Tuesday, July 31, 2007

my brain has been completely locked up. Sorry, nothing sensical is falling out lately.

all folks were here for Tarzan's #1 birthday, that was great.

Work is not called play, but I keep doing it.

Sara and I decided to focus on three projects:
Yard - Living Room - Queen Bed

Explanation: Our yard is a shambles. It was pieced together by previous owners, and bits have died, others have overgrown, the shed is falling over, and it is all Yak Shaving. To get the trailer out of the driveway, I need to move the stove in the trailer, into the garage. to make space in the garage, I need a shed to move motorcycles out of the garage. to put in a new shed, I need the old one torn out, and new concrete. IF you do new concrete, might as well take out all the busted concrete. If you are gonna .... have the whole yard redone.

Living room: again, a mess. pull old TV, put flat panel above fireplace, will allow re-arrange that will give MUCH more room. yay. but to get flat panel, we need new stereo, and might as well integrate..........

Bed. full size bed too small for us and Tarzan. need queen. to get queen, need to find right mattress, then disassemble bed in there, and build new, queen size version of current full size bed.

its just a house of cards!!!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

sorry, more cuteness

he was playing hide and seek in my closet. pulling the door shut, hiding, then giggling when he opened it and I said "peek-a-boo"

and some pix

sunglasses from Aunt Sherry

Shirt from Flash (yes, it says 'Hung like a five year old')

Hiding in closet

yesterday was my birthday. I am 43.

I tried to sleep late, and do a whole bunch of nothing. Had a Double Double and fries for lunch, and Camarones Diabla for dinner. YUM!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

According to the Nurse Practitioner at Stanford, Tarzan weighs 16lbs, 8 oz. and is growing. He is still behind the curve, but it was good news.

She also said there is not a big risk on his brain growth, as the brain will take the nutrition it needs first. YAY, that was my fear.

We keep pushing him to eat more, and have a new thickening product to add to his milk. And consider vegetable oil, in addition to heavy whipping cream, for calories.

Prunes with oatmeal to help with poops.


so basically, it was a good visit, I am very happy. It seems our boy is on track. still behind, and still needs help and pushing to 'train' him to eat, but we keep on!


waiting for photos from his birthday.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

all grandparents are in town! WOO HOO Tarzan is getting tons of attention. More than usual, that is.

SO! ya know how people always ask "how big is this city" and you really have no clue? Especially when traveling. How does San Jose compare to Longview. How big is Austin? What is the median rainfall in Seattle.... etc. etc. etc.

Well, search no more, this page is a brilliant collection of city data!

we are off to the farmers market

Thursday, July 19, 2007

this strikes me as one of the saddest news stories I've read. A family dumped their aged grandmother in a trash heap in southern India.

On the surface, it initially saddens me for obvious reasons. But on a secondary level, because I've often thought how brutal the US system is, rest homes, etc. and how wonderful it is that 'third' world countries still keep family together, support the elderly, and reap the benefits of a living vessel of wisdom in the house.

Now that illusion is smashed.

I can remember my grandmother (msrip) telling my father "NO Golden Acres" And with the help of my Aunt and Uncle living in Dallas, my grandmother was able to live in her own home, in a style she wanted, till the end.

My folks are still relatively young, but I have no idea what I will do if they need assistance when they get older. I have always thought how wonderful it would be to have a big old ranch house *meaning a house on a ranch, not a 3-2 postwar ranch* and build smaller houses out back for my folks, her folks, etc.

But I really have no clue.

never put on a trash heap

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

got back from the fishing trip to Loreto. Photos here.

Got back from the annual fishing trip to Loreto, Baja, Mex. It was nice and relaxing. Great Restaurants!

flew in Friday, had some dinner, got up Saturday morning at 5am to go fishing, and was skunked. nothing. No Dorado. The fish we hunt for. But still, from 5am till about 1pm, floated around the sea of Cortez with my pal Dale, talking smack? that is good stuff.

Saturday afternoon had fish tacos at world famous Mc LuLu's. Only to hear she plans on retiring this year. Wonderful dinner Saturday night.

Sunday, fished with Digital Dan, pulled in some Trigger. I got a Scorpion Fish, 2 Puffers, and finally some Trigger. Got back, had the mexican sampler plate for lunch at Hotel Oasis, and back to siesta. Dinner at LaPalapa. Brilliant Chile Rellenos.

Monday, back out with Dale, I spotted, he hooked a 125+ lb SailFish. It took about an hour to fight and land, with us trading the pole back and forth as we were getting wore OUT. sailfish does not taste too wonderful, so we let the skipper keep it, he will smoke it. We caught trigger, Needlefish, parrotfish, and some puffer. I got a trigger that looked like this!

