Wednesday, June 30, 2004

just watched the movie "stoked" about the life of a pro skateboarder from the times when I was into skating. (Yes, I was a vert skater in the 80's)

Anyhow, there was a clip with none other than my KID brother. Go Louis Go!

scroll down past the "join us" junk

Sorry I've been so removed, getting ready for europe is a pain.

this is my next project when I return

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

just cause it bears repeating, the Trunk Monkey ads are here. they are in oregon, and I would seriously consider buying form them, well, just cause they picked such a cool ad agency

trunk monkey RULES!

badder man than me? shot in face, Texan spits out bullet!

Monday, June 28, 2004

had an okay weekend, spent time friday thinking about Europe trip and things to do

rode bikes saturday, blew fork seals, (brand new fork seals) on harley

bbq sat night @ dale's. Sara's pal Donna came down from SF to hang around

made sunday breakfast on the porch

lazed all sunday (took bike back to harley shop)

saw Joanne sunday night

composing birthday wish list. I am turning 40, I am gonna tell people what I want. if I get any of it, groovy, if not, also groovy

that is all

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Today has turned, well, ya know how I always say "at least I am alive"? well, that's the sum of where I am at.

I left work, drove to Fremont to pickup the motorcycle. Stuck in traffic on the way home. Got home, jammed a screwdriver through the tip of my finger trying to mount the GPS

stopped the bleeding, (not severe really) and cleaned up.

Tried to start the bike in my wingtips. Whacked my shin trying to start it, big egg shaped lump.

Put on boots. Started bike. Rode to end of driveway, shifted to second gear, and it made a horrible "chocketa chocketa choketa" sound, then rear wheel locked up, spit me off on my butt.

Something is wrong with transmission, loaded it back into the truck, called mechanic, will drop off at his shop at 10am tomorrow. Trannys are expensive.

went to house, turned on computer. 1 works, 2 others no longer connect to internet. Great. Spent 2 hours troubleshooting, to no avail.

stop, go read the mail.

Letter from CA DMV, they do not like the Bullet. damn.

Back to computers, call Comcast my cable modem provider, and ask if anything has changed on their end. They swear no. If I hook working computer to modem, bypass hub, it works, but other 2 do not.

Hop on now semi-outlaw Bullet, and ride to Frys, buy a new hub.

Ride home, almost get run over by drunk in a truck

Home, safe, unpack, hook up new hub. No joy

Call Comcast repeatedly, 3 different service agents. Finally. "Well, we sorta merged with AT&T, and they may be auditing your ip address allocation"

buy 2 more IP addresses, +$14/month. Okay

Configure machines. With service guy walking me through their needs on cell phone.

individually, all boxes work. on hub, only one.

hang up, try again later.

11:pm, call back, agent #4 says "oh, he forgot to activate the other 2"

11:15. All computers work, I can log on, Sara can log on. Dirt bike is broke, big bump on shin. CA hates my Bullet MC, No dinner, tired, cranky, all I want is a nap

as I said though, it is STILL great to be alive.

okay, my new GPS arrived. it's cool, but I am not sure how cool. yet If you are gonna buy, my pal Flash recommended GPSCity. They are cheap and fast.

i found this article about the RIAA on BoingBoing

"RIAA squats and dumps on nation's libraries
As part of the antitrust settlement against the RIAA, the record labels are obliged to donate a large number of discs to public libraries. Rather than giving America's libraries decent music, the RIAA is dumping the worst deletes and cutouts in their warehouses, dumpsterloads of reeking liquid shit, and blaming it all on a computer error"

and it just got the wee wheels in my head spinning. These are the guiys who are suing EVERYONE for downloading music files. Well, it turns out they have been oversharging for CDs. The way they will make it better is by giving CDs to libraries and schools.

Wow! Great! they are dumping all their trash into schools and libraries. Who NEEDS 400 copies of Whitney Houston doing any damn thing? So why can these scumbags get away with it? I do not know.

anyhow, that's what has me pissed off today.

In a different note, I spoke to my pal OMJ yesterday. His pal Horace is probably not gonna be with us much longer, which made me sad. Horace truly lived the life with no greed or interest in possessions. I remember seeing him washing his socks in the sink, so they'd be clean for the next day. I should live more like this. Less THINGS.

Godspeed Horace

my brains hurt. I've been working on projects with my boss to move our business unit, and it's been driving me whack. We presented this morning, and now, I do not know the next steps.

really, I woke up this morning. That's the interesting thing about surviving cancer. I woke up. It's all gonna be okay. Yep. Sure is.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

i need editorial assistance
if this chick can get this book published
then I need to figure my cancer book and get it done.

sent text to my sister, but she's been really busy

oh, am walking aorund neighborhood when I get home, and later in the evenings with Sara. Wow, is helping.

