Monday, October 31, 2005

Why my pal Joe is one of the coolest humans I know:

He started working on a project, that led to the need to repair a tool, that he did. Joe can do anything, I am positive of this.

His text follows:

OK, so at 11:30 pm I decide to go down to the shop to finish a
little machine project drilling holes in my new rotary table
chuck. 20 minutes including cleanup... No too bad.

Then, when putting my regular drill chuck back in the old
Taiwanese mill I noticed that under load, the quill(downfeed
like a drill press) is notchy and can jam under load. I
feed it all the way down,and for the first time notice that
two of the teeth are busted off and missing.

One thing led to another and it is now fixed and 4:25 in the am.

First I disassembled the entire mill head assy. I then
ground the two areas down to fresh metal and TIG welded
some new metal in.

I then took apart the rotating assy/bearings and put them
in the parts washer. I fit the newly welded piece in the
small lathe by using the inverted jaws in the small chuck.

Then, by leaving the upper bearing in the quill and using
the tapered face of the drill chuck in the tail stock fitted
into the bearing race I was able to support the tail end.

I then cut the welds as close as I could get them. The rest
was done with a grinder and big mill file.

The whole time all I could think of was my grandpa hand
filing the repair of the entire leadscrew on the old Atlas
lathe in my dad's basement.

I am going to bed.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

My pal Vikram sent me this most wonderful link to a news gathering portal

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

stupid pain

my neck started hurting this morning. Not like, "oooh, I gots me a crick in my neck" but more along the lines of "oooh, one of those nerves is messed up and knocks me to my knees when I set it off"

and I do not know what sets it off. sitting, standing, turning my head, not turning my head....

Ken chiropacted on it for about 30 minutes, and said "give it a few hours, we can try more later"

it hurts. poo.

Sara is headed to see Bauhaus in SF tonight. I do not think I should go. It hurts like hell

What could make all this have a rosy silver lining?

My pals Sean & Louise and their bus are in New Orleans being volunteers. GO guys!


Texas Boy Does Good!

My pal Ryan Andrews, who OMJ and I used to race against when he was a punk kid at Texas World Speedway had a great weekend at Daytona. Big points, Big money, Great Press.

Ryan's family owns the Euro Shop of Waco, and he's been racing out of the back of a box van, with his dad acting as tuner/mechanic/driver.

Hopefully one of the big teams will pick him up soon.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Falling Down

If you ride a motorcycle, the question is not "if" but "when" you will take a spill. The more years and miles you put in, the more the odds stack up. You can affect the odds, you ride attentively, you buy the best gear. That's what this post is about. Buying the best gear you can.

When I first started riding, the best gear I could buy was a $30 helmet, a denim jacket and some leather farm work gloves. The more you ride, the more ways you find to divert money into better gear. If you race, you buy the best you can find.

Last week I took a street spill. Hit an oil patch and went down at about 35mph. Classic newbie low-side mistake. My Ducati can be repaired. The scrapes on my arm will heal. I was wearing a brand new Lookwell Motion Jacket. Some of it came apart. Not in the way you would expect in a 35mph crash.

Now we get to the part that separates good gear from really great gear:
Customer support. Will they work with me to replace the jacket?

When you buy a $100 Frank Thomas(tm) Jacket, you expect it to last about a year, and disintegrate the first time it hits pavement.

When you buy a $400 Aerostich(tm) Jacket, you expect it to last 5 years and 300,000 miles. It should be capable of a 90mph get off with some scuffs. And you know Aerostich(tm) will repair it for a set rate.

I bought a jacket from a company that has been around a long time. But is new to the US market. It mostly protected me in a crash. I did not break any bones, I only had a little friction burn from sliding. The jacket took some damage. How will the work to support me? Will they help repair the jacket?

Lookwell USA is working with me to replace the jacket. They understand happy customers refer other customers. What is the difference between a $100 jacket and a $500 jacket? Quality of build and customer support.

I am sad I crashed my Ducati, I am happy I bought a Lookwell Jacket. They are standing behind me and working to get me back into another jacket. That's worth the premium price. I can fully endorse Lookwell. Next year, when it is time for new racing leaters, I will consider their leather line too.

Thanks. And if you are interested, you can find their products at:

Charles Statman

Monday, October 24, 2005

I have a tradition. It is a good-luck/mojo kind of thing. Since about 87. DO NOT RIDE 3 days before a race. My race was Sunday. Last AFM race of the season.

