Wednesday, March 30, 2011

more trip pix

BLR street safety reminders

Colleen at Shiro

Jesper eating fishies!

Campus map

Really DID come here to work

BLR is way ahead of US on biomedical waste safety, I am serious.

There is no "I" in team


Colleen and AshishP at his place

FOOD POISONING INTERLUDE where we basically lose Friday night through Sunday morning

Eldoper pill 2 for normal mortals, 7 for me. under doctor's orders

riding Harleys in India

first semi-real meal taken

Campus "Resting Area" if you are unwell, you can rest.

No Colleen, you cannot go in that one

fascinated with local signage

now telepresence connection experts, we actually have a lot of info to bring back to San Jose

Massey Ferguson in traffic

the Leela from my window

Colleen and Kumar-bhai at work

She took this and said "there's an Indian guy behind you" I told her "we are in India, there is ALWASY an Indian guy behind me, in front of me, next to me...." there are a lot of people here



and Tigers!

And Bears, (oh my!)

At the Zoo

Saturday, March 26, 2011

slept well last night, I think all the pills had their desired effect. I'm told the yellow pill with the blue stripe is supposed to stop me up. I has 6 of them a pal of mine says 3 is enough to stop an elephant. The brown pill (Cipro) i know and is good.

I had a bowl of 'shredded chicken noodle soup' off the kids menu last night, and held it in

awake, feeling better, a little shaky, but okay. HOORAY

sitting in hotel room, trying to be not sick. thought I'd toss up some more photos. these start with the event Tuesday night

prayer light and flower amazement for event.

Aparna and I on stage

everyone on stage

colleen by bathroom at Chennai airport

headed out gate to BLR

sitting in hotel room, trying to be not sick. thought I'd toss up some more photos. these start with the event Tuesday night

prayer light and flower amazement for event.

Aparna and I on stage

i am getting good care here the hotel doctor has come, and a nice lady from guest services calls up hourly

i took the pills, and am still pooing my brains (guts) out but the interval is getting longer, so maybe I am getting better.

Just ate a big bowl of plain yogurt, will hope to keep that down.

in good care

Friday, March 25, 2011

in November of 2000 when I started working for Cisco, a coworker told me, never ever eat in the cisco cafeteria anywhere

And I have eaten Cisco San Jose 3 times, and been sick from Cisco San Jose 3 times

Now I can add BLR! :)

We re having bad bad problems. Both Colleen and I are sick, we cannot stop vomiting and diarreah since last night.

Whenever I am standing, I become dizzy and sweaty, this is actually the sickest I have ever been in India. We suspect lunch at Cisco yesterday

Called the hotel physician who sent up 2 tablets of medicine, with instructions to take them, then wait ~ 3 hours, and see if feeling better, if not, he will come to hotel.

Colleen seemed to get it ~ 8pm last night then me 2 hours later, and she is feeling a little better, so I hope I am next, sure I will be.

anyhow, it has slowed my BLR roll. :)

hotel wireless is not helping me

family coming back from fish cove on bullet

lab team

at work

at mahabalipurim

Me & Aparna getting ready for party

will upload more when I get better connection

Colleen is sick tonight, and in her room, i will also go to bed early

Sunday, March 20, 2011

We have returned from fisherman's cove, and safely back in Chennai proper. Tonight is a big cricket tournament in Chennai, and there are cricket guys everywhere in the hotel. I wish they would not be in the way as we were checking in.

Sara, about that beach, the water is warm, and there were some guys trying to surf, but it appeared to be 2-3ft waves, and not so much surfers. There is a FIERCE strong undertow, and almost no swimmers.

At Fish Cove, waiting for Mathavan our driver, we sat out on the porch at the hotel, and it was ~ 94 and humid, but a nice breeze, very Texan acceptable, not very "fat lazy Texan used to living in Nor-Cal" acceptable however. I am wimpy now.

The drive back was good, although Colleen was terrified every car we passed. She was convinced we were second from being in a driver's ed film.

I got a photo of family of 4 on a small bike, but they were turning, and kid in middle is sleeping. Colleen got a great photo of a blonde family of 4 on a Royal Enfield Bullet coming back, but has no way to upload her photos yet.

she said "summary of driving in Chennai, we just honked and passed an ambulance with its lights flashing

Dinner and visit tonight with some friends, then work tomorrow.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

just quick, had delicious breakfast at the Taj Coromandel, then checked out, and drove south to Mahabalipuram, the temple by the sea south of Chennai.

Colleen was very nervous out on the highway. Less cars, but more passing. and when you round a corner with 2 busses passing each other headed at YOU? well, she was nervous. so she buckled her seatbelt across the car into the only buckle in the back

but she shot flip videos

of the odd signs

Temple on the road

Mr. Service will fix it for you

Family transport. Saul would LOVE it here

At Mabs

Colleen in Temple

Wall of elephants I have always been so fascinated with

Colleen on top at mountain cave

At fisherman's cove. We booked her into a cabin, and I was going to stay in the main hotel to save money. I was a little jealous of her cabin. Which is one of the 'new' ones, and very cool

She LIKES it, it is very nice, and cozy, with view of the bay of Bengal

but! My room is in the new annex. and? looks like something from Architectural Digest. I actually like it so much, I would totally remodel my house to look like this if I could afford it



bathtub begging for Jesse Davis Style Bubble Bath Abuse

view out the door

we went swimming at the pool, and had fish fingers at the swim up restaurant, then walked on the beach a little. I accidentally caught a good picture of Miss Johnson

And a self portrait of myself.

Now we wait for dinner at the "upper Deck" at 7:30 then a great night of sleep

(note! she took pix of me, so I am waiting for her to transfer data to her computer, then will post, in case ya'll wondered, why pix only of her, me? coming)

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