Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Well, I HAD a dream.

Through healthy diet, exercise, and extreme mental control, I've been trying to make the longest poop I can. And? I've got to estimated 2 feet.

it's a goal, we all need goals. I even txt photos to a pal of mine (sorry Brad).

THEN! this SOB i know (and love) in Ft. Collins, CO, has to CRUSH MY DREAMS.

26 feet? there is no way I could go 26 feet. Not even with sponsors like Nike, or even Metamucil.


Sunday, May 01, 2011

Lungi! South Indian men's standard clothing item, very comfortable for lounging around the house. Kind of like Dad in the boxer shorts, as I do not have the stones to wear it outside

this is how we eat cheesy scrambled eggs in the morning

Daddy makes 'em, Saul eats 'em

showing off his tat from carnival today

replaced the shift shaft seal on my Honda CB 175 (say that 3 times quickly) with hopes that is the cause of oil leak.

Then cleared all 175 parts out of trailer, and sorted the bins from 4 to 2. Motor Parts and Frame Parts. I now have all the motor parts close to ready, and could, if I was excited enough, begin rebuilding. I believe I have enough to build 2.5 motors, but I will probably focus on one when I can.

Then I washed the running 175, and the Honda 350. Which? was missing a nut on the swingarm bolt. What does that mean? it means the bolt that holds the rear half of the motorcycle on was starting to come out. This maintenance is WHY I like to wash my own bikes regularly, to find when parts have failed, or need replacing. Swimgarm bolt is now back 100% in place, with a fresh nut, washer, lock washer and LocTite.

When all was finished, I was a bit lightheaded and woozly. So I came inside for a shower, and realized I am covered in grease. First time in a long while, I used more than hot water and a wash cloth. I soaped up vigorously, and washed all the grease and grime from bikes off. And? I did not feel clean, I felt dry and scaly. So I used my regular washcloth routine, to be sure I was scrubbed down.

Got out of shower and dried off, and I feel a little gross. I will not use lotion to replace the natural skin oil, I'll just wait a day and see how quickly my skin comes back to a balance.

Now? I think I am off to visit the Mythical Hesh, and meet Sara, Saul, James, Tara and Emiko up there. He lives up in the hills a fun motorcycle ride, let's hoe I replaced that seal properly


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