We also see bunches of houses, and I saw one that added a large room over their garage. I am convinced I need to do this. it is the answer.

I kinda wanna tear down the shed in our back yard, and build a small workshop/storage area for bikes. It seems like a good idea. will allow me to move all the storage and bike gear out back, with a garden closet on the outside.

BUT! More realistically, if we built above the garage, we could move all the junk from my office/bedroom, some storage, all the bookshelves out of her office, maybe make a sewing/sitting room area, and a large "winter" closet up there, reduce the stuff jammed into our downstairs closets. And it'd allow us to better use the back bedroom as, maybe, uhh, a kids room, and better use her office as her office and a guest bedroom? with much less clutter

My other thought is to expand the back master bedroom out, making more closet space, more windows, and a bigger bathroom.

i gotta sell some book, and make some $$ before it happens, huh?

Monday, June 21, 2004

Friday. I bought a DVD burner for my computer. Like a CD burner, but makes DVDs. Yes, I am taking care of my pal Matt's dog, and yes, I am copying his library of DVDs. Sara and I went to Target Friday evening, and found her the jacket I want. Well, the girl's version. Lightweight travel jacket. woo.

What a great weekend. Our pals Mark & Ellen came in from Escondido, and we all did not much, relaxed. yep. mmmm. relaxed.

Saturday night Jack & Elaine came over, we made a big dinner and ate out on the patio, talked smack and told stories. and relaxed.

Sunday, brunch at Flames.

Then Mark & Ellen drove home, Sara and I watched movies, ate pizza, and, yep, relaxed!

woot woot.

Be glad I don't go on a bender like this guy

Sunday, June 20, 2004

This just in from the man who sold me The Thing, Joe Hemmer:


Every day there are news reports about more deaths.

Every night on TV there are photos of death and destruction.

Why are we still there?

We occupied this land, which we had to take by force, but it causes us nothing but trouble.

Why are we still there?

Many of our children go there and never come back.

Why are we still there?

Their government is unstable, and they have sporadic leadership.

Why are we still there?

Many of their people are uncivilized.

Why are we still there?

The place is subject to natural disasters, from which we are supposed to bail them out.

Why are we still there?

There are more than 1,000 religious sects, which we do not understand.

Why are we still there?

Their folkways, foods, and fads are unfathomable to ordinary Americans.

Why are we still there?

We can't even secure the borders.

Why are we still there?

They are billions of dollars in debt, and it will cost billions more to rebuild, which we can't afford.

Why are we still there?

It is becoming clear...


Thursday, June 17, 2004

This morning I got to talk to my dad for almost 30 minutes on the phone. It was a wonderful gift for me.

Yesterday I went to see Dr. Scates! My cat scan results were great. No growth, everything is where it should be. My blood numbers are perfect. All red and white where they should be. The only issue? I am fat. No, really fat. Like, porky. piglet. need more excercise. oink oink.

Run Run, Run Run Run Away!

Someone composed a list of how fast stuff moves, to give you an idea of how much BS hollywood is. I really think it is cool

Also, my pal Andrea, who gave us Real Ultimate Power, about Ninjas, just sent me this reebok clip about some linebbacker who works in an office, and how big a bastards HR can be. It is quite hilarious

and from the "What the heck were they thinking?" file,... butt smells?

and the mile high kit?

well, that's about all I have

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

i am not stopping in Martinez California ever again

Oh, and yahoo mail has done some major new improvements, I don;t know what they are supposed to be, cause it times out whenever I try to open my mail, and it is driving me insane- r

okay, I need one.


much cooler than the silly segway thing

wow, my pal Julia showed me how to add comments in my blog. this should now be turned on, and people can add comments. Remember, MY MOM reads this......

Monday, June 14, 2004

what a weekend. I was so lazy, it is nigh unto incomprehensible

Friday night? total blur watched a Beat Takeshi movie.

Saturday we slept very late. VERY. then took the Harley to Bernard, so he could do some magic to it. Saturday afternoon we went to Eric & Lissa's for his birthday and their annual "punny phood" party. Sara made green peas in a bowl, on a tray, surrounded by army men. War and Peas.

went home around 8 puttered about, and was sleeping early.

Sunday morning, we met for a ride up Mount Hamilton. I took the Bullet! Mount Hamilton, home of Lick Observatory, the first mountain top
observatory in the world. Very cool road, 365 turns, 4200 feet of
elevation in about 20 miles. Takes a good rider on a fast bike about
25-30 minutes to go up, less to come down. took me about an hour today. i was floggin that baby for every one of it's 18 horsepower! :)

Sara was not feeling well when we got home, but she made some yummy pancakes. heavy, filling, was tired. Then she had to go to work

I changed oil in the bullet (initial 500kms) it was a little
blacker than I expected, and very soupy, but was from India.

when she came home from work, we went to Brittania Arms, a brit pub, for early dinner of fish & chips, came home, she did some stuff in the yard, I may have napped, we talked, she went to bed early, I was an hour later.

very lazy weekend

Friday, June 11, 2004

adding to the friday timewaste, make an icon of yourself?

