Monday, November 23, 2015

"Every Puppy begins conceiving his master to be a god;
It is that master's business never to do anything to make that dog change his mind"
 - Archibald Rutledge - Hunter's Choice

This quote is posted on a large wall in the Bass Pro Shop. - Saul says it is good stuff.

Last weekend we were at Matt's and Saul made this sign for his door

On Friday, my pal Mark Walker send Saul a collection of books for teenagers.   He was slightly excited,  more older books, more reading, more learning!

While Sara is in Japan, her mom is visiting and helping with the boy.

Last night she was treated to gamer-boy-geekery.  We played Munchkin, ate Pizza and talked smack!

Monday, November 09, 2015

I know, I know,  I don't post enough lately.  -  i blame 75% of it on the ease of Facebook.  But I must own the other 25% of it, which is sadly - I am extremely busy, and time is my main issue nowadays.

so here is a smattering of photos, I'll try to caption each

Saul does not "DO" sports.  Neither did I, Neither did my dad.  BUT!  from no where, he told me "I dream of throwing a football with you dad"    I am not one to say no.  SO?  he has been playing in the neighborhood park.  What a happy fellow!

Tia Julia is getting into Falconry, her mentor brought a bunch of birds to the park,  here is Saul petting a great horned owl.

Because? any kid can get home from school in a minivan - Saul goes for the thunder!

For my health, I've been walking every morning.  We go to the neighborhood schoolyard/park during our travels.  Penny is offended that these Geese seem to park and poop there.   Penny headed toward them is the lower left black spot!  she is IN MOTION

Big San Jose news, Bass Pro Shop opened by our house.  Saul and I went to the grand opening festivities.  Saul said "Dad, fishing stuff, archery stuff, guns, dog stuff, boats, clothes, candy,  i get it.  this is the toy store for dads"

Our lad is a HUGE fan of 'graphic novels' - I do not think they stretch his vocabulary or brain.  Sure, I bought him lots of Calvin & Hobbes anthologies, but he also likes Big Nate and Diary of a Wimpy Kid.   SO?   I ordered 14 1920's 1930's era "boys adventure books" from a seller on eBay.   Saul has to stretch his vocabulary, learn word meaning from context "Bomba the jungle boy was basking in the approbation of the white hunters"     and?  we have to talk about political correctness.  What was okay then, but is not okay now.   But still we understand it.  (WINNING)

on Halloween, our neighbors put on a bit of a big show at their home.  And it freaks Saul out.  He does not want trick or treating. he does not want to go outside.  He wanted to stay in, stay warm, and watch Tee Vee.   I allowed him.  We watched the David Niven "Around the World in 80 Days" -  brilliant actually.   And I let Saul borrow my Pith Helmet.

Sunday mornings, I go riding at Metcalf.  It's my activity, gym, exertion, and motorcycle time.  This is one of the creekside trails, with a selfie!

Saul & Sara at Bass Pro Shop, giant aquarium

It's raining and cold here, we know what that means.  Cold & Flu season.

By popular demand, here is a repost of the cure.

Googala Moogala 

There was recent conversation in my family about the famous Googala Moogala. This is a drink my Maternal Grandmother Sylvia (may she rest in peace) used to feed us when we were sick, it would make us better. 

My mom disagrees with the recipe, but she is known to disagree for the hell of it. 

What is a Googala Moogala? 

It is served in a small juice glass, with the hope of pushing a kid to be over a cold. 

1 raw egg 
1 shot whiskey 
Juice of 1/2 lemon 
1 tsp honey 
1 dollop whipped cream 

Break egg into glass, squeeze lemon into glass, make sure no seeds, dollop honey into glass, pour whiskey over the whole shebang, stir gently 2 or 3 stirs, put whipped cream on top. 

Advise child to drink quickly. 

According to Sherry: "I had one at the Bandera apartment and willed myself to get better or just stop coughing so I didn't have to have another. " 

She also suggests using a shot of dark rum, not whiskey. but I object, it should be whiskey. 

yes, I have had these, yes, even as an adult. I do not know if it really makes you better, but you damn sure sleep for a few hours. 

I should have had one of these when I had cancer, I bet a Googala Moogala and a hard candy could cure anything.

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