Friday, on my way home, Sancho got mad and spit me off. It happens. You ride a bike, you play the odds. Every so often you fall. This is the first get off on the street in a few years. And it was cause I should not have been riding.

I was changing lanes to avoid a car that was turning right, the car in the left lane stopped, I stopped, on an oil patch, and washed the front end. Sancho goes skittering down the road on the left side, spinning. Like Moe, of the Three Stooges.

I see sparks flying, while I tumble. And all I can think of is "$3200 for the irreplaceable chrome tank. $3200, IF I can find one"

We all stop, I pick up the bike, bent left bar, broken clutch lever, scraped $1100 Staintune exhaust, bent shift lever, scraped fairing, broke seat cowl mount.... but the tank? Not a scratch.

My brand new $290 Lookwell fabric jacket went poopy on me. Jackets are your armor. You buy high end gear, so it will protect you. My old Joe Rocket Jacket was 4+ years, and tired. So I bought this expensive Lookwell. A company from the Netherlands.

When you spend that dough, you expect the jacket to take 2 or three hits before you have to replace it. Nope, not this gem. I wrote the sales lady, and will be writing the corporate office in the US. Else they will not get a good recommendation from me.

I almost ground the toe out of my boots

And I was not kind to my knees

My knees are scraped, my forearm hurts, and my left hip, where I rolled over my laptop got very bruised. But I will live.

Yes, I look like a kid who fell of his bicycle. the forearm hurts, but is not deep. aloe vera & Hydrogen peroxide, I am guessing healed and gone in a week.

I did not show a photo of my hip, because, well, really? No one wants to see my keester! :)

The bike will be fixed next week.

no cops. no tickets, no insurance hike. :)

Coudl not go to the races. My pal Greg got more points than me, and will be 2nd overall in the class, I will be third. Ya know, that's okay. I am done with club roadracing for a while. I want desert. I want to ride fast in the desert. Bring it ON.

Friday, October 21, 2005


there are 52 houses on my block. i only walked infront of one today.

next week's goal is to run around the whole block, then walk the 'short' block next to us.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

I still like Ninjas.

This year, Sara will not be wearing her last minute costume, a Kimono. She has already been shopping, and has the components for a great costume.

She nixed my initial idea. A box over my head, wrapped in aluminium foil, with 2 holes cut out in the front, and a sign that says "free breast exams". no, I do know Breast Cancer is very serious.

well, ya know, she IS smarter than me and all....

and she is not too thrilled with my #2 choice. I want to be a ninja. I was a ninja last year, she says. But I do not really remember that far back. I may have been. But I do not remember.

If I can't be a breast exam machine, I want to be a ninja.

Although I don't think ninjas get to look at boobies.

Support Breast Cancer Research. Especially if you live in the SF Bay Area, one of the worst cancer per capita places in the US.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

House of Bagels!

One of my favoritest people on the planet ordered in bagels this morning. After the meeting, Joann called to tell me there were bagels left over.

I bagels.

these were made right.
Not too big (a common mistake)
Crunchy outer shell
Chewy inside
Great flavor.

Ohhh, House of Bagels!

AND? they have a location right next to eBay where Sara works.....

yummy house of bagels. I'd never had them before, but now I know. Traditional, not that baked "noahs" crap. mmmm, yummy bagels

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Took Sara racin last weekend. She had fun

I am supposed to go race AFM at Buttonwillow this weekend. I am thinking of driving down VERY early Sunday morning, race, and drive home

So I did NOT go running this morning. I did stretch, but thought I should give my muscles a day off.

I am not quitting, I will be running tomorrow.

You know what I think about when I try to run? I think about my Uncle Irving. He walks to keep his diabetes in control. I think about my dad, who goes to the gym.

And I think, those guys are MUCH older than I am, and they are in better shape. I must get on the ball, and get myself healthier.

So I am doin it. Lift weights, stretch, try to run, eat smaller portions, eat less junk.

I will race in the desert, but my body gotta be in better shape before that. YAY

Thursday, October 13, 2005

damn near kilt

Fortunately, I played video games as a teenager, and have very fast reflexes

so the lady cutting left in front of me did not have the opportunity to kill me. Matter of fact, she did not stop, and did not stop talking on her cell phone.