Saw wales, turtles and porpoise while out.

Came in, and skipped lunch, for a long long nap. Dinner at El Taste. Early night.

Slept late Tuesday, then walked around town and did some shopping. Bought some Agavero (tequila liqueur) and headed to airport for flight home.

Lots of sleep, very relaxing. Going form AC to heat to AC did spark up my respiratory infection, but I am back on antibiotics and inhalers to close it down for good.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Saul is doing great. he is crawling, and trying to walk, and all around having a fun time.

I am feeling better daily. Dr. Nguyen told me my residual cough and discharge is from getting over the cold, and as long as it is clear, not green, I am good.

Sara, well, she sounded bad this morning. Hopefully she will feel better when she gets home from Yoga.

time to feed the animals.

RIP Ladybird.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

7-7-07 for about 15 more minutes

next year and month will b 8-8-08

but tomorrow? will be SUNDAY!

woo hooo

on rough or cold surfaces, he does not like to put his knees on the ground.

silly baby goes offroad in the tall jungle grass

Last night we did some standing, and practice walking. Note, he is in University of Texas outfit from cousins Lawrence & Rona in Austin.

and now that he can almost walk? He has decided we have bad taste, and is constantly re-arranging the furniture. Low Muscle tone my keester, look at that boy work!

part 1

part 2

Friday, July 06, 2007

Accidental Ride Report

The PLAN(tm) from last week, was to take the Sprinter to South County Dodge in Gilroy. Matt says their service department is MUCH MUCH better than Hartzheim by my house. HOW much better? well, enough to talk me into driving 45 minutes, when the other dealer is < 5 miles from my house.

The sprinter's brakes have been squealing, it does not idle well, and the fuel economy has dropped to around 20MPG. Something IS wrong

I called South County and spoke to Tiffany or Bethany or Paris, or whatever the phone sex girl's name was.
"I want to bring it at 8am on Friday morning. Will I be able to wait for it?"
""Sure, no problem"

but in the back of my mind? The little voice, the one that sounds an awful lot like Joe the Red Headed Menace? said "she LIES! take a motorcycle just in case"

So I am sick like hell. Gakking up the green stuff, but the fever is gone. I am committed to service, I took the day off from work. Sara is watching Tarzan.

Thursday night I loaded the brand spanky new KTM 525 EXC in the Sprinter, and put my helmet, jacket and boots in, just in case Bethany-Ann was indeed wrong. I also unload everything else, to make it easy to clean up, and unattractive to pillage through.

Driving down at 7:30 am, I cough, you know the cough. Rattle Rattle, Hach Hack, CRAP. And I have a mouthful of slimy crap that I know is green. I slow down for the 101South exit, lean out far, and spit. In case you do not know, I am a horrible spitter. I just stink at it. And there is now green gunk all over the window frame, side of my face, and side of the truck.

I pull off at the first opportunity, get out, open the back door, and get a roll of blue shop towels, I did NOT take out of the sprinter. Wipe my face, the door frame, the side of the truck, clean everything up as best I can, and continue to the Dodge house.

Jim the service writer is very friendly, takes all my info, we discuss what it needs, he writes it down, and says "ready at 4:30"

"Uhhh, Mary Lou Who in the office told me I could wait."

"You can, but it will be boring." he said it in a nice, polite, non-sarcastic manner.

"So Paris in the front office is hired for looking cute, not knowing what she is talking about, right?"

"Right. Sorry"

YAY voice in my head. I unload the brand spanky new KTM 525EXC. And everyone in the service department goes insane. They all ride dirtbikes. Oh, that is so cool. Oh, it is street legal. WOW, you are really riding to San Jose on those tires? Are they legal? etc.etc.

One guy, who is wearing the nuiform with the "sprinter service tech patch" is really drooly. Are you gonna service my truck? yep. Take the bike for a spin around the parking lot. I think he crapped himself. More on the result of this later.

I hop on the bike, WISELY attach the GPS, and off I go. 101 north to Hwy 152 to Watsonville. Watsonville road to Uvas Canyon Dam Road. Which turns into McKean road. Which dumps you onto Almaden Expressway, which eventually gets up to my house.

These are mostly tight, twisty, fun roads through the hills around a lake. I am on a dirt bike, that happens to be street legal. My last ride was at Metcalf, in the dirt. I am running aggressive but street legal knobbie tires, with 12PSI front and 13PSI rear. (better traction in the dirt.)

It's 9am, I have a cold, a miserable cough, and I want to get home to my bed.

