Friday, January 29, 2010

Well, it's my last day in BLR. Yesterday was long at work, meetings and such, but productive and exciting. Then back to hotel to clean up and rest some. Ashish Puri and Ashish Kole met with me and Ed, we went out to buy some presents for someone, then had dinner at the French Quarter, a restaurant owned by one of Ashish Puri's KM pals.

I had? Shrimp A-2-Fay! (etouffee for you non cajun) Delicious. well, by Shreveport standards, maybe not West Monroe.

Ed's flight was at 3:30am, and had to get him back to hotel lickety split after dinner. AshishK bid farewell, after reinforcing some positive breathing exercises, which I did this morning to surprisingly great results. Then AshishP and I helped Ed get packed while calling AMEX travel. There is supposed to be a HUGE showstorm on east coast US when he lands, and we were hoping to see plans, to make sure he is not sleeping at Dulles intl in the snow.

We stopped at Athena nightclub in the basement of the hotel, but it was too loud, and I am too old. :)

Today I took my last breakfast at the Leela, and am waiting for driver to arrive. Will go spend lunch with my friend Kumar and his family, then off to airport for flight to Chennai

sorry for blurry, my camera and I do not get along. it says "begals"

Morning in the courtyard at the Leela

street graffiti

the fountain at work, at the end of the clubhouse. was food day for the clubhouse?

i think I understand the overpopulation problem

motorcycle exhaust pipe wrapped and ready for packing

goodbye room

goodbye sweets I should not eat

Ed, AshishP, AshishK (Ashish P would not make this face if you could see Eds other hand??? )

me, ed, AshishK

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Today had some meetings, then went to the world famous Sandhya Motors company to get spares for my Royal Enfield. Back to office, then out for dinner with Ram and his family

Ram & Ed in the lab

it's not LASERS?

Bangalore at night

family dinner

fancy restaurant

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jai Hindi! India celebrated her 60th Republic Day today. 60 years as a republic! we had breakfast, not knowing what to expect My friend Kumar came with a buddy of his, and we travelled about seeing B'lore on R-Day in style

There was a flower show at Lalbagh Botanical Gardens, with a stunning amount of people, and beautiful flowers

Kumar and me, and some amazing flower displays

Flowers AND babes in uniforms

Ed, stunned at the amount of people

giant nuts

We do organic well

trees along the roadside

Police Bullet 350! And? Video of stunts for Ind Day!

Then we left the gardens and went for lunch at a great veg restaurant, then drove out into the country to visit the Art of Living. *not martha stewart Here Ed is looking at a papaya tree just by the Ashram

on the way out, we saw this tree. It looks like,

but even close up, you cannot tell. I do not think it was

Then we went to Pyramid Valley, to see the Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement giant pyramid!

came back to town very wore out, had to cut the day short to handle some things, had a quick dinner, and am about to fall asleep tired wore out from one of the most brilliant days, at 9:30pm

Monday, January 25, 2010

another day done. 9:45pm, and I am beat!

Woke up to a brilliant South Indian Breakfast, then went to work. Got a job to get done. Lots of meetings,


Ed Sheffield, Man of Action!

Interact! there are inspirational signs all over the buildings, I liked this one


lashing as a form of scaffolding construction

tonights dinner was light, and involved the cheese plate

thats a DOUBLE Gin and Tonic for those of you keeping score. Here's one to Keith. MHRIP

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