OMJ just sent me this link for a real fuel cell car model kit.

this is very very cool

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

just had sushi dinner with Sara and my dear pal Flash.

He mentioned something really cool, the Pepsi Can campers stove. this is amazing to me, probably cause they tell you it can be done with Murphys Stout beer cans too!

he tells me the Garmin 60C is the GPS to get. now if I can come up with and justify the bucks

Alex at Fastline called. He is repairing the Thing for me.

The clutch siezed, the clutch bearing is shot, the backet is broke, the seals are blown, about $600 to repair, as well as saftey wire and race prep? Go Alex go! this is a great deal, and I am one step closer

that's it.

the vibrating razor reviewed! I cannot believe
Gilette made a vibrating razor, the ad for it stunned me

the other thing concerning me lately has been the Aqua Velva commercial on television. I've seen it about 3 times recently (I don't watch enough tv?). There's this young-ish guy, and he is splashing on Aqua Velva, to get all fresh and whatever, then some hot young strumpet in a bikini starts mugging down on the guy.

Only here's the part that freaks me out. the guy is wearing a HUGE wedding band! Usually you don't see that in commercials. and strumpet? she's ring-free.

So I am trying to figure out what the message is

wearing this junk makes you mature and married up?
hot married guys can wear this?
wear this and you can cheat on your wife?
strupmets dig married stinkey guys?
or simply, model forgot to take off his ring during film shoot?

I have no idea, but I am very troubled about it.

Real men wore Hai Karate!

thank goodness for TV Party! they have the commercial I remember (you'll need Real Player to view this)

and, the junk is for sale
be careful

(other cool video vault sex commercials)

Thankfully, my pop was an Old Spice kind of guy. It's still around, it still smells good, and yes, I still use it too.

unfortunately, their website is too high tech

they are obviously going after the "young" market. Dumbasses. they have a classic, they should stick to the classic.

which, as always, brings us back to the best band ever
in the world, the Spice Girls.

Who, I hear, are planning a reunion

and the neccessary "which spice girl are you" web test!

of course I'm MelC

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

So I have no idea how I messed up my address book., I believe it happened while trying to synchronize my palm pilot to my laptop.

I sent email to those who were deleted, and have been getting addresses, thanks, now I need to follow through and send more cards and stuff.

baffled by technology, I realize I should print this out.

Monday, June 07, 2004

Nice Weekend. Got lots of rest, did some yard work, got a table to sit at in the back yard,


did I mention rest?

then went to the Oakland Riot on Sunday

decided to go home at lunch, instead of staying for party. Hwy 4 -> 680 south, a million miles of highway Stopped for gas, let Sara ride the Harley. She did not care for it more than one exit. :) switched back, rode home.

had dinner with our pal Cdoor, who just got back from Europe.

soaked in tub, slept, really well.

Harley needs clutch work, new fork seals, rear brake work, and really, the valve guides should be looked at. I think it is gonna go to Bernard at Real American Cycles this week.

When he lays hands on it, it is always better

Rode the Bullet to work today, what a fun bike, I really enjoy ridingt it. No power, no brakes, very slow and easy, but fun.

Got 5 new interns from Berkley for the summer. Gotta think of tasks for them.

more later

Thursday, June 03, 2004

i don't even want to post this on my blog. it's disgusting, Mom, Mrs. Roedl, please don't look. It'll make you think I am insane.

A few weeks back, on the Monday Night Ride, someone mentioned "the Shocker" to me. Apparently some kids made a hand sign, for some sexual perversion, and it went out in the yearbook. I thought this was certainly made up, stuff of urban legends, etc....

Just last week, I found info about this.

as well as cleverly marketed foam fingers:

a BAND???

and Tee Shirts?

shocking, very shocking.

new rant. I posted about Compusa, and the ultra cool logo maddox did.

a close and dear pal who shall remain nameless sent me this. I am not cool enough to write this. she is.

I saw the Comp usa link and it reminded me of the time I came to Austin my first year of law school to go shopping with you for a new MAC laptop. We went into the Comp usa store and the salesguys avoided us. I could understand them avoiding YOU because you're a guy.

That's like HomeDepot; guys who can't find shit are screwed, but cute girls who can't find shit will have three male HomeDepot employees not only find the shit she needs but also carry it to the register and offer to pay.

I did not understand why the Comp USA dorks were ignoring me. I was wearing tight shorts, my hair was up in a Texas girl "look at me I'm dumb...then do my bidding" fluffy pony tail. Hmm why would they avoid me and avoid you?