This bike makes you feel you can do not wrong. It corrects for every little mistake. It is like having a secret helper that runs in front of you fixing things.

there are a few 35mph turns. I tried to keep a sane ride. Remember, my head is full of snot, I am tired, and coughing. None of which is good for riding. SANE PACE. 50-60mph. at 70 the front end shakes anyhow because of the knobbie tire. Thus my reasoning behind taking the back roads. no traffic, no grooved pavement (evil thing in California, 100% designed to make motorcyclists miserable)

I ran it mostly consistent 57mph. even in the 35mph corners. I did not notice them. (not because my head is full of snot and I was loopy)

what A brilliant, wonderful, and amazing motorcycle.

when I got home, I took off my helmet, cleaned all the green cough gunk out of it, put everything away, and slept as long as I could, while helping out with the baby.

4pm Jim calls, the truck does need brakes, it is gonna be about $500 more. Okay, no problem, do it. When can I get the truck? tonight, between 5:30 and 6.

Great. I think I will discuss warranty with him when I get there. 36000 miles on a commercial grade vehicle, it should not need brakes. Besides, weren't those guys at Hartzheim checking this out when I brought it in? Brakes don't just go bad.

I ride the exact reverse course, on same bike, back to the dodge house.

I STILL like this bike. WOO HOO.

Get there, and chat with Jim. The reason for the bad idle? Air Filter full of leaves. WHAT???? Reason for bad mileage? Clogged fuel filter. WHAT????

Didn't the guys at Hartzheim do ANYTHING when they serviced my truck?

Probably the bare minimum. change oil, maybe change oil filter. Did you pay for a 10k service? That's where they do everything. Uhh, Yes, TWICE. Well, no comment.

He was so polite. He did not want to talk smack about a competitor. (btw, one of my faults)

Anyhow, they should have noticed the brakes, but no, not covered under the warranty. However? $300 not $500, the service tech reported 1/2 time, cause you let him ride your bike.

Okay, $800 later, (BIG service for a sprinter is hella expensive, but not as often as a normal car) it is really zippy, and the fuel economy should be MUCH better.

I load the bike in the back. They washed it. not the interior, but enough on the exterior that I did not want to wait for the truck wash in Gilroy. I wanted to go home.

and I saw 3.5 million Harleys on the highway, all doing dumb things. either leaving or coming, or something, July 4, Hollister Rally.

bike? Brilliant!
Sprinter? Tuned up.

Cough? will NOT go away.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

yeah, we are all definitely sick. I keep hacking up green gobs the size of the palm of my hand. But I am on antibiotics. My ears are plugged up, I have a fierce headache, fever, and I cannot breathe.

Tarzan seems to be on the mend, his fever has dropped to almost nonexistent. He is cranky, but crawling around and doing more normal kid stuff.

Sara is at the doc getting antibiotics and a strep test. (OMG)

So last night we took some shots of our man having a work out

in the first video, he pushes around a cart Mike & Evvie gave him. Notice, when he hits the couch, his first instinct is to push it out of his way! ForcE!

in the second, he pushes around his second favorite object, an empty box. He also does an admirable job of stopping, balancing, and attempting to clap. (clapping, a new, and fun trick)

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

this is fun humor

snopes is not sure if this is real or not. Shouldn't be too hard to go to a library and find the magazine?

My how things have changed

Casa de Sicko

Yep, all 3 of us are ill for the holiday.

But I think Saul is on the heal.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

good news:
112/77 for everyone who keeps asking. My blood pressure is the lowest it has been since 2005.

bad news:
I found this out cause I was at Dr. Nguyen's today to get antibiotics to help treat the sickness I picked up from Saul.

good news:
his fever seems to be breaking, and hopefully the antibiotics he is on are working

good news : 2
bad news : 1

good is winning.

Monday, July 02, 2007

ear infection, maybe some fluid in lungs, taking amoxycillin to clear it up, should be fine.

that's the news

now be good and tie your shoes

This just in from Mom. Iphone? strictly for schmendricks! Jphone is where it's AT!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

went riding this morning, yahoo, that was fun.


however, Wrinkle, last night Saul developed a fever and a hoarse, strong cough. kind of like a dog after they finish swimming in the lake

we have him on tylenol for the fever, and are fighting to get him to take liquids, and will, of course, see Doctor Contini first thing in the morning.

Poor baby Saul.

And? He and I did not sleep much last night, so I was riding a little tired, but it still felt good. When I got home, I washed bikes, worked on them some, but did not change oil, and spend from 2:30 till 5:30 keeping him calm and in bed.

Sara just took him out in the backyard, to be in the fresh air, and try to get some pedialyte in him.

get better Tarzan!

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