Saturday, April 24, 2010

On Wednesday, we stopped by Matt's to play trains. Saul is running some of the "new" trains I got from eBay. There was some discussion, some lining up of switches, and some more chatter about the speed control, then Saul took the wheel, and is IN CHARGE!

and some quick video of him driving!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

For my guys at work! Thank you for saving the Bubble Wrap, this is what it does!

hangin around Sunday

Sara went to Reno to follow her favorite band, so Saul and I went out today to do GUY things.

We tried to help Brad with his motorcycle, but it became time to walk away. Justin and Mary came by Brad's with their daughters Bonnie and Kate. Saul played in the front yard with them, ... that part was fun.

We came home and had lunch. Sorta. I wore most of it, but anyhow

Then we trucked over to Matt's to play with trains. Saul drove the train, flirted with the neighbor's girlfriend, then we were off to other numerous and unspeakable errands.

THEN we got Jasmin and Jocelyn, two of the neighbor girls, and took them to the mall for their birthday. They bought? shoes, I told you they were girls. Saul got a Jamba Juice plain orange juice. It took so long, the counter girl gave us another, so the girls split that one.

Stopped at Safeway for juice boxes and cleaner on the way home, where we are now.

Did I mention he played in the "rides" at the mall?

Friday, April 09, 2010


for the record? I just unleashed the most AWESOME fart of my life.

raisin bran for breakfast

Cheesesteak and a big Sprite for lunch

got back to the office, ran into the facilities, because I THOUGHT I had a clinker brewing.

sat, prepared, and VOILA, the most brilliant, resonant, gigantic fart EVER!

I was able to do it with confidence, because I was right there, if it was the poop I thought it was, would have unloaded in the proper receptacle

it was great
I released..... , and ..... BLAMMO!

loud, long, large, and spectacularly satisfying.

that is all.

Monday, April 05, 2010

i got sick, you got sick
all G-d's chillen's got sick

We are fighting off the sick. Saul seems to be pulling out the recovery first.

I am working from home today, watching him, and trying to clear this gunk out of my eyes.


Saturday, April 03, 2010

Park CleanUp! Mollie Tobias with the city of San Jose is a volunteer coordinator. She is also my hero of the day. She helped get a ton of college and high school kids to come help spread woodchips in our neighborhood park.

Here are some pix

the black arrows on the green post is the level the play surface SHOULD be up to.

A crew from the parks department dropped off a lot of woodchips. they can do that, but do not have the budget to spread them around! This is where Mollie helped. By getting volunteers to spread the chips? it all becomes possible!

Play structure with not enough chips

Sad rocking dolphin, he is too high up for anyone to climb on!

Turtles, well, that concrete will hurt if you fall on them

Enter a crew of volunteers

young, energetic, and wanting to do something good for the community

applying muscle to solve problems. These are some very positive kids, who spent their Saturday morning working for someone else. I was impressed

Saul was impressed too! He came to say hello, and tell the folks "Thank You!"

Swingset? Reachable! Usable! Hooray

the 'clubhouse'? Well, he can climb onto the seats now. it is not sticking way too far up, it has padding, it looks nice, yeah?

Happy Dolphin, Happy Seahorse, now people can get on them to play!

And look at those turtles!. No more exposed concrete base. Now this looks like a neighborhood playground.

When they finished spreading mulch, the volunteers started pulling up Ivy. Sure, it looks green, but it is just a breeding ground for bugs and rats. These kids pulled, cleaned, and took it by the wheelbarrow load to a city truck to be hauled away.

They worked in the planter to loosen some of the dirt, The city crew is going to try to come up with plants and flowers.

cleaning up shovels and rakes stacked

Mollie in the center in the green shirt is chatting with the volunteers

Some of the volunteers actually USING the playground! this is what it is all about.

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