Tuesday, July 05, 2011

1981 Moto Morini 250 2C

‎"Dave" is David Doudna who sold it to me.

With many thanks to Ken Armann, it has clean tank, rebuilt carbs, new timing belt, air filters, battery, etc, etc. etc. Now I need to ride it a bit, just to get it all sorted out. but? too hot outside for me.

yes, new timing belt
and the elusive 6v voltage regulator.
Hooray for Herdan motors in PA.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Yes, I have not posted in a long time. I am sorry. I've been too much on Facebook, and not enough here.

Hostess cupcakes. or as he calls them "chocolate cupcakes with the teeny tiny white loop-de-loops on them" are a favorite. He can eat one in four, (yes 4) bites. and I taught him how to make rock and roll satan hands. After the sugar crash, however, he sleeps! Seeing him eat these tells me, if we can find protein he wants, he will do the same!

Mike and Evie took Saul to see "Cars 2" when it opened. there was entertainment before the show, and he got ink! well, facepaint tattoo. Not cars, he has been on a big "Green Lantern" kick, so he got the green lantern symbol.

Here he is day after, eating fish fingers. casual and all. :) Sara (probably correctly) believes the Green Lantern movie will be too violent for him still, so we are distracting him, and not taking him.

We were watching Shaun the Sheep, and a magpie stole all the shiney bits on the farm. The sheep made a giant electromagnet, to zap it all down from the tree. Saul loved this and as he tells everyone he wants to be an inventor, we built an electromagnet in the garage.

Giant bolt, wrapped with too thick wire, and not enough turns. but hooked to a 6v battery, it will pick up a washer. hooked to a 230A 12V-DC power supply? it dims the lights in the whole house, makes a horrific buzzing, and will snatch washers from 2 feet away. Saul likes mad science!

Saul and Sara went up to the Lost Coast to go camping with James, Tara, Emiko and Eric. I stayed home for 2 reasons. '

First, I had a work thing I needed to be around for. Work is very "odd" right now, and it is a good time for me to be "in contact"

Second? as much as I love the Bong family? SIX HOURS DRIVE ON A HOLIDAY WEEKEND? insanity.

So I stayed around the house and have been working on projects. I believe Tuesday. On Tuesday, I believe two of my bikes will be back from Ken, and all motorcycles at the house (except one honda project in the trailer) will be running.

Last night I went to visit Matt and Dan. Matt just bought a new car, is starting a new business, and is basically, working to turn around the last 2 years of his life, into something different. YAY Matt. So what did I do? As a good, supportive friend I am, I went over with a bottle of Portuguese moonshine a guy at work brought me. I hear some tastes like strawberry, some is fruity, some is tangy, this tasted like drinking battery acid, .... from a running car.

We could not drink it. poor Dan threw up, Matt took one drink and said "no, just NO" I bicycled home and safe at 9:30pm with 3/4 bottle left. I will return it to work. It is bad. the guy who gave it to me? I want to punch him in the mouth.

Photos of plants in the backyard:

as a child, my mom would take avocado pits, shove toothpicks in them, put them in a glass of water, and we'd watch them for a day or so, till finally it was a black, moldy glass of crap. But? it was cool. So around the time Saul was 2, i put a pit in a glass to see what happened. Remembering I live in California, where taxes are high, but the soil and weather is great? it grew. and grew. and I planted it in the back yard with low hopes. this morning? Tree? see those little balls? yeah! baby avocados!

wee avocados

lots of em

some flower


our Lemon tree

another plant I do not know what is

cool flowers on it

another plant I do not know what is called

and the closeup

I actually dislike these, they grow like weeds, and try to take over everything, but I let these grow for Sara, as she likes them

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