Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Home from Jawbone, what fun, but no more details

I just got the following link to Caroline Kennedy's NYT Op-Ed bit article endorsing Obama. I like. Very much. (Thank you Mary)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Lou Dobbs is someone I mostly cannot stand. rhetoric, liberal-baiting, etc.

However, today? he published a brilliant article on the economy, in simple, easy to understand terms that, as an economist, I like.

both parties, last 25 years, spent too much, allowed too much foreign trade
trade deficit is rising faster than the national debt
outsourced everything, so now we are dependent on foreign,
therefore trade deficit will continue to rise
economic stimulus will not hold

The SKY is freaking falling.

And I have no idea what to do. We make great money, high tax bracket, except we live in one of the most expensive places in the US, and all money goes to pay for the tiny house.

If the housing market crashes (more) we wont be able to sell for what we have in it
Money in the bank is depreciating and falling
Stocks? feh.

if either of us lose our job
if we cannot cover the mortgage
if we have to sell the house at a loss

there are just so many ways we could be instantly screwed. ... because we played by the rules. 30 year fixed mortgage. Keep 3 months expenses in savings account. Work hard, save, etc...

and now I have to pay for all the fuckheads who bought ferraris on reverse equity loans on their stupid houses.

ARGH it is so frustrating.

I want to find a security to BUY, that will not depreciate, will have value even if the economy goes to crap, and I have no clue what.

I feel like I am operating without a safety net. and it is someone else's fault.

so? I am gonna be completely irresponsible and go ride dirtbikes in the Mojave desert for a long weekend. Where it may be raining or snowing. But, I'll be with friends, and it will be fun


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

So my ear infection is definitely on the mend. I am no longer in pain, the antibiotics are working, and the snot-removers too. I am still not hearing well, but i am okay with the no pain and regained balance.

Here are some vids of our pal Saul.

Playing harmonica and spinning. Spinning, if you do not know, is the kid equivalent of drinking and driving. you go fast and it feels great till you fall.

Also some snaps. Here he is modeling the Baja 1000 shirt his cousin Caryn brought him. (Note mom in background with BIG smile!)

And with some vintage metal tops i got him off the eBay

Friday, January 18, 2008

the teenagers were teasing the tiger that attacked them.

Is ANYONE surprised by this? they were also drink and had smoked pot.

Poor tiger, RIP.

My ear infection is improving daily, thank you Dr. Nguyen

and thank you Neomycin, Polymoxin and Hydrocotosone suspension eardrops.......

Thursday, January 17, 2008

You see what happens? You see what happens when I am sick and instant messaging with Brad???


internet house party - yo

Raquel Welch Space Dance

Kosher Boy!

WHAM-O Wheelie Bar! - RIP Richard Knerr the man who made everything that was cool when I was a kid.

but this pretty much cancels everything else cool out.

i have an ear infection.

fuck me. I just got over the goddamn pink-eye.

Dr. Nguyen looked in my ear and said "wow. that's the worst I've ever seen in an adult!"

apparently the snot backs up in the ear canal, then will not drain, and puts pressure on the INSIDE of the eardrum. While it is in there, it turns to a water goo, then gets infected if you do not catch it in time. It also insulates all the little inner ear bits, so they do not work, and you lose your sense of balance.

SO! she gave me some pills to clear up the snot. some antibiotics, and some wonderful drops I put in the ear, that make the pain slow down some.

She feels it will all be gone in a few days.

I hope.

Last night at 4am I was ready to poke my eardrum with a knitting needle, just to let the pressure out.

Natalie, thank you for the crushed C in pedialyte suggestion, I will try it tonight.


Sunday, January 13, 2008

So mom used to curse me with "When you grow up, I hope you have kids JUST LIKE YOU" - pretty standard mom stuff.

I barfed in every new car my father purchased. Always less than 2 weeks after purchase. The poor man did not have a new car between 1964 and 1985 that retained a barf-less "new car smell" for over 2 weeks. Do the math. I came home from college to barf in his new car!

So, this weekend, poor Tarzan has been sick. When I picked him up at Scribbles, Friday afternoon, his nose was full, it was obvious, we were stayin home caring for a sick kiddo.

Saturday he was so plugged up he did not want to drink, it was hard to breathe. He started running a fever. Today, he woke up sickly, in a sour mood, and napped all day. He was even pulling at his ears. It was really the first time he has been so sick he did not want to drink (more than usual) We've spent the entire weekend getting him to take sips of pedialyte at any opportunity.

At 8pm, he seemed to clear up some, and drank 2oz formula. He even smiled. At 8:30 he was asleep. Sara put him down in the computer room, and I was gonna sleep with him to let her get a good night. he woke up around 9 and was thirsty. 2 more oz formula, then I went for some pedialyte, it is easier to digest, but he did not want anymore.

At 10:30, he started coughing and woke himself up.

