Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Wasted Wednesday

Gas up car early, leave RTP, get to airport early. Sit and wait for flight.

Fly from Raleigh/Durham International, where they have great wireless connectivity,
to Dulles International, in DC, which sucks

Deplane, get out, look at departure time for my gate? and? United has cancelled the flight to Boston. No instructions, just cancelled.

I walk to the customer service Kiosk, by gate C15? and stand in line for 45 minutes.
Verdict? "you are kinda screwed"

There is a storm, eastern seaboard, blah blah blah.

BUT! They manage to transfer me to a US Airways flight leaving to Charlotte, North Carolina. The catch? Other than going BACK to North Carolina? I have to get across the airport in 23 minutes.

I sprint. I run in my Florsheim’s like Jackie Joiner. Well, maybe not, Okay, I run like a girl a fat girl. I run to the bus to terminal E. I wait. Finally the bus leaves. I sprint from the Bus to the gate, other end of terminal E.

But I make it to the gate for the 3:38 flight and???? It is delayed. But the flight leaving Charlotte to Boston is also delayed, so it will be okay.

Finally, 4:45, we board the US airways plane. I am in the seat, this will work, everyone is in the plane, they will NOT close the door? Because the cargo hatch will not close. They make us wait, they call a mechanic, they have to push the plane out of the gate to work on it, they get us off the plane, back to the terminal 5:30pm

I stand in the US Airways line to see if I can book anything else. It is not moving. I have shite cell reception. I wander down the walkway, find better reception, call Cisco Travel. HA! Hold. Terminal. After 10 minutes, I know better. I call United Customer Service. They put me on hold, because they have “high call volumes” I wonder why.

I ask the Salvadorian call center worker if there is any place I can go to speak to a human. Yeah, in terminal C.

At this point, I am worried they may actually FIX the hatch, so I go back to the gate for US Air. The line has not moved. But, there are some cute business bunny types, so I stand in line.

Something cool happens.

I see this guy shambling up to the gate. Long stringy hair, fat, carrying shopping bags, with a very attractive asian woman with GINORMOUS implants.

He shines the line, walks to the desk and they clerk starts talking to him.

IT’S RON JEREMY! And he can’t fly either.

They chat, nothing, he sits. I decide to give up on US Air, and walk back to the United Ticketing Counter. Oh crap, this is gonna be a long walk.

Before I leave, I walk over and say “Excuse me Mr. Jeremy, you look as tired as I do, so I got no time to waste. Thank You. Thank you for helping short fat furry balding Jewish men be considered sex symbols” He grins, the asian companion (with GINORMOUS KNOCKERS) tells him I am cute, I thank them both, forget to ask for a photo op, and walk back to the ticket counters.

I bump into a guy named Glen. He works for Homeland Security doing software. He has a rental car, and will drive to Boston tonight. If I am interested,….

Well, I tell him, IF I can get on United, no thanks, but if not, will consider it.

We walk to the united counter. There is a llooong line. I think I am Ron Jeremy, and shine the line. Walk to the first agent, and plop my tix down, notice the cross pin on her lapel, and say “I prayed and Jesus told me to ask you for help”

Well, actually, IN truth, I asked the guy mopping the floor where United was, his name was Jesus, and he said they would help me. So I didn’t REALLY lie….

She looks up my tickets, and tells me that US Air still has control of me, but if I walk to their counter, and they release me, United will book me on standby.

I make the play: “Can my financial analyst Glen get booked?” No, sorry, but I tried, and he appreciated it, but left to go find his rental ride to Boston. Gosh Glen, I hope you have a pleasant drive.


AND, she says walk back to her, no line. Thank you Jesus, Thank you Sandra.

US Air kiosks are closed, but Dawn is standing there. She looks at me, says “cmon” I explain, she types, she hands me 2 paper tickets, and says take em to United!

Sandra sees me, points, I shine the line, she makes a call, she types furiously, I am on Standby, 2nd on the list, for flight 804 to Boston, boarding at 9:45. Great, cause it’s what? 7pm now? Nope. 9pm. She says “RUN to the security checkpoint, take the bus to terminal C, turn right, Scamper down the ramp to gate D1”

I go. I run like the wind. The wind coming out of a fat girls ass maybe. My cool black shirt with white stripes and martini glasses? It smells like it was on a goat. I stink. I smell like kiester. On a warm day.

