Wednesday, January 29, 2003

He says I am a whiney bitch that needs to get back on a bicycle.

I severely bruised and hyper-extended ont of the muscles, but it is healing. He aided this healing with a shot of steroid/hydrocort into the muscle. The X=rays show damage to the bones, but that most of that is worn down, and it should be functioning okay, building more muscle will help.

and that I have some arthritis going on, but has been there a long time.

the shot helped, (hurt like hell) but helped.

I am on the path, so my knee is improving.


Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Okay, so I understand, it has been way too long since I updated. Well, things have been crazy, I lost track. I’ll try to handle in order:

Eating: I have found if I eat less, MUCH less, then I do not have problems. I am not sure how long it is sustainable, but I am trying to eat less. I have some good days, and some days where I spend too much time forgetting and eating, and sitting on the hopper, crying and wishing. But for most of the time, I am fine.

Bike: 4 weeks ago I got off the DRZ, minor lowside, but seems to have stretched my knee. More on knee later. Bike. The bike got a bent kickstand, I have already fixed that. The DRZ is fully dark now, and I am waiting on the taillight unit to come in, and it’ll be mostly ready. I overspent a little, and need to wait before I can afford to put tires on the new rims, but the old rims work fine. This bike is such a blast to ride. I giggle constantly.

Ticket: From weeks ago, my attorney, Randall Sprinkles, did a bang up job. From traffic violation to no license in wallet, $117 fine, no hit to my driving record. It is true, counties are just generating money. Bastards!

Knee: So my left knee is not working right, I am actually typing this while sitting in the doctor’s office. Yeah, after 4 weeks, it did not get better, so I went to doctor. You know what? I am tired of doctors. More on the knee after I see the guy.

House: sleep has become something I do optionally. My neighbor snores way too much. Sometimes I doze off, then wake up to find my beautiful girlfriend snoring away! YAY! I wish I could sleep that good. But we are both light sleepers. We’ve been discussing moving in July, to something, well, quieter. More as that happens.

Work: Work is great, I am mostly busy, but always happy, I am challenged and able to come up with solutions. I have a wonderful team working for me, just keeping them focused…..

Entertainment: traded the VCR for a VCR/DVD combo. And have not found much I want to watch. I think I may assemble a wish list on amazon, just for the heck of it.

I do not know what else I have to discuss, so that’s it and that’s that.

Thursday, January 09, 2003

Bastard of the Day.

this is definitely making the rounds, but pisses me off to no end. Some cop shot a family's dog during a traffic stop this morning.

Shoot my dog, and I'd shoot the cop.

damn cops.

Officer Hill, if you read this, I hope you rot in hell. You are a cruel and heartless bastard.

but don't stop there, send an email to his boss:

overwhelm their website. (it may take a few attempts, there are more people emailing them now! ruthless bastard

Monday, January 06, 2003

Crashing sucks. Dirtbikes are fun.

My buddy Mike decided he was ready to ride again, and a group was going to get together Saturday at noon at Alice's for a "Mike back on a Bike" ride.

Before the ride, I blasted up to SF in the LLROL to pickup the new Scotts steering damper and COOL Super Motard wheels for the bike. sapent time with Joe, Paul & Saskia, then hauled bootie back to San Jose, to get ready for the ride.

Sara and I met up at the condo, and she already had the bikes ready. Got dressed in gear, and away we went. Up Hwy 280 to Foothill Expwy, to Stevens Canyon Road.

A nice twistey windey, with a little construction, a little rain, a little mud, you get the picture?

Nice sunny day, zipping along on our DRZ400s, left, right, left, swoopy corners, whee! right, left, and WHOOPS!

the bike slid out from under me! and was flying down the street in front of me. Hmmm, that must mean I am flying down the street too. Yikes, look at those sparks coming off the kickstand! Hey, my butt is getting hot, I better roll over, hmmm, this street sure is muddy and slipper, DOH! that's why I fell down!

the bike stopped in a mudslide beside the road, I stopped jut before the bike. My motocross boots held my ankles together, my hot pink Motocross pants held my skin on, my gloves and jacket did their job admirably.

I stood up, shook everything, no pain? no problem. No blood? no rips? yay!

The bike had some issues, handlebar bent, left turnsignal broke, again, the left side plastic was a little scraped, but I have already ordered black panels anyhow. and the damndest thing, the kickstand was bent outwards at a 90 degree angle. The bike skid on the stand, which probably saved it from any more damage.

