went to the lactation consultant, and there was ongoing Jaundice issues with Tarzan, but he will survive

I took the 'rents to Target to get some stuff. mainly cleaning stuff

then stopped at flames for a burger. mmm burger. MEAT!

Then grocery store & home

I think Sara and I are incredibly busy. Afterwards my folks & evie went home early, so we could lay around and do nothing.

Ya know what happened? The HEAT broke. at least for the evening, it is absolutely dreamy outside. YAY

i am building an improvised misting system for the patio, to keep things cool. I need "T" fittings, and it'll be done

It's 11pm, we are laying down, but have to feed Tarzan at midnight.

Captain Midnight!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Uncle Jack stopped by and took some photos this afternoon

Sara says I look like a mad scientist

Uncle Jack


Tarzan, on my biker jacket

Then my folks got in, and we had chinese take out

then the taco tuesday crowd came by, and Matt got me a Princess Cake from Flames for my birthday. YAY

oh yeah, and today is my birthday. I'm 42

5am. I was up at 5am, getting barfed on.

WOO HOO! Happy Birthday dad. BLECH! Barf! Woo HOO!

then Sara took a nap, and I lay in bed near her, with tarzan sleeping in my armpit, next to me. both Sara & Tarzan snore a little.

So I sent email out to my assembling group list of baby care experts.

1) buy puke colored clothes! Yay MiG! thanks

2) Spray immediately. It can sit for a few days if you spray. Most choose Spray & Wash Dual Power. One nanny calls it the "shotgun approach to cleaning everything"

3) Dreft detergent

Wash in warm or hot water. Then maybe wash a second time. Check for stains before putting in dryer. Once in Dryer, stains are locked in.



This morning we went to Tarzan's first pediatrician visit. Dr. Peter Contini. I like him

Tarzan had a heel-stick, for some more blood work. He is a little Jaundiced, so we take him outside, he loves the sun. (for brief 5 min intervals)

Matt came and took me to Jesse & Happy Vans. I picked up the sprinter, the new back seat is what Tarzan is needing for a car seat.

Drove home, got van situated, Uncle Jack arrived and he took some photos. He will try to have some up tonight, I'll link to them

now we are just resting on my bed, he is next to me, swaddled up like a burrito a la baby.

My folks arrive soon, I hope this heat breaks, it is hot like hades.

if I have not returned your call or email, please be patient, I am insanely busy



Baby barf is yellow, and persistent.

Any laundry pointers appreciated.

Monday, July 24, 2006


We got all the shots and papers and birth certificate done at the hospital

Saul R Statman is the official name.

Saul after my mother's father
R to honor Sara's father

BUT! I am calling him Tarzan! In Texas all the kids are called Bubba. For me? He is Tarzan!

We left the hopsital, it was 108 outside according to the car thermometer. We drove safely home, turned down the AC, and are trying to keep cool

Much like the old WT guys in NE Texas, I went out and sprayed the walls down with water. It does not cool the house, but the evaporation allows some of the heat to dissipate faster.

Sara is trying to get Tarzan to eat. He's being lazy,, not fussy, lazy, he just keeps sleeping.

We gotta get this hooligan on a schedule!


Triumphantly leaving the hospital in a wheelchair

Bundled into Sara's car. Can you find Tarzan in this photo?

I told you it was hot. If you click this pic, and look in the left side instrument cluster, you'll see 108F

Sara at the front door. Notice all the lights are off, the curtain is drawn, trying to keep house cool

Tarzan at rest. Note hand above head, in a defiant heavy metal thrash sign!!!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sunday night, 10:40PM. I ran home to finish off some laundry, clean the house, and get a good night sleep. (except it's 87 inside and cooling at the house)

Tarzan got his stomach pumped, and a GPS leg bracelet. Hopefully we won't see repeats of this when he is a teenager.

He's getting better at breast feeding, I am getting better at diapers and wrapping him in blanket.

