Wednesday, August 31, 2005

New Orleans is Hellish!

Fuel prices all over the US have jumped to $3/gallon.

Mister President, it is time to step up. BE a leader. Stop shipping our money overseas. It is time to spend the money HERE, at home. Help Americans whose tax dollars you are spending. Relief is needed. Help us now.

Otherwise We as Americans need to stand together and revolt. Asking for our TAX DOLLARS BACK.

Help our schools
Help our poor
Help our economy

In a speech to folks at a Naval base in San Diego, the President compared the war in Iraq to World War II. I am sorry, NO. We are NOT fighting the Axis powers. We are fighting a country the size of California. And we are fighting terrorism. A concept. War is terror.

I am not saying get out. Finish the effort. Do what you started. BUT! I am saying divert a large portion of that money HOME, from there to here, where we NEED it.

it's starting, and it ain't gonna get better. when you are hungry, you don't care much about a state trooper. Of course they are looting.

whole bunch of cajun & creole in the city, this is gonna be bad.

All best wishes for Priestess Miriam. We hope she is doing well.


Tuesday, August 30, 2005

so New Orleans is flooding, and maybe Sherry's predictions were accurate. The football team is leaving, tensions are rising, survivors need help, people are dying, and yet, the accounts of looting are amazing.

The floodwalls are still breached, the water is going to keep rising, we may yet see the destruction of a great city.

Selah! these are wierd days.

So it appears the eye of Hurricane Katrina has missed New Orleans. However the floodwall has about a 200ft break in it, and water from Lake Pontchartrain is flooding into the city faster than the antique pumps can pump it out. So what the hurricane did not flatten may soon be underwater. Remember, New Orleans sits below sea level. If the water keeps coming IN..... Let's hope Priestess Miriam can help them out.

I am getting used to my new Google Mail account. it handles mail in a different format, and all the pages look different, but with some getting used to, I kinda like it.

This just in from Sara's folks:

A motorcycle cop was rushed to the hospital with an
inflamed appendix. The doctors operated and advised
him that all was well.

However, the patrolman kept feeling something that
was pulling at the hairs on his chest. Worried that
it might be a second surgery the doctors hadn't told
him about, he finally got enough energy to pull his
hospital gown down enough so he could look at what
was making him so uncomfortable.

Taped firmly across his hairy chest were three wide
strips of adhesive tape, the ultra sticky kind that
doesn't come off once it is put on.

Written in large black letters was the sentence,

"Get well soon! Luv, from the nurse you ticketed last week!"

Monday, August 29, 2005

Sherry has allowed me to use her text. We'll follow Katrina and find out how it goes.

First is her original from yesterday

I'm watching the CNN reports about the hurricane headed to New Orleans. When we were on our tour of the St. Louis cemetary and park, the tour guide described how one bad storm would flood and destroy the city, but the residents had always relied on "divine intervention." Looks like the gig is up. The National Weather Service's description of what will happen sounds like an old-school, old Testament smoting of the wicked.
I'm really glad that we all went a few months ago. We can tell people that we saw the real New Orleans and not the theme park version built to replace it.

Second is from this morning

This morning, ABC reported that the hurricane shifted slightly to the East. The eye will pass about 40 miles from downtown New Orleans. This may not be the Sodom & Gomorra smoting, but there is still a flood concern. The reporter was describing how the roof of the Superdome was leaking badly and that it was not designed or tested for this type of weather.
Perhaps divine intervention and/or the VooDoo Priestess Miriam will save the city afterall.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Sherry sent me email about watching CNN and the New Orleans upcoming disaster

her text is brilliant, I've asked her if I can repost it here. Will see. But yeah, it looks bad for New Orleans.

My phone is flaky and intermittent, sometimes right to voicemail, sometimes I get a call. Sometimes it turns itself off. Hmmm.

Evie! Yes, you can use anything I have, no plans for october yet, will keep you & Mike posted.

Mom! I got the calls, it's late your time now, will try to return tomorrow


Saturday, August 27, 2005

i am changing my email, or trying. I will still have the yahoo account, but am trying google's GMAIL. will see how it goes. if you click the "email me" link in my sidebar, it will send to the Gmail address.


Thursday, August 25, 2005

I have not been feeling tops this week, I am not sure why. But I think it is from too much travel.

Anyhow, I got a little worried, and wanted to make sure it is not the REAL sick, you know, cancer coming back, So I did a self exam. This is important for all guys. You should REALLY check out your equipment regularly, and make sure it isn't, well, wrong.

I found this swell video that teaches you how to do a screening, in case you did not know.

Fortunately, everything is A-O-K, and I am just a little ill from travel. Nothing major.

Hope all's well.


Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Sidecar Sold! My pal Ken has found an appropriate buyer for the sidecar rig. It will be moving towards Washington State, to transport some kids to and from school. YAY Kids. Yay sold sidecar.

I will be using the money to start a new top secret super cool project.

buh-bye sidehack, sniff sniff, I'll miss ya.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Paparazzi suck. I just read an article about Scarlet, who crashed her car when the photographers were chasing her. BOO HISS. I agree, there oughtta be a law. Even better, actresses should start slapping the camera men. I sure hate it when they stalk me. Except my approved photographers and press men.

So I made a quick trip to Longview over the weekend to visit my folks. It was a month after dinner for my mom, and a very wonderful Bed & Breakfast in Marshall, TX. If you want time away, I am gonna highly recommend the Roseville B&B. The McConnell's don't list it on their web site, but they also serve dinners, you need reservations.