Sancho and I rode away un scathed.

oddly, as I was skidding and locking the front wheel, (mini stoppie, thanks very much) thinking I MAY hit her, you know what I was thinking?

A) Damn, that spreadsheet is not finished.
B) this bottle of Hendriks Gin Hopprich got me is gonna go everywhere
C) Not a freakin asian woman in a car! It's too cliche....

next stoplight 2 harleys that were behind me pulled up. Said "cant live with 'em, can't kill 'em"
I think they were talking about stupid drivers, but I am not sure.

I replied "good thing I have fast reflexes and a sense of well being....."

if you are driving a car, PAY FUCKING ATTENTION. DO NOT TURN LEFT, while talking on your cell phone.

I thought briefly about turning around and showing her the error of her ways, then I realized, it's be one more chance for her to hit me. So I went home

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

running hurts. I am sore

My pal Phil is willing to help me with this whole Desert Racing Motorcycles stupidity I am onto. Roadracing is great (on a closed circuit course) but the local club is overwhelmed with red tape and rules. I want to learn to race in the desert. the California/Mexico/Nevada desert, which you can live in. Not the Texas desert which could kill you just for thinking about.

Anyhow, Phil says Dec 2 is the first race for me. In Henderson, NV. He phoned me Monday evening to discuss it.

So? Sounds great, right?

Well, as everyone knows, I am fat. Fat and out of shape. I eat crap, and lay around on my big fat ass, watching my belly grow.

You can not do this and ride motorcycles in the desert. You must be in better shape. Mike "Mouse" McCoy rode the Baja1000 Ironman. That means 1000 miles through the desert, by HIMSELF! He is not a fat-body. I must not be a fat-body. NO MORE JELLY DOUGHNUTS!

That combined with living with a wonderful woman, who eats well, and excercises. And reading Morgan Spurlock's "Dont Eat This Book" about how bad preserved and fast food is for a sedentary lifestyle,,,,,,

well, I get up Tuesday morning, and I stretch. a few knee bends, some side to side, some "head-shoulder-knees-and-toes, knees-and-toes" a few sit ups, some push ups. Go outside and lift weights on the bench. then I try to run.

I'll just go for a wee quick jog around the block to get the blood flowing? Right-o.

2 houses.

I ran TWO freakin houses away from mine, and was gasping for air like a large mouth bass someone just pulled out of Lake Murvaul by the old boy scout camp where I spent a few summers as a kid.

uuuuunnnnhhhhhhh---- uuuuunnnnhhhhhh Oh MY God. Oh My GOD, this is killing me.

but I am thick headed, and not gonna give up, ya? so I walk, 3 houses. then I run 2 houses, then walk 2 houses, then run 3 houses.... etc.. around the neighborhood.

when I get home, I can barely breathe, and my calves are on fire, and my hair hurts.

I am a big flabby crap monster. I will repeat this every morning. I WILL not quit.

Wednesday morning! I only walk in front of 7 houses. I run the rest. Well, run, very fast walk, shuffle at speed, whatever you want to call it, it is difficult and it hurts. I will NOT stop.

Pay attention brain. Eat smaller portions of helathier food. Lift weights. Drink more water. Think about what you are doing.

Okay. On the path, will try to keep it going.

I am at work. My legs are killing me, and it hurts to think. But I know, I am burning out the slovenliness. I will not be a fat bastard!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

once again, Sherry-Baby to the rescue! Snakes on a Plane!

she has the solution. I cannot breathe. WARNING. This is very funny, PLEASE clear all obstructions and fluids from your breathing areas before reading.

"Snakes on a Plane" cannot be real.

However, if it were, I'm certain that the screenplay would be written by Miss Lee's great grand-child. I can hear the movie preview now:

"What's worser than a snake flyin' up from yo wheels and gettin flung in yo backseat??????

Actually, this is a viable terrorist scheme. Snakes don't have metal and wouldn't show up too well on an x-ray. You could coil a snake up in a sack from a duty-free shop with a few bottles of Fendi perfume and everyone would assume it's a cheap belt.

Even if the slithery bastard hissed at airport security, it would be ignored because those rude-ass security guards get hissed at all the time. One East Texas copperhead could take out a couple of adults and cause the type of panic that could finally ruin our aviation industry.