Sara is recovering nicely. We actually could have come home today, but tomorrow will be better. and buy her one more night of nurses changing him.

did I mention the bay area is ungodly hot?

hearing test

resting with mom

shut up

wrapped up

first bath

sara's writing up the long version, I ran home to do some wash, (myself included) then back to hospital. He is very fond of barfing all over me, and it is immediately obvious I am gonna need more black XL T Shirts, with minimal printing on front. I think I'll order some up in plain!

Quick Details about Tarzan,

We went to Good Samaritan arrived at 4pm yesterday, July 22. It was 104+ degrees outside. Sara tried on her back, nothing happened, Kavita the midwife arrived, we switched Sara to a birthing chair. it looks like a "U" shaped camp stool. Tarzan arrived at 4:50PM. 7lbs, 1oz. Head full of hair, Sara's chin dimple, and someone else's big feet!

The hospital provides baby hats, they look just like my pal Matt's "toook" hats, only more colorful. So we are jk-oking about Tarzan in his toook!

He enjoys latching on to her breast, but then not suckling. He is a huge giant faker! :) I can tell arleady he is gonna be a hooligan and a prankster.

We'll be in hospital today, maybe come home tonight, maybe tomorrow.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

2pm, Michelle the Doula is here. You know in the old westerns when the indians are about to overtake the wagon train, then you hear a bugle, and see the good guys in white hats ride up? That's the feeling I got when she arrived. No horses though, a car.

Sara is having contractions and we'll probably be heading to Good Sam in a few hours, I'll try to update as I can.



Scheduled call with Doula at 2

Ya snooze? Ya lose!

Background: Sara and I love riding motorcycles. It's how we met, it's part of how we live, and it'll be part of our lives for the rest of our lives.

Tarzan is on his way. We don't know when our son will arrive, pretty much any day now. Guess what? He will ride too. Not forced. Not "little league dad". Just part of our lives.

For the first couple of years, he needs to be in a car seat wherever he goes. So a sidecar is the ONLY possibility. (let's not start on the safety discussion, you can get hit by a bus crossing the street, life is not safe)

So I sold my BSA 250 sidecar, it was too small, too slow. But fun for giving my dad rides!

We are looking for a real outfit, that I will be able to put baby seat in, and semi-keep up with Sara on rides in the country.

Research tells me an older BMW frame, with a newer (but still old) BMW aircooled 900cc motor is the way to go. Tied to some form of sidecar. The entire outfit should be able to drive at 70-ish mph, and be reliable, and not be a monstrosity.

Sort of like Sara's old slash bike... but different

I found one that was close on eBay, however, I dicked around and it sold. However, in the process, my dear pal Flash scoured his worldwide network of friends, and found 2 guys who were going to go check out the rig, as well as store it for me till I had time to get it.

Now, I am sad that I did not bid on the rig, however, I am thrilled with Flash. Can you imagine having a freind of a freind many states away offer to go inspect something for you, then store it at his house till you can go get it?

THIS is why I love motorcycles. You have a network of freinds all over the world, who are willing to do anything to help you, just form one email.

It makes me feel good about life and the world.

Thanks to everyone who helped me with advice and had offers... Thanks Ken, Thanks Bob, Thanks Brian, Thanks Joe, Thanks Nick. and always Thanks Flash.

Now it's time to look for more....

No news yet. Very restless night last night, so maybe something this weekend?

Please do me a favor? Watch the blog for details, and don't call unless it is totally urgent. I am glad everyone wants news and to share our joy, but at the moment, the calls are overwhelming.

I don't know, he is not here yet, we are okay.

that's my response

when things change? will post.

Thanks millions! :)

Friday, July 21, 2006

if some guy invites you to a cemetary, on his Goth vampire site?

Say NO

If you are a guy inviting girls to a cemetary on your goth vampire website? I hope you get caught by a cop posing as a 13 yr old girl.

Don't go. you may get killed girls

Ok, Tarzan? Still not here yet. And if he EVAR tells me he is Emo or vampire or Goth? I will kick his butt and put him on a dirtbike, where KIDS BELONG!

I wanna RIDE

sounds a lot better than "I wanna be a goth/emo/vamp guy and get banged in the butt"

Where should I take our next vacation?


If you are a hello kitty fan, you must see her house it's pink!

more in a bit

Thursday, July 20, 2006

I found this link to a blog full of black light posters on BoingBoing today. And for some reason, it makes me think of Ran Moran. I am positive he must have some of these at his place. OMJ? Confirm?


and this just in from Chuck in Austin my next racing event...

boing! hear that sound?

It's the sound of a ball being dropped.

Cruise ships to leave?

Last time I checked, we were the superpower. A Handfull of helicopters? Why in the HELL aren't there a few C-130s or Starlifters on the runway packing up our people? The helicopters are supposed to be gunships laying down defensive fire....

It's just like the American Embassy in Saigon. Only? We are dropping the ball....

I cannot believe a 27 yr old American woman had to hire a taxi to drive her out of Lebanon. Imagine how many Halliburton trucks could have helped? And lined Cheney's pockets....

ON a lighter note. Still no Tarzan! But we are waiting.

Well, I guess it IS more important to scramble around Iraq looking for WMDs.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

just say no to Starbucks

so a single Grande is just over 1/2 the lethal dose?

say NO to excess caffine

just drink water. If you need to appear trendy? pour water in your old starbucks cup, and send the $4 to me.

or even better? Brew your own Wine!


Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I suppose this short article about says it all.


Still no kiddo. But darn, it's hot in San Jose. I need a rest from the heat, and it definitely tells me I've gone soft since living in Texas'

Saturday, July 15, 2006

sidecar boy, I am not alone, he even went to a rally!

some guy in Holland did this with a super Blackbird (very fast motorcycle)

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Last night Sara and I had dinner with the Rabasa family & Jack. Watching them wrangle kids around was fun.

This morning, I rode the Harley to work, it's having some issues at full throttle, there is some hesitation & bucking, acting like it was fuel-starved. I'll mess with it later.

But I was riding in to work, and thinking. Thinking is always bad. BAD.

I was thinking there were multiple bomb blasts and ~200 people killed in Mumbai India this week. The work of? Terrorists! The Indian government has questioned 350 people, detained 20 people.

And yet?

From our president. HELLO? fight terrorism, terrorists, blah blah, and "we send our condolences". Condolences my keester. We need to get out of Iraq, and start fighting global terrorism, or STFU about it. I am guessing we are not dispatching troops because there is no way for Halliburton to make money off it.

The Indian government has already begin naming suspects. And the people are trying to get back to life.

Once again, the Indians are showing the world, you have a problem, you solve it the best you can, and you move on. My best goes out to the families who have lost, my desire for the terrorists to get a fierce and final case of the clap is here, and I applaud the folks who have tried to resettle and get back to life.

If only the mighty US could take from this example, get out of Iraq, and focus on problems at home.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

trailer for the best motorcycle movie ever made

the cool think about youtube, and some of the other video hosting services is that folks are beginning to post up some cool, and thought LOST stuff.

Like Steve McQueen Cigarette ads

Or? Ghost rider trailers

you can find all sorts of interesting video, it is amzing, and so on

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

My pal Chris sent me this article about Ferret Leggers. It's slow to start, and you must concentrate on reading it, but it picks up. And? Real

As we all remember, Sara really enjoyed the Verizon commercial where the ferret bit the guy. She knows what is gonna happen, but every time she watches it she squeals with glee, and seems pretty darn happy about it.

YAY Laughter. BOO Ferrets

People, Listen. A ferret is not a pet. A snake is not a pet. Most cats are not pets. A labrador retriever, preferably a pit bull mix, now that's a pet.

Ferrets in your pants? NO NO NO NO

Monday, July 10, 2006

my brains have turned to mush. I am tired


The sprinter dropped off with Jesse at Happy Vans this morning, and will take about a week to finish. When done, more space for bikes in back, and a 3 person bench seat in the cabin. Less cool cabin, but better for strapping Tarzan in.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

baby stuff

I have been thinking about baby stuff lately, here is possible baby Announcement stuffs

"Birth Announcements" and "Photo Birth Announcements". They provide high quality printed announcements at very reasonable prices. Starting at $1.19 for cards on 80 pound card stock including printing and envelopes. We offer free shipping on orders of more than 70 cards. Our photo cards have large images to show off the new baby. Each card is typeset out by hand.

So I got the KTM fixed. Last night Sara and I had dinner at Albertos with Antonio & His roommate Chance.

Sara suggested I go for a ride on Sunday morning. So we did. Back out to Metcalf, no flat. AND? I rode on the motocross track. Jumps are fun. Turns blow, unless you are confident enough to haul keester through them Which I am not.

Got hot & sweaty and tired, it was great fun.

Came home, cleaned up, cleaned bike, yay. Home before noon!

I took a shower, and was napping, when I heard Sara talking, Julia had stopped by, and they were chatting. So I got up.

We assembelled the co-sleeper Sara bought, and moved the bed over to make room for it.

Then Julia helped me with some bolts that went through the floor of the sprinter. MAJOR Sprinter mods tomorrow. Pulling the benches, and putting in a bench seat. You know, for Tarzan.

THEN? Sara made Cioppino. We ate, we lounged, I fell asleep. Julia left.

I woke up, we went to the grocery store.

Really, a pretty good day.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

a day off

i will wake up early, load the sprinter, and take the KTM to Metcalf Park and ride dirtbikes No Moped Stunna here!

except? I got a flat front tire about 12 minutes into the riding. Cause I was not on a scooter

did not have bike stand, spare innertube, pump

so I loaded up and went home

I think I need to mod the Chappy!

unloaded, cleaned, took off front tire, found hole, went to hardware store, bought patch kit, came home, patched tube, reassambelled AND? still leaks

patched again, leaks again

strike THREE, and I take it to RoadRider to buy a heavy duty tube. They install, however, he points out that the spokes are coming through too far on the inside

so I take the rim home, grind the spokes with a dremel tool, clean it all up, take it BACK to the shop. fresh tube, tire, all assembelled

home AGAIN, put bike together clean up, and

It's 12:30. NO more riding for me. >.<

so I fiddle with the yard sprinkler stuff, then Sara comes home and has a nap. Now I am writing this.

so far? my day? not what I wanted.

but I am alive, and the AC is on, so all is good

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

random photos from the past few weeks

Matt at some sign in Valleco Mall

Cactus Flowering

Matt defiling Ikea Display

Backyard Flowers

Scott Gordon came to visit, here he is at Pescadero & US Hwy 1

Sara & Tara
Tarzan & Jane

Pink Flowers by back door of our house

Tarzan's room is taking shape. YAY!

He is still registered at babiesRus and target

Sara's descriptions on Babies R Us are cool. No theme, not into sports or pooh

I am amazed at how difficult it is to find plain black baby clothes. With no logos or sayings.

I think it will be cool to have a plain black watch cap, so he matches dad in the cold evenings.

will see.

oh, and by the way, Target baby registry hates me. Loves Sara, but hates me.

selling the minibike on ebay

i was gonna put a photo of some girl in a tiny flag bikini here, but I am too tired to mess with it.

off to assemble bookcases

Monday, July 03, 2006

I want to hate Ikea. I want to hate everything about them. It's a HUGE chain. It has gaudy colors outside. The building is a glorified warehouse. Those damn smug scandanavians. Silly product names. What's not to hate?

Sunday Sara, Matt, Antonio and I went up to look for a dresser after Sunday Morning Steak & Eggs at the Sherwood Inn. mmmm Steak & Eggs, Hash browns & Toast, AND a Bloody Mary, for $8. HELLS Yes.

So we drove to Ikea.

Crap. It is cool

They had what we need. We bought stuff.

But one part was out of stock, to get there on Monday. I went back today and bought it.

We now have a new coffee table, 2 wide bookcases, 1 narrow bookcase, and a Dresser for Tarzan's room.

Goddamn Smug Scandanavians.....

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