Also saw a small part of the Austin crowd. Remember, this was a quick in and out trip, please don't be offended, I did not have a happy hour, or party or anything. I flew in, had dinner, slept drove 5 hrs to Longview, slept, drove 5 hrs back, had dinner again, slept, flew out.

My camera batteries died early on. Here is El Azteca visited for dinner,

James' Geo of Protest

snaps of James on one of Tim Miller's 305 Honda Scramblers.

James givin it a workout

Tim on Superhawk

Room full of Hawks.

The scrambler came with Snuff-Or-Nots, a cool 60's innovation to get around mufflers. I got all excited and just bought some of these on ebay. The are discs with a spring mounting them to a knob. You can turn the knob one way, and the pipes are quiet, then turn it 90 degrees and is loud. You know me. LOUD!

Right before I left, Joe and the Thomas Family and I went to Flip's Satellite Cafe (scroll to bottom) in Oak Hill. If it was closer to the beach, and the waitresses were a bit heavier, and the meat was not as delicious, this place could be sititng in Santa Cruz. It was great. I highly recommend it

Thursday, August 18, 2005

I am trying to find out who wrote the lyrics:

"Live in New York City once, but leave before it makes you hard...
Live in Northern California once, but leave before it makes you soft."

I think I have stayed too long, I am soft.

There are nice roads for motorcyclist
It is not too hot or too cold
I have friends


I am still a Texan, through and through, but I like the curvy roads.

For some reason this year, I thought it would be a good idea to put tomatoes into the raised bed in our back yard. Sara mulched and turned it last year, so I popped in a little more organic yumminess, turned it again, then planted and covered with wood chips. The air in SJ is very dry, and in the heat, the water evaporates too quickly.

I took some snaps of the garden last night

Fresno Peppers

Black Cherry Tomatoes (cherry tomatoes bred to have a dark purple color)

Normal Tomatoes

Green Zebras (light green with dark green stripes are ripe)
you can also see the purple basil poking up!

My pal Novella Carpenter, who writes for the Metro and works at Magical Gardens Nurseries in Bezerkley wrote and article about bikes and stuff, wanted to see the sprinter, and I got some wild tomatoes! These are organic and genetically bred by selection, not by engineering.

YAY cool foods

I've been cutting the tomato plants like Bonsai, pruning the non producing limbs, to give more nutrient to the producing limbs. There is somthing about earth and the smell of cut plants. MMMMM

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

photo is worth a thousand words, there is no better way to describe our endurance race than in Jack's photos.

Monday, August 15, 2005

home from racin, 4 hr was fun, i am sore & tired, will post more once the photos are up

i am sure the answer to most everything lies in this video

if not, it could be solved with a sonic cannon

Thursday, August 11, 2005

forgot to mention I will be running the AFM 4 hour endurance race this saturday afternoon.

If you wanna see motorcycle racin, head over to sears point, I'll be the guy under the texas flag.

more info at

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I am back from Mexico. It was wonderful. I keep trying to think of what to write, and words, just like the memories escape me.

My pal Dale invited me to go on the yearly fishing trip to Loreto, Mexico, BCS. 10 guys, Hotel Oasis, rent guides, go fish.

Leave San Jose, fly to LA, switch planes,

fly into Loreto.

Dale's son Alex puts on an impromptu skate display outside the airport. YAY.

it is hot, we take a cab to the hotel. Settle and rest, then take a walk

... over to Vincente's Bar,

then to El Taste restaurant for a GINORMOUS Steak.
(Rich, MikeD, MikeI, Raul, Teddy, Dale, Alex, Alex)

Mike, Raul and Dale like it.

Charles & Teddy like it.

FIRST morning fishing. I am sick. Who knows, not seasick, just sick. There is a 4am knock on the door, we get up, have breakfast, and are on the boats headed out to buy mackrel at 5am for bait. Over to a part of the sea to fish for Humboldt squid. Then out to look for Dorado. We pass a fish, here is the sequence of events.

A) Do you see the fish? small fin sticking up?

B) Cano the pilot baits the hook and casts for the fish. Since I am a "Ranchero" and not a "Pescadero" He sets the hook.

C) I fight the sailfish and reel it in to the boat. This is difficult and takes time. I think it is the part guys pay a lot of money to do.

D) Cano lifts the sailfish into the boat. They are good smoked, but we let the pilots keep the sailfish. Interesting side note. You know the Blue Marlin you always see above someone's fireplace? They are almost all made of plastic nowadays. the Taxidermist takes the sword and the fins, tosses the rest of the fish, and puts the sword & fins on a plastic fish called a "fish mount". We did not do this. that is just silly.

E) The sailfish starts to fight a little, and Cano makes the first joke. He takes his small baton, lifts it over the fish, then in a stern voice says "SILENCIO!" and whacks it.

Dale caught a Dorado, the type we are really here fishing for.

We motor home around 1, for siesta.

Sunrise over the Sea of Cortez

I only wish my Camera did not filter the light. the clouds actually looked as if they were on fire when the sun came up

Next morning I go out to fish with Teddy

I am V happy and relaxed.

He gets a hit

It is a Dorado

In the boat!

Dale is so happy with his catch, he plants one on MikeD

While Alex makes new google eyed friends

Young lad wheels catch up to Pancho to be cleaned

We go for lunch at McLuLu's.

LuLu has been serving tacos at her stand for 21 years.

Mike, Dale & team have been coming here for 18 years, They ain't dead yet.

I endorse LuLu's with my card.

The crew loves LuLu's.

So does Dale, star of Iron Chef!

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