Through the security check, holding my shoes, bag, laptop, roller bag, and standby card, I sprint to the bus. I just make it, as it chugs to terminal C, I put laptop in bag. Put shoes on, get situated, and look up. A really REALLY cute girl with a tshirt that says “Brazil” is looking at me and giggling. I realize, I look like a cartoon. Short fat sweaty man with lots of bags, carrying his shoes.

If she only saw me a few hours ago next to Ron Jeremy? She would have wanted me. In a biblical way. Not that she could EVER draw me away from my Sara, but anyhow.

Get to C, SCAMPER! Down the walkway to D. D1 Vassily is working, and he is not taking any crap. He says “Statman! Da, you on standby. You sit. I call. No griefs”

So I sit. And I make phone calls, cause I get signal. I call the hotel to make sure they are not giving my room away. I call Keith for an update. I call Sara. I charge the computer battery.

Vassily comes on the PA, and says “Gate Change. Boston, you go gate C27 NOW”

Then he sprints around the corner to 27. that was cool. I get over there, stand in the standby line. And he announces plane is on “choice call decision till 1:30am”

Oh, what the hell. I stand in line anyhow. And remember, all I ate today was a squished flat, and I mean FLAT Nutri-grain bar. I am starving. But, I want on this plane.

He announces again, “plane plan moves. 10:30 depart. Standby you wait here”

Then he starts calling passengers who are on standby. My name is there. Seat 11E.

The plane boards at 10:45, and actually takes off. I am in the air now, 11:45. We should get to Boston at 12:15am. I just got a ginger ale, yay! 12 fl oz of caffine free lunch and dinner. Well, at least I am saving Cisco Money by not eating.

On landing, I go to Hertz, pick up my rental, (I hope they saved it) and drive about 45 minutes to Boxborough, to check into the hotel

Tomorrow I have a 10am meeting with a large group. Hopefully lunch with Brian and Su, then a 1x1 with Brian, then I may cancel anything else. I am in pain. I am gonna try to get my Friday flight moved as early as possible, just in case.

YAY, Wednesday was wasted, I stink, but I did get exercise, and I gotta say, if you have to run in dress shoes, Florsheims ain’t half bad.

Arrived in Boston. Got to Hertz at 1:30am. Only car left? Ford Exhibition. This is the biggest pile of crap I ever drove. If you buy a SUV? You better know how many bales of hay it can pull. Otherwise get a damn stationwagon.

Exit airport with SIMPLE directions. 93 north, 495 south, 111 south is holiday in. 45 minutes

93 is undergoing a little construction. There were 2 detour signs, then nothing.

I somehow ended up on the Mass Turnpike. Took that to 95 north? Maybe? To 2 West? To 111? And ended up in Boxborough.

I checked into the hotel at 2:35am East Coast Time.


No matter how much today sucked? It is still better than chemo! it’s great to be alive, I am goin to sleep.

wow, I just figured out how to use "Hello" to send pictures to my blog? And Now, Blogger added a direct upload service.

Here is the sidehack. it is a 1970 BSA Starfire 250. It runs great, and has brand new tires. I need to sell it. If you know anyone with $3000 that wants it? Lemme know.

so I set up Google AdSense, it is supposed to put in little ads across the top of my page. Whenever someone clicks on them, I get, like, 3/4 of a cent.

It is supposed to recognize words in my weblog, and post relevant ads, I don't know how it works, but I am gonna try.

Motorcycles Porn Video Games Sleep Aids Viagra Nigerian Money Laundering

and see if any of these trigger cool ads.

If you can think of any key words, that are funny, lemme know.

I'm off to shower, then head to airport for another commuter flight on United. I have 75000 flyer miles on united, and it is STILL not enough to get an upgrade or red carpet access.

I did find out I can register for Hertz Gold Member status through work, maybe a task for later today.

Back to the Raleigh Durham Terminal G

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

hotel, well, it's a radisson, but I think it's glory days are past. Posted by Hello

cisco buildings, note all the pine trees Posted by Hello

schwanky Posted by Hello

rentaracer Posted by Hello

this is the renta-racer upgrade, I was wrong it is a Huyndai Posted by Hello

The Cisco Campus at RTP is pretty, even if it is raining Posted by Hello

Monday, June 27, 2005

$7 sammich for lunch. ewwwww Posted by Hello

I don't know what it is about airports and travel. Sara said it this morning, "it always sucks to go to the airport"

got on the plane at 7:15am. oversold flight, of course. I have over 80k flyer miles with United, but it is not enough to upgrade.