Scary as this is, there are a few things that can be done to prevent snake bombs:

First, all commercial air flights must keep jam box, a CD of Barry White's "Can't get enough of your love," and a garden hoe on board. As we learned from the "Snake whacking day" episode of the Simpsons, snakes can be lured off-target by the bass sound of Barry White. A jihhadist snake could be easily lured towards the sound of Barry where it could then have it's head whacked off with the garden hoe.

Secondly, all plane cabins must be treated with Dr. T's "Snake-a-way." If the peanut remnants and caked baby vomit on the carpeting aren't enough, the snake-a-way will frighten any "Muslim extremist serpent of death" down into the luggage compartment. Likely, the snake will freeze to death before landing and won't be found until several hours later when a lady from Boca is unpacks her knock-off Louis Vuitton luggage.

I am very willing to put my law career on hold and assemble thousands of these anti-terrorist snake kits for the office of homeland security at the discount rate of $40,000 per kit.

Monday, October 10, 2005

My pal Chris Null just posted about an upcoming Samuel L Jackson movie.

Now I thought this had to be made up, however... it's real. He made a freakin movie about an assassin who releases snakes. on a plane.

Alrighty then. Sammy boy needs some money bad. cause this has to be a stinker. Snakes. You know. On a plane.

What really makes me laugh is that it reminds me of a wonderful old story from the 10th grade.

Set the WayBack Machine for 1978 Sherman!

What else happened in 1978?
BattleStar Galactica!
Panama Canal treaty signed
Ronnie Peterson dies in fiery Lotus crash at Monza
2 popes in a row die, Paul 6 and John Paul 1
Jim Jones serves Guayana Punch, 900 die in jungle. Grape reported as favorite last flavor
Yankees beat Dodgers in world series . (young Texas Jew boy does not care)
Zimbabwe is formed from the remnants of Rhodesia
Louise Brown, first test tube baby is born on MY birthday. Now a postal worker.
Kawasaki Z1-R reigns as the most badass motorcycle
Second to last year for Yamaha's RD400, a bike that tormented me for years
Honda released the CBX, very cool, I still would love to own one..
Jay Springsteen was the US Grand National Flat Track Champion
Bob Hurricane Hannah moved up to 250CC MotoX, and dominated
KING Kenny Roberts wins 500GP, brings americans back to dominant GP force.
Don 'the Snake" Prudhomme becomes all time leader in NHRA Drag wins.

Anyhow, this brings us back to the snakes.

1978. First period. History class with Mrs. Leola Lee. I sat behind Gregg Steele (r.i.p. Gregg, a brilliant pharmacologist) and in front of Kelly Williamson, who I lost track of.

Anyhow, Mrs. Lee was married to? Mr. Charles Lee, of course. A kind man who somehow controlled the distribution of textbooks in our school, and wore the cooleds alligator skin shoes.

One day in class, we got onto a discussion of driving.

Mrs. Lee told us the most wonderful story. No matter how hot it is, she said, do NOT drive with your windows rolled down.

One day She and Mr. Lee were driving along in their Mercury, with the windows rolled down. There was a water moccasin sunning himself on the road. Mrs. Lee told her husband, (who wore very very thick glasses) not to hit the snake.

He swerved away, You always want to swerve towards the ditch students, never towards oncoming traffic. He swerved away, but somehow managed to clip the tail of the moccasin with the front tire of the Mercury.

What do you suppose happened next?

An entire room of 10th graders were so intently focused, you could have heard an angel dancing on the head of a pin when she cracked a fart. The room was silent. We were enthralled. We had to know!

Well, the snake got caught up in the car wheel, and whir whir, spun around two times like a dance, then Zing! off the wheel and right into the back window of the Mercury!

Oh, lordy, I screamed, we are gonna die! There's a Snake in our car, and he is mad.

They were in a bad part of town. Now, I am not sure, exactly what a bad part of town for her consisted of. But there were snakes on the road, a bad part of town, and an angry water moccasin in the back seat of the mercury.

Oh lordy Jesus Help Us NOW!

She began to scream (even while telling the story) "Charles Charles, pull over the car! the Snake flew in the window, it will crawl under the seat and bite you on the ankle! Why do you wear such fancy shoes, why couldn't you wear boots, we are gonna die"

Now remember, she is yelling at Charles, her husband, not me.

He apparently did not notice the two turns, zing and fling, snake into the car.

