Thursday, February 28, 2008

I like Biscuits.

Sara's Valentine Present

Monday, February 25, 2008

More pix from death Valley, sadly, in no particular order, and no proper credit given to the wonderful photographers (i suck)

note: me in the bathroom and outdoor bathtub is at Barker Ranch, where manson was caught.

and yes, that is Saul's first motorcycle ride. evar. with dad!

woo hooo

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

dv photos of action

my batteries went south early on, but I got a few shots, here are folks goin by, name above photo





Jack (yes, he is that fast!)

home from death valley, more on this later

video of Saul, playing with doggie pull toy from Grandma Sue and Grampa Buzz. Then he goes wild over some vintage ebay tops, and plays


Monday, February 11, 2008

Thursday, February 07, 2008

and in happier news, some updates from Senor Tarzan

putting him in the corvair van after daycare,

he believes he is driving

by imitating his dad's form

I just got a call from my pal James (OMJ) in Austin. A mutual friend of ours committed suicide.

And I am stunned. It's just not the guy you would expect. Alfred David Carpenter raced motorcycles with James, and David was a very very calm person. He was never exceptionally happy or unhappy, always on an even keel. David documented and archived almost everything. I believe he had every scrap of paper he ever came across.

His motorcycle was a 198x Honda Hawk 650, in grey. Immaculate. He just rebuilt it. He wore white leathers. Stop and think about that. White jacket, white pants, in Texas, on a motorcycle. And he was always neat and tidy.

(James, Me, David)

I wore white shorts to the races once. They were covered in grease and destroyed about 15 minutes after I got out of my car and unloaded my bike.

David rode around the state in his white leathers. Said it reflected the sun, and kept him phyically cooler. Always immaculate when he got off the bike. For David, everything was about order and propriety. Disorder was chaos. He was a charter member of "God's Bats" motorcycle club. He actually had the original artwork I was able to get put on shirts.

James did not know many details, except it appears David was found by a neighbor on January 28th. Which would explain why I did not receive my regular email updates or letter full of newspaper articles from him, or joyful comments on photos he saw of Tarzan.

I could imagine a lot of people I know killing themselves. David was nowhere on the list. We speculate it had to be bad medical news, something he just could not live with. I don't know, I don't care. I hope he found the peace he needed. James said it best. "This should be a reminder to us. We gotta take care of each other"

I'll close with David's closing line for any correspondence - Max Speed!

So, Max Speed David, .... Max Speed.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Growin' up Jewish in the North East Texas, I didn't get to do much deer hunting. However, all my pals seemed to, so I got to learn all about it. And I was mostly fascinated with the "Field Dressing" part.

So deer season is usually around December. When all the good little boys and girls are scampering aorund singing song about "Rudolph the red nosed...." till the get home and pop has a deer hanging by its hind legs from the garage rafters, where he is field dressing it.

"Rudolph the red nosed.... AOOOO OMG OMG daddy, you KILLED Rudolph....."

anyhow, all this is brought up from a link I saw, on how to field dress? A UNICORN!

I find this page mildly shocking, but mostly hilarious.

Speaking of hilarious, Tarzan and I stopped by Ken's shop on the way home yesterday. Saul started screaming when we got out of the truck, and would NOT calm down. Till i got him back in the truck. I started the truck, put it in reverse, and he smiled, and was waving and blowing kisses.

My son. Hot and cold running emotions! :D

I have some more videos, but need to edit and post, maybe tonight, if we get some time.

The sears guy si coming back monday, to install the new heating coil in our dryer, so we will be able to do laundry at home again. that will be nice.

to save laundry space, i've been wearing the same jeans 2 days in a row. Shhh. Don't tell anyone.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

its raining well, its off and on raining. but it is wet and cold, and my lungs are full of stuff, it's hard to breathe, and I cough up lung buttons a lot.

Saul slept in my bed last night. Sara has Saturday, so she went for a motorcycle ride in the morning, then out to dinner last night. So he slept with me. and snored and kicked, and had a good time saying "baba" while I'd scamper for the bottle, he'd just giggle and push it away.

We went to the doc on what? Thursday? I seem to be losing track of time. He weighed 18 pounds, and 11.5 ounces. but was taller?

he's generally a darn happy kid, and thats good.

I need to get my sprinter in for service, but it won't stop raining, and I do not want to ride motorcycle back from Gilroy in the rain. so hopefully it will stop raining before valentines day, when we are goin to death valley. all 3 of us. in the sprinter.

i'm sure there is something else cool to say, but my brain is not helping me.


Saturday, February 02, 2008

pix from last week

Emiko (Saul's betrothed) came to visit Saul on Saturday. Saul got a haircut from Emiko's mom Tara. Saul and Emiko posed for some photos.

After his bath last saturday Saul needed to warm up so he donned a robe and slippers.

class of 2011 lists

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