The only explaination was that Comp usa employs angry geeks who prefer to be pounded in the ass by large, scary men of minority races than speak to cute girls in hot pants. That's the only plausible explaination.

As you may recall, after waiting around for someone to graciously wait on us, I decided we needed to leave and I could just order some rig from the Mac Mall catologue.

So tell your friend that he may need amend his logo to show Comp usa sales boys getting pounding in the ass while cute girls leave the store in droves.

Join me in the revolution! Down with Underpants! Cut your laundry load, go light in the basement!

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Bullet! Woo Hooo! Night Ride on the Bullet! Last night we took her for a spin. Miss Pretty Thing(tm), Bad Matt and Myself went out for a dinner ride. The plan was to ride up to Boulder Creek, CA, to the Boulder Creek Brewery for dinner.

Before the ride, I set the valves on the Bullet. The procedure is well outlined in the manual on CD I purchased from Pete. Tolerances? Gaps? pah! You just adjust the pushrod so it moves some at TDC, that's it. If it moves, it is set. So low tech....

I would ride the furious, fire breathing Bullet 350. Miss Pretty Thing(tm) on her Suzuki DRZ400, and Bad Matt on his converted Honda CRF230.

We left my house, rode down Almaden road to the gas stop, then over Hwy 85 to Hwy 17. At the Lexington Resevoir, we picked up Black Mountain Road. This is a basic of our route, and no, the Yahoo Map does NOT show all the twists and curves in the road, nor the elevation climbs.

We came south on 17, then right up on Black Mountain Road. Woo hoo! What a hillclimb, through the twisting roads, and redwood forests of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Stopped at the top of Black Mountian, where they were waiting patiently for me. Then Left (south), and took the last bit of Skyline Drive. Again, as you look at the map, it does not really show all the turns, but gives good idea. At this point, the Bullet and I were comfortable, so I picked up the pace, and got her up to about 45mph. I was dragging hard bits on the left turns, and the tip of my boot, under the shifter on the left turns. eeek! I'd feel the bike settle into the turn, then boot would scrape, and I'd get a gentle feel of the road. eeek.

At the end of Skyline, we turn right on Bear Creek Road, to head into Boulder Creek. This also twisted, fast, with hill climbs and valleys, but a touch faster than Skyline. I had to work to keep up. The Bullet is not yet set for climbing hills, I need to regear and re-jet. But still a hoot.

Once in Boulder Creek, we ate at the Boulder Creek Brew Pub. Yummy onion rings, and Miss Pretty Thing(tm) had a veggie tofu burrito that was the size of her arm. Bad Matt and I had burgers, and he had an extra stout lemonade, causing his face to pucker and his head to spin each sip. 3 cups worth.

After dining, we head back north on Hwy 9. This is straight and flat as you leave Boulder Creek, but tightens up as you get into the mountains. As you approack Castle Rock State Park, it gets positively twisty, and gave me fits. We cross Hwy 236, this link shows some photos of roads very close to where we were. The uphills were long and hard on the top speed. I was lucky to hit 45mph, then fought to carry it into the turns. ON a positive note, there was a big beautiful full moon.

As we crossed Hwy 35, we started heading downhill into Saratoga proper. It's labelled as "Big Basin Way" but does not show how downhill and winding this road is. I managed to keep a speed of about 60-65mph the whole way, but it forced much braking and hard part dragging.

Once in Saratoga Village, we took surface streets home. Matt was tired, he kept crossing his legs and sitting on his calf, as the CRF was hard on his posterior. I followed Miss Pretty Thing, we got to the house, I checked the valve clearance, still good, then I racked out. Very VERY fun evening

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

I too dislike the rat-bastards at CompUSA. Fortunately, my pal Maddox feels same. Please check out his new LOGO and CompUSA rant at your convenience.

the logo is truly my favorite

Okay, I had a great weekend. Sara and I went to Escondido to visit our pals Mark & Ellen. We did not take laptops, work, etc. and there was much sitting around and resting. It was wonderful. Did see the San Diego Wild Animal Park, went for a motorcycle ride up the fornt of Mt. Palomar, where the famous observatory is. Borrowed Ellen's VFR750. If anyone is looking for an inexpensive, well cared for touring sport, let me know, I'll put you in touch.

We got to see the new dining table in progress of being built.

We rested, we ate, we had a dang fun time.

Got home last night, put away clothes, unpacked, etc, then had a soak. MMM. Soak in the tub.

This morning I woke up at 6 and began drinking the prep solution for my CT Scan. I did not poop alongside the freeway, I made it to the hospital in time, and I have been scanned. I told the nurse, "That Pina Colada is the worst I have ever been served, and the side effects are horrendous!"

got to work, am working, an well, letting go of more of the contrasr solution.

that's it for now.


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