Friday, January 06, 2012

Anne Bodie -

Les Nessman had "imaginary walls" to his office.

there is a cube in front of my office and assholes always sit there and babble on the cell phone and annoy me.

So, I walked around and gathered 'things' from people who no longer work at Cisco, but left their cubes intact.
I set up the cube in front of my office, for my "admin" Her name is Anne Bodie (pronounced Boh-die) (thanks to my pal Ken for the “AnyBody” suggestion!)

Some people here at work are in on the joke, some are not. The ones who are not, are actually expecting someone to arrive and start working next week.

The ones who are in on the joke? are playing along "oh, I think you just missed her" etc...

Les had imaginary walls? I now have an imaginary admin. (she wears a red sweater)

On Monday we tried to go see TinTin but it was sold out, so walked around the mall, and got these pix of Saul in a space ride!

in conclusion, I suffer from decision fatigue.

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