Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sunday, February 21, 2010

When I was a kid, my pop brought me a N-Scale train set for a present once. He set it up on a 5' x 2.5' plywood board. I called, and just found out, it was so it could slide under my bed!

Well, it's been kicking around for years, and yesterday I decided it was time to fix it up for Saul. He and I took it to Matt's house, Matt is big into model trains. We looked at everything, took inventory, then the three of us went to the model train shop. The only woman in the model train shop? Is definitely the owner's wife, who helps out on weekends. I could not find where they kept the cans, but there is definitely an inventory of "Chick-A-Way" or it's twin product "Girl-B-Gon" under the counter somewhere.

We bought some track, some switches. Next stop Home Depot for some wood to build a box under the set, and legs, so it is off the floor. Our plan? to re-work the old train set.

Photos follow

Matt and Saul working on the railroad

Saul eating a Z-Bar and drinking some juice box All the wile, telling us a fascinating and interesting story.

old plywood spacers from under the track

Saul turning the screws on us. (Playing with clamps)

Joe the red headed Menace says it is not truly a project till someone is bleeding. I managed to catch my fingers on a staple under the board, ripped across them all. There are bloody fingerprints on the inside of one of the box sides under the track now.

Saul providing some much needed adult supervision. Had he been watching, I may not have cut myself! :)

Tools on the deck

This board is not straight

These switches are too old, they do not bounce back

Old switch after receiving too much power, many years ago

Almost clear

Clipping the old wiring away to make room for the new

Starting to lay it out. We soldered every joint, and glued it all to the surface of the wood

Taking shape

Measuring radius for curves

Yes, I was working on this also. Soldering all the wiring for new switches (we moved from 4 to 6)

View from the north

View from the south, with building to show the "spurs" we will be using to stage cars, and make a small town.

Matt at dinner with his fancy purple (not gay) margarita!

Tomorrow we are gonna try to take some cars, and let Saul drive them around. I still need to buy a better transformer, mine cannot power all the switches. And? Maybe a new engine.

I think we will lay "ballast" or sand, some grass, and a little layout to look more train-ey. Will see how it goes.

I never knew Saul would like Trains as much as he does, but this is cool and fun.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

some final pix from Chennai!

note the "one family, one child" sign

tex mex, in Chennai. No, did not eat there

Saul playing with the remote control car (Thanks Kumar!!) that he has named "go go"

Inside the trailer. Sara's dad built me some wonderful cabinetry while he was here. All the camping gear will live out here.

his plans

trying to show after urethane


Thursday, February 11, 2010

back, wore out. Sara's folks are in town, and it is WONDERFUL! Sue made roast beef and potatoes the other night. at my house! meat and potatoes! YUM! Buzz has been working on building cabinetry for the trailer project, it looks fabulous. I am so happy that is getting closer.

AND! they have been working on Saul to get him to use the bathroom properly, all the time. It is slow going, but going.

speaking of, here is a school photo of him, that I like very much.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Quick summary for those not on facebook

Saturday: blr lunch with Kumar and family? Brilliant. Rush to airport to find out: Flight cancelled, then rebooked 2 hours later.

guy next to me waited till wheels hit the ground landing, and filled 3 bags with puke.

bus from plane to gate? full of mosquitoes.

Security at hotel scans bags, Bullet (motorcycle) exhaust pipe got them interested, so unpacked in lobby. Taj is still a very beautiful hotel.

Saturday night, Dinner with Aparna and friends at her dad's private fancy club.

laundry South India is hot. you sweat out clothes quickly here

Breakfast at the Taj

Sunday, nice, quiet restful day. Sunday night, dinner (sushi)

Aparna showing patented brilliant smile that won Miss Chennai 1989

Me at work Monday morning

man on standard bicycle, note, 1 kid on front, one on back. I missed the shot of the guy with 2 kids, riding in traffic, talking on the cellphone. I am totally not skilled like these guys


Had lunch with my friend Ravi today, we spent three hours chatting. He is doing some very cool things. then we took walk to the bookstore and back - now? packing to get ready, tomorrow I must check out at noon, then spend time with folks till 11pm trip to airport for 2am flight.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Having visit to Damodara's home, Ed, Honey and me :) such a cute kid

Last day in BLR, hanging out with Kumar's son Babi

chennai has been a mad rush, not much photos, but will upload and sort soon

Ed got delayed on flight home, and I think slept at Dulles NEVER fly through Dulles! I know, somethings you have to? no. and he is safely home now.

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