She said he raised his voice to her and said "woman, we are in a bad part of town, I will stop when I can. The snake can stay in the back seat for all I care. Or bite me and kill me now. I have led a good life"

By this time, no one in the class can breathe. We are laughing so hard. She is enjoying the story.

She would make the 2 fingered "snake bite" hand move when talking about it. "He's gonna get my man! sss SSS " snakebite fingers here!

Oh, it was grand.

After 2 blocks, they got to a better neighborhood, pulled over, and she ran out of the car screaming "snake Snake!"

Mr. Lee stopped, opened the door, got out, and looked at the car. Sure enough, there was blood from the front fender up the door and to the back window. He SLOWLY opened the back door, while Mrs. Lee ran in circles screaming and praying and hopin her man did not get the hell bit out of him by a mad snake.

There was blood on the back seat. White Vinyl. She was gonna get her daughter to clean that later, but she wasn't touching no snake blood.

and on the floor, a coiled up angry snake, with a mashed up butt.

Mr. Lee went to the trunk, pulled out his 9 iron, and Mrs. Lee tohught he was gonna mash the snake into the carpet. But he was smart. That's why she married him. A smart man with smart shoes.

He lifted the snake out of the car, dropped it in the ditch, put the golf club back in the trunk, and helped Mrs. Lee back into the car. Got in, and drove home.

We were amazed. "Never drive with the windows down. A snake could come flying in and SSS SSSSs on your ankle" she said.

Now we dismissed most of this as the wild ravings of a mad woman.

I told my best freind Ross about it. He had a 1974 red farting chevy nova.

We were on our way home from school a year later, and what do you think happened? Windows down, hot day, cruising and drinking a beer.

We see a black line on the street. he runs it over and "thwack thwack, zing! thump, hiss hiss"

Goddamnit if he did not run over a water moccasin and fling it into the back seat of his nova.

We damn near crashed the car fighting to get OUT of it. And stood on the roadside laughing like maniacs till we nearly pissed ourselves. Just like Mrs. Lee told us. There was a damn big snake in the back seat of Ross's car!

and he did not play golf.

Fortunately Danny Fulton pulled up. He was one of the meanest sumbitches in the whole school. At least 3/4 Indian (feathers, not dot) and his dad used to beat hell out of him regularly. Danny was what? 8 feet tall? solid muscle? And mean as hell. He only respected people who could beat him in a fight, or make him laugh.

Well, I did both. He was in Gym class. Which is odd. You'd think a guy like him would be in Atheletics, on the team and all. Well, rumor has it he got kicked off the team for beating one of the coaches half to death cause the coach wanted him to shower. Anyhow, in Gym class, Danny kept messing with me while we were trying to play basketball. He'd push and shove, and all that stuff, calling me names. I got pissed, smacked him as hard as I could in the nose, then pantsed him. Yep, bloody nose, pants around the ankles. Then I thought I was gonna die. I was frozen. I could not move. Thank GOD he started laughing. And said "you runt. you got balls."

anyhow, he stops, sees us holding beers and laughing. We relate the story to him, and he says he'll get the snake, if he can keep it, and we give him 2 beers for the road.

Sure, what the hell.

He reaches into the back seat, pulls out the snake, grabs its head, with one fierce twist/snap, no more snake.

We gave him 2 Carlings Black Labels, and parted ways.

So Snakes on a plane? Yeah, right! They should have rolled up the windows. Mrs. Lee knows all!


I don't think I have had a 'male' motorcycle before. they are usually female or objects. However, the Ducati is full to the brim with testosterone. If any motorcycle has balls, it's this one.

my initial thought was "mi poquito caballa" My little pony!

Sherry-baby suggested it. that's too gay. think Sancho.

Makes sense. Sancho is the cheater. The womanizer. The phantom male all hispanic women run off with.

"If I can find my wife, I know she is out with that Sancho"

well, this bike begs to go fast, do wheelies, cheat at cards and steal women.


shiny and flash. Sancho

Sancho tells me to buy some black and white creepers, get all skinnied up, slick my hair back, and smoke big fat ceegars, while sipping mojitos.

Sadly, Sancho also tells me to go very fast. That I CAN fit through those two cars, and that the black and white ahead is not really a cop, gun it.

Sancho is bad. very bad.

thanks Sherry!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

it had to happen.

We knew Gargomel was stockpiling weapons of Mass Distruction.

Finally, terror in Smurfland!