There is a certain look he gets, that says" get ready to see the contents of my belly!" So I held him upright, got him to lift his arms, just in case we could avoid the barfing. We could not. His eyes water a little, he looks right into my eyes, then his mouth does this quivering thing, and I know.

At this point in time, any barf time, I do a quick mental mathematical exercise. It involves location, distance to bathroom sink, kitchen, external door; then combines some calculations about the room we are in, the soft items that will clean easily vs carpet which is harder

Then - the decision is cast -
run for the bathroom
run for external door
let it go and clean up later
turn him into my chest, man up, and take one for the team.

There is no way to describe the awful sensation of hot steamy barf shooting all over your chest. The emotions are mixed, your baby is sick, looking at you with weepy eyes, spewing noxious puke, you feel it burn your skin a little, as you run to the bathroom hoping to catch all the drips, you are tired, exhausted, and hoping the cleanup will not be too hard.

Tonight was extra special. Down the neck of my shirt, all in my chest hair, then up my neck, into my beard, nose and eyes. Mucous, formula, carrots, tylenol, bile. Ack!

We got to the bathroom, no drips, I did not have to clean my bedsheets, carpet, or anything other than clothes we had on.

Sara came to help, she held him while I undressed him, then me. She wiped him down, while I took the barf covered clothes out to the garage. We have a holding bucket till laundry is done (tomorrow morning)

I came back, and clean the bathroom. Some citrus blend household cleanser and a rag, the bathroom is back to clean, but all I smell is barf. It went up my nose. I must shower.

By the time I am out, she has him dressed, and in the master bed, snoozing again.

Mom, Dad, you are right, I have a kid just like me, and I'll smell barf for the next few years.

Fortunately, he is very cute, even when curled up and not feeling well

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Promised passel of videos

Saul on the kitchen floor drinking Juice with Sara.

Video 1: climbs into fridge and picks Pedialyte to drink, spills some, coughs, says OH Dear.

Video 2: signs more, then says done, then drinks more. this is our usual eating thing. Plus he runs around like a wild hooligan. tries to give a magnetic cow a drink

Video 3: Says OH DEAR, really loud. then all done. Then tosses cow in trash. Hooligan!

Next video set - This is the bed time routine in our house

Video 1: Sara straps Tarzan into his PJs

Video 2: Saul gets his PJs on, then climbs off the bed by himself, and runs wild around my bedroom. You will hear him say "lalalalalala" and do the tongue thing. running from desk to desk in the office. Climbing off the bed is new-ish, he will do that when he wakes up, and run around looking for us.

Video 3: Grabs his bottle, says "BaBa" then runs down the hall to the bedroom. It gets dark in the hallway, but he is there.

Video 4: stands next to bed till mom comes out, he gives me a night night kiss, drinks some, then they get into the bed. Notice he is holding the bottle and bringing it to his mouth by himself? This is new for us. He used to not do it. So we are trending in the right direction. Once settled in bed, we read a book to him. I stop to close bathroom door, as he is distracted by the blue LED on Sara's electric toothbrush. Sara or I will read to him, and he drinks, and falls asleep.

RAIN Puddles, on Saturday we went to visit Eric & Lissa at their pet shop. It was still raining, and Sara encourages Saul to play in the rain puddles. She was not expecting this. He jumps around, walks silly, then grabs for the car door handle, as he wants to get out of the wet!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Sunday James & Tara brought Emiko over. Saul was super-cute, showed off his motorcycle stunting acumen, then shared toys with Emiko, and gave her a nice kiss on the cheek. She was walking all around the place. It was great fun.

this morning was MRI at 7:30am, fooey, just looking at his brain, follow-up from when he was 1 month, the left front occipital lobe was a little smaller than the right. of course, there is so little MRI data for 1 month olds, so the Neuro wanted to followup in ~ year or so, that was this morning. Saul (Tarzan) was a brave little man, and took the anesthesia well. When he woke up? not so happy with the IV and monitor, and tried to remove them himself. If he only had a screwdriver or pliers he'd have disassembelled the hospital! Woke up fine, drank, and got to go home.

Although he has had fierce poops and gas, it is okay, probably needed to be emptied out some!

We'll get results in a few days, but are not expecting anything exciting.

He is eating better daily, and we see a definite upward trending on all fronts.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

yes it is raining a lot. If we were in Texas, we would say call it a rainstorm.

no, we have power at the house, not like everyone else, and everything is okay, just a little wet.

no, we are not trapped under a bridge like the homeless guy.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

I am not a pirate.

his pinkeye is clearing up. And I got drops too, so mine is clearing up.

No, no one is farting on anyones pillows.

But I have had to work from home for the past 2 days, so he can be not at daycare.

wow, and he is full of energy

oh, when I went to see Dr. Nguyen today to get the pinkeye drops?

184lbs. I am a big fat pig, and must stop eating this wonderful fudge Kate sent, and the cookies Sherry sent.


but with less pink eyes....

i want a nap

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


pink eye


yay, we got it. hope you don't

will the fun never cease?

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