I could not lift the bike up, apparently, standing in the mud, at a bad angle, I was just not strong enough. I tried to get Sara to help me, and apparently barked at her. I was trying to get the bike up, out of the ditch, incase any officers passed by, I did not want a ticket. Okay, work fast. DUH. (Note to self. When you fall off bike, be nice to girlfreind, she does put up with you)

I love dirtbikes!

$20 for a new set of bars, $45 for a new kickstand (on order) and I rode the thing up to the ride anyhow!

Showed up muddy, and a little late, but much to the grins and giggles of all our pals. Rode out hwy 84 to the pacific coast, I kept thinking i was keeping everyone back, and I should slow down, apparently, they were trying to catch me?

ha! on a recently crashed bike? double ha!

we rode to davenport, and stopped at "Whale City Cafe" for some snacks. On the way, Mike did some cool roll-on standing wheelies, his confidence is back. YAY!

After whale city, we rode down 1 to santa cruz, stopped for a bit, then out hwy 9 to boulder creek. Sara & Rebecca swapped bikes, so Sara could feel the new, cool, aftershocks suspension job on Rebecca's bike. She pronounced it 'good'.

Sara and I split off, and made our way down Bear Creek Road, where I was going slow in the slippery muck, you know, just in case.

Got home, washed evrything off, and cleaned up what we could.

Watched a rental movie, and went to bed early.

Sunday morning, big breakfast, yummy soy-rizo, and went to roadrider for parts.

I broke down and spent $45 for a motorcycle lift stand for the motard, and some new bars, which I do not like, and need to get different ones.

Got home, installed the new bars & steering damper, Sara changed the oil on her DRZ, and I went to Eric * Lissa's to use my torch, and bend the kickstand back to straight, well, straight enough, till the new one arrives.

we went to LuLai vegetraian chinese for dinner, then to wal mart to stock up tp and paper towels,

Another movie, another early nite. yay.

Work on Monday, I am going to let my team catch up form the holidays, then tomorrow, noses back to the stones.

Friday, January 03, 2003

I just spoke to one of my closest and best friends in the whole world. Which is cool. I miss Joe, and do not get to talk to him nearly enough. Now his daughter is growing up, and I am in San Jose, MISSING IT!!!!

Joe had read about my intestinal issues, and wanted to discuss. Yay! I got to talk about poop more. So, to that end, and update.

Dr. Nguyen my General Practitioner ran some lab tests just before new years, and found NO parasites, NO virus. So my poop is clean. How do you run such a lab test? Well, you have to poop in a cup. So she gave me a special Doctor Cup, and I went back to the office, sat on the hopper, and when I felt something coming, I reached down with the special Doctor Cup, to catch it before it hit the water.

And I had just seen Steve Irwin "The Crocodile Hunter" in his movie and was thinking while pooping. "I am about to catch one, you have to be careful, and sneak up on them. Oi Mate! He's a Grumpy One!"

Then I realized: " I am the mighty TURD HUNTER!"

then I started laughing. It is always bad to laugh while in a toilet stall at work.

Anyhow, I processed a sample, clamped it into the special Doctor Cup, put it in a plain brown bag, and had to refrigerate it before I could return to the doctors office later that afternoon. I put it in a Plain Bag. and marked it "Turd, do NOT Eat, NOT your lunch"

when I got back to it, yep, someone opened it. Fools! Defy the Mighty Turd Hunter will you?????

So the lab shows no bugs, I am just messed up. So eating smaller meals, takiing in less bulk has helped, but I am still searching for the right answer.

Other non-poo related news. Backwards.

Last night my pal Mac the Welder phoned. it was great to hear his voice. He apparently rode some wild 4-cylinder 2 stroke Suzuki monster, but fortunately, still has his sportster.

New Years Day we (sara & i) rode the DRZ's up to Mount Hamilton. I am working on the motard conversion on mine, and have been building a how-to build a motard page.

New Years Eve I celebrated at my pal Greg Creech's New Year's Blastoff. Photo of me & sara at said event.

My pal Mike Jones was there. Mike has lost a heck of a lot of weight, and looks good, but was having a little too much fun. Yay for boobies!

Before That, I spent a lot of time working on the Motard, and travelling back and forth to MotoJava for parts.

well, that's good for now.

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