(sponsored by Unicef?)

new Jacket! My poor old Joe Rocket Jacket is not 4 years and 2 mild crashes old. It's time for something new.

When you ride a motorcycle, your helmet, jacket, boots & gloves are your extra measure of safety. You spend more for better materials.

Well, this weekend was Roadrider's fall parking lot sale. So I went. and found a Lookwell jacket. It's a textile/leather mix, with plenty of closed cell foam padding and hard shell armor. Lookwell is a euro company from the Netherlands, trying to gain traction in the US markets. The Jacket is very euro design, and will take some getting used to. But I like it so far.

It's not a spectacular photo, but this is kinda what it looks like

will hope for protective goodness

Thursday, October 06, 2005

So China offers to declare nuclear war on our butts, and no one really cared?

What the heck else is so important.

I do not give two warm buckets of spit about Taiwan OR Iraq. and am not interested in goin to war over either.

let's focus on fixing our homeland first? Please!
Priestess Miriam is doing okay.

this hilarious video just in from my pal Vipul.

The Winchester Mystery House Blog! with photos of off-limits areas!

I may have to move to Arizona. they don't put up with any stupidity I knew about ther wonderful sheriff Arpaio, who does not put up with stupidity. His homeland security stance? Be prepared, Don't be afraid! Criminals? Belong in Tent City Jails. Not hotels with HBO. They wear stripes, they do their own laundry.

And? they are hiring!

BUT? it is hot, and there are not many twistey windey motorcycle roads.....

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

hooligan tackle: motorcycle that drives a normal rider to ride in a hooliganistic fashion, reeling in his share of notices from officers of the law.

Ducati Monster Chromo: A very good looking bike

As you know, I love motorcycles. they are my passion, my calling, and will, ultimately, be my downfall. But I KNOW this, so that's a plus.

Years back, Joe the Redheaded Menace told me "you buy a new car every year, you have a new car. You drive a used car, and you can drive a bunch of used bikes too" the Logic is there

Bikes are like shoes. There is not one that will do everything. If you have the space (which we do not) you should own what you like

Well, My XR650 Dual sport has been working as my roadracer. I want to turn it back to a desert bike, that goes on the road infrequently, between desert rides.

My Honda ST1100 is a great sport touring bike. But it is big, heavy, and difficult to ride in the tight roads. It is meant to ride to, say, Colorado. Not to the corner grocery.

My Harley is currently in the shop. It is simply my addiction. I live the sound, feel, and American-ness of it.

The little Honda 175 I used to roadrace is converting back to a street/scrambler, but is not really more than a toy.

And my Royal Enfield? Well, it IS an Indian copy of a British Motorcycle. Very Classic. Very unreliable.

So my dear pal Dale is shuffling through HIS collection, and decides his Monster needs to go. I just sold my sidecar, and decide the Monster needs to come visit me for a few years.

He let me ride it last summer, and it's been one of those creeping thoughts in the back of my head. I like the way it feels, I like the way it looks. Ducati makes a beautiful bike. It satisfies my desire for a twin cylinder bike. For an Italian Bike. For an artistic, beautiful bike. For a loud bike. For a small bike. For a bike that handles well. For a dry clutch bike. For a classic 'cafe' look. and mostly, it makes me go "ooohhhh Ahhhhhh" every time I look at it.

It is quick on the street, small, narrow, easy to ride, powerful, and shiney. I like it very much. I am trying to decide if I like it enough to sell somehting else. Will see where it all goes.

that's the news from the Valley, where the men are pudgy, the women are smart, and the children are asian.

Monday, October 03, 2005

I really like Andy Rooney. He complains. He is America's curmudgeonly uncle. And I support that. We need someone to complain, however, with a clear, concise, point.

Last night on 60 minutes, he did. Better than I would have ever thought. If you are low bandwidth, the transcript is here.

Of course I did not see this until this morning, cause when I got home last night I was wore OUT. I raced, I sucked, I did not crash.

Saturday, October 01, 2005


Sunday, Oct 2 will be the races at Sears Point Infineon raceway in Sonoma, CA

I'm in race #10, formula singles. I am guessin 2pm.

This will probably be my last roadrace in a while, as I am gearing up to learn desert racing, if my body will take it.

If you want to watch me racin? You should be at Sears Point on Sunday afternoon. I'll have the sprinter in the pits, with the texas flag up. I plan on sleeping till my race, racin, then packing up and heading home.


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