Monday, March 24, 2003


cstatman69: I have learned sometthing new and wonderful
CyclePunk725: wats that?
cstatman69: so, do you know who Marmaduke is?
CyclePunk725: sounds familiar
cstatman69: the great dane in the comic strips?
CyclePunk725: yes
cstatman69: okay, do you know what a Marmaduke is? I just learned this weekend.
CyclePunk725: ?
cstatman69: what does a great dane look like from behind?
CyclePunk725: get to the point
cstatman69: so when you are mooning, Tuck the balls under, and have the dane look
cstatman69: it is called a Marmaduke.
CyclePunk725: nice
cstatman69: oh yea.
cstatman69: my pall Matt was corner working, and shot me a marmaduke in Turn 11.
cstatman69: last lap of the race
cstatman69: I damn near fell off the fucking bike laughing
cstatman69: ass & balls.
CyclePunk725: oh no
cstatman69: I trust you will get right on this?
cstatman69: this style NEEDS to be transmitted to Austin.
CyclePunk725: hahah

Sunday, March 23, 2003

I had so much fun..


Thanks go out to tons, most of whom I will forget.


Greg & Cindy for dinner at the arty Mexican joint in Sonoma & shower.

Richard for catching my wheelie on tape, Kathy for keeping Richard.

Denise for inspiration.

Jerri for more inspiration.

Gwyn and Robert/Borris for tolerating me.

Mr. Prelock for making me think till it hurts.

Steve Chan OH MY GOSH how fast for showing rider, not bike!.

Phil for the suspension.

Paul Sommerville for inspiration.

Joe and Saskia and Moto Java ( for help with bits.

Tom Hicks for helping push me to the limits..

Chuck B for helping any and everyone who needed mechanical work.

Bruce Gutman for the Cow Spotted Smoking Jacket.

Sue & Kelly for being such a damn cute couple.


Sara my lovely girlfriend for tolerating me, and even liking me sometimes..

Rebecca for being my only fan.


Jack for being such a damn wonderul freind.


And everyone else I forgot who laughs with, not at me..


The start was fun, it wheelied hard, but got her back down, going into one, I was NOT about to take out Mr. Hicks, so I rolled off a little, and darn it, 5 bikes got by, okay, hard on the throttle, caught Tom. Then passed some FZR 400s. .


Special note #1: Blue FZR 400 with "Misfits" sticker. You suck! Learn to be smooth, or get out of the way. Radical braking and extreme lines are not defensive racing..


Special note #2: Leopard Spot Blue FZR 400 New riders School boy. Do NOT look behind you. pay attention to in front of you..


I came in 13th, after a brief off track excursion. .

I was nose to Tail with Jer, singing in my helmet .



then "Be calm, do not front brake, do not turn, light rear brake".


then "I hope Hicks takes this moment to pass us both".


then "You can do it, look, LOOK, no, clear track, you can come back on, be careful".


then "back on the track, they are gone. Whup that bike, WHUP IT".


I spent the next lap and a half fighting to get back to them. And did not. Covered ground, but not enough..


But did not crash..


At the last lap, turn 7 some vintage boy on a honda got in front of me, and I was not about to wax trying to stuff him. .


Turn 11, I see Matt Buck ornerworking and mooning me! tee hee, then, WHAM! there is a flash of black and yellow. JACK late braked me, but is outside the vintage honda. Head down, concentrate, inside line, gas hard. The Vintage Honda will go wide and run Jack off the line..


I passed Jack. Wow. Barely. But fun..


Now, hot lap, I can catch Jer and tell her she ows me a new pair of shorts? Cause I have apparently recto-intrgested mine on that turn 4 number..


And she did not even know I was there! She is so cool! YAY Jer! I hope she gets that thing painted proper pink soon, and rides hard and fast. She's da bomb!.



The weekend was fun, I saw old pals, made new ones, roadraced a dual sport single, and got pretty ill. I am even staying home from work tomorrow, fever, chills, BLECH! Sleeping in the rain blows. I hoped the weekend away would blow this wierd sick funk out of me. Instead, it has knocked me to my knees, I am certain I need bedrest, and will take it. So that is good..


Racin is fun. Yep, I like this..


I need sleep, I am feverish and rambling..

Friday, March 21, 2003

I just figured something out.

Jim the Roommate
Bill the Old Roommate
Old Man James
Rona the Ex Wife
Bad Bob
Beth the Motorcyclist form California
Julia the Racer
Jim I used to Work With
Makeup Missy
Sherry My Sister

Everyone has a descriptive name after their name, and I just realized where it came from.

Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book

All the characters had names, that were usually the indian name, then the english name,

Baloo the Bear
Baghera the Panther
Shere Khan the Tiger
Kaa the Snake

it comed form my childhood love of the Jungle Book. it all makes sense now.

Freedom Fries? What the hell is this about? On March 11th, the cafeteria for the US Legislature changed French Fries to Freedom Fries, hoping to show displeasure at France, and their lack of support for this war. Freedom Fries? Freedom Toast? will teenagers get into Freedom Kissing?

HELLO AMERICA! There are people starving in our streets! Unemployment is rising, Debt is going through the roof, and we are changing the names of cafeteria foods? WAKE THE HELL UP!

On a happier note, Sara wanted Outlook installed on my old laptop. I open it up and LO AND BEHOLD there are some archives of email and writing. Things I was POSITIVE I lost in the last great computer crash. I found some correspondance I really wanted to review, it was like small gems found on the roadside.

And mom sent me hamantashan for Purim. Yum

And I seem to have a cold, my throat is sore, my nore is dribbly. The only answer is to go roadracing at Sears Point, and hope it clears up in the sun and heat.


Monday, March 17, 2003

it did not.

I was in a meeting today, and asked a question, and caught totally offguard. From Now on! HSSR


I need to have this prepared at all times.

Went to SF this weekend, somehow ended up at an Irish Spanking Bar. It is a long story, and I do not have the energy to write it. Next weekend I will be racing the DRZ 400 with the AFM. No spankings.

My pal Tiffany apparently crashed this weekend, but no one knows for sure, I think she may have a broken leg. I need to find her and find out if she needs anything.

Umm, and Sunday? I slept most all day Sunday, it was wonderful.

Friday, March 14, 2003

did my last post work?

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

oh, and I ate a box of girl scout cookies as lunch.

I am just so tired. Work is a little hectic, and my schedule is full full full.

I need time off, with no projects, to just sit and rest.

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