Get back to my seat, and there is a VERY sad looking older Indian man. His wife was 1 row forward. If I switched seats... damnit. They looked a lot like my pal Vipul's parents. But a little older. Of course I am a sucker.

I sit in a middle seat, in the back of a plane, window seat? woman with tiny bladder, who continues to drink water. at least 6 trips to the pisser! Aisle seat? Asian woman who has the second most fierce farts ever. (The first most fierce, oddly, belong to a lady I used to work with in San Jose)

long flight, lots of up and down, lots of smell, lots of discomfort. How could it be wierder? Apparently, even flying across country, United now SELLS meals. For $5, I can get a lunch box. uhhh, no.

arrive in Dulles, pass some semi local looking, possibly passable restaurants in the terminal. BUT, I need to get to Terminal G, you know, to be SURE I am on time.

Whenever you have to take a shuttle, and it is a bus? be worried.

If you are at Washington DC's Dulles International, The "G" in Terminal G stands for? GHETTO!

No ac, large warm building full of people sweating and waiting. Restaurant? Heck Pecker No, a 'cafe' which is really a newsstand with a few refrigirated cabinets.

I ate $2 worth of a $7.85 turkey sandwich. (will try to upload photo) The bread was actually cardboard I think. So I ditched the bread, and just ate the turkey & cheese, cause that's all it was. No mayo, no musquirt, no nothin. 2 slices of cardboard, 1 sad melted bit of white cheese. I say white, because I do not actually have any idea what flavor it was meant to be, and a wad of pressed turkey bits.

I did set my watch ahead. The computer tells me 1pm, the watch says 4pm. I board at 4:35. Really, what time it is makes no daned difference, the sandwich still sucked! :D

BUT! Last night I was again reminded by my great pal Jack Walshe, "try to be happy, people prefer a happy person"

He is right. Even if there is no WiFi, AC, food or silence, I am Alive! and that is swell. I got Sara, she is wonderful! And I am a motorcycle racer. I should remember nights sleeping under a truck at the track, days without showers, oil, grease, broken bones, etc... and figure, this is merely a tiny blink of time, in the grand scheme of MY life.

Once the flight gets here, and I can board, it should be about 2.5 hours till I can rent a car, drive to the hotel, and get nekkid!

I am hoping for wonderful things related to work in RTP. My Business Group has a large lab there, and we know little about it. If I am lucky, I can come up with a support solution and help them out. If I am REALLY Lucky, I can get someone hired there. And if I am really REALLY lucky? I will get some dinner!

In RTP now, it smells like smoke. My car was upgraded to an Infinity something, nice, but the radio is tuned to all hip hop stations, and I cannot figure out how to work it.

the raddison was probably really nice 12 years ago, but the bed is select comfort, and looks good, and that is all I need

Sunday, June 26, 2005

so we went dirt bike riding at Hollister HIlls on Saturday. Phil Douglas, and his daughters Halley & Rachel, helped Sara overcome her fears of going down hill.

by the end of the day? Sara was a champion rider! she was haulin keister, and riding like a pro dirt biker!


we just got back from dinner at Jacks, woo hoo! Dale is a wonderful cook.

Tomorrow I have to work for a week. yuck.

Oh, see that little bar at the top, with google ads? Since no one was filling my donation button tip jar, I put in google ads. If you click through to the ads? I get paid! wild. I don't think it is gonna pay for the parts for the XR race bike, but it can't hurt. I got a broke up Roadracing super Motard Motorcycle. Will hope I can get it fixed in time.

More later

Friday, June 24, 2005

Countrywide Mortgage Service blows donkey balls. When Sara & I bought our house, our loan was a 2 part loan, to help us avoid PMI, or some such rubbish. Both these loans were then, of curse, sold to mortgage service companies.

The larger loan is 5% fixed 30 year note, with Aurora Loan Services. They have been very good about taking our money on time, and not harassing us.

The smaller loan is an adjustable note with Countrywide Criminal Sons of Bitches Mortgage Service. