Monday, April 30, 2007

My pal Joe just (forwarded me this essay that his equally brilliant father mailed him) from Herb Meyer explaining what is going on in the world today. It is possibly the most accurate, concise description I've read. I will not kid you, it is long, and makes you think. But it is very worth it.

Link here

2 weeks back, our man Jack took some photos. I'll upload more to my Flikr set. My web connection at work is blocking me from uploading now.

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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Grandpa Buzz

Wow, it is way high up here

Grandma Jan

crashed on Grandpa Max's lap

Big Plate of Meat from when Sara was gone, and Dale cooked.

Friday, April 20, 2007


Interesting Facts?

If you need to email large files

Free Audio Books, if you have no time to read

Physics is Phun!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

ChrisV took this artistic photo of me after tacos a few weeks back

I tripped over this web site, there are 3 embedded commercials for Space Food Sticks.

(which, BTW, I LOVED as a kid)

Heck, Nasa was using them on SkyLab.

so I was watching these commercials, and it reminded me of the promise of an exciting brilliant new future. SPACE! FUN! All the cool things my generation was going to have.

There is a longwinded rant about where did we get derailed, but I am not gonna go into it.

I am just going to say I got Screwed. WHERE is my jetpack? where is my flying car? Where is my kitchen of the future? My Sonic Space Gun? What happened to Aqua-Copters and life under the sea?

WHY is America stepping backwards, not forwards.

I want space food sticks and deheydrated ice cream and a bright bold, fresh new world of possibility and opportunity.

Not the big brother - nanny state we have devolved into.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Natalie left a great comment. "At what point does the NG tube come out for good?"

This has been our main hope and prayer for the last ~8 months.

If you have a mechanical issue, say a broken arm? Doctors are really good at fixing that. Broken arm = Cast ... fixed

Well, in Saul's case, there is no mechanical issue. The neurologist, pediatrician, gastrointerologist, and the nurses at his pediatric daycare ALL say the same thing. There is no mechanical reason why he will not swallow.

He has a strong mental association of fluid with pain, and will not drink. He will eat some food, much like a normal baby, it is a fight for solids. 1 spoon in, 1/2 spoon out. but he will eat some. He will not drink.

Since he will not drink, he is at very high risk for dehydration and all the bad stuff that goes along with a non-drinking baby.

So I asked the gastrointerologist, "what happened to babies with similar issues before NG tubes?" her reply? "they died"

When does the NG tube come out? when one of two things happens:

1) he starts drinking 150ml 6x/day
2) he gets a G-tube

SO! A G-tube goes through the stomach wall. It is surgery. It requires maintenance to prevent infection. And? it is scary.

It might help him keep more food in, as he will not have a tube down his throat holding the sphincter at the top of his stomach open. He might not pull it out as often. It is easier to put back in.

BUT? there is no guarantee it will help. It IS surgery. It has infection risk.

So that's the LONG answer to Natalie's question.

The short answer? no one knows.

He is also teething right now, so very cranky, chews on everything, lots of snot, more barf.

Is it frustrating? Heck right. I barely sleep. I worry constantly. Every time I reinsert the tube there is a 50% chance I could go into his lungs instead of stomach. It has been a challenge for sure.

But when he smiles? that is his redemption. That's why I work so hard at this, and really try to keep my anger and frustration in check.


Here are some videos

Bites my finger then goes Blah Blah Blah

Grandma Jannie tries to feed him

Monday, April 16, 2007

I put together an email to send to a pal, then realized it is blog

so here is most of it

Tarzan is 8 3/4 months old. His teeth are finally starting to cut. Not in yet, but white gums and all.

He is a very happy child, which is his only redemption at the moment. Apparently with teething? you get runny nose, stuffy head.

Having the tube in his nose, it makes everything more difficult. If he has a stuffy nose, and I try to give him solid food, he barfs it up Now with the teething, he is putting his fingers in his mouth to chew, which pushes down on his tongue, and? BARF-O

Sara is in Minneapolis for a memorial service.

me? I am totally Senor Mom!

but he barfs a lot. so we have very clean floors

(David C!: When he pulls the tube out (and every other day occurrence) we put it in the same side for one week, then we try to alternate sides every other week so sometimes it is in the left, sometimes the right. Our hope is to even out the time tape is on both cheeks, so he does not get a bigger scar)

my folks are in town visiting, so that is a plus. and now? some random photos

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Genius moment

My buddy Joe Galletti (the red headed menace)is a genius. Skilled in many areas. mechanical, design, thought, the man is smart and I am lucky to have him as a friend.

Nowadays, people toss that word around lightly. Such as "oh, that guy who came up with the birthday ecards with boobies on them is a genius" well, not really. Most guys like boobies. this guy just capitalized on it.

No, Joe is really a genius. He has the ability to think of something, and visualize it in all three dimensions. Now this may sound easy enough, but i mean think of something that has never been made before, and see, in your mind, the object in all three dimensions. That is amazing.

Joe taught himself to weld. Then he bought a super high zooty welder. And taught himself to use it. Now that is not so hard, right? People can learn welding. The store that sold him the super new, high tech welding machine? asked him to come teach classes in how to use it.

I truly believe my pal Joe should be helping NASA get us back on the moon. He is THAT bright. However, NASA is run by a bunch of gerbils and pin-heads, and, like many other corporations today, they only want someone with a degree from a university, that says they spent lots of time learning to do things ONE WAY. The Teacher's way.


Nasa loses out.

Anyhow, the whole point of this boils down to: Joe is a genius. And today? I HAD A JOE GALLETTI moment. I did something so amazing, so brilliant, that Joe might even say "good idea"

Behind my desk. Behind Sara's desk. Probably behind YOUR desk? Is a whole spaghetti bowl full of cables. Power, monitor, usb, connector, just all the junk that goes along with a high tech desk.

Computer, Monitor, Scanner, Printer, Ipod dock, mouse, keyboard, blah blah blah

There are lots of them.

Now with Saul crawling? where does he go? Under the desk for the power cables.

I can mentally picture him (in three dimensions, BTW) chewing through a cable, and being shocked to death, or near death. ZAPPPity Zap.

Like the cat under the chair with the light cord.

I considered how to fix this. Neatly bundle all the cables? Put them in some wire loom. Management tray? Who knows. My head starts to spin.

Then. In a Red Headed Menace Moment, Spinoza's magic funnel opened up and poured all the knowledge into my brain.

Simplicity is the answer. I do not want the child to get at the cables. I need to not move my desk.

Before Idea:

After Idea:

Coroplast I actually had 2 sheets of 4x8 in the garage for a project that did not happen. It is plastic cardboard. You see it all the time in signs.

Now? effective, simple baby barrier! Woo HOOO.

Link to some Julia & Saul pix

Tarzan plays with monkey. then he crawls like mad, slams the door shut, and plays with mardi gras beads. He loves shutting the door

Our man comes across the floor and at me like a spider monkey

crawling the halls in his snoopy suit

brief interlude. I am back on atkins since wednesday. Before I left on my trip ~ 195

this morning 178

lost weight on trip and losing weight now. exercise every morning. not a lot, but some. and every morning

Kid pix

Saul's first Seder

You call this "matzoh", yeah, right.

Brad, Steve, Lisa

Charles, Sue, Buzz


Sunday, April 01, 2007


am home, luggage, not so much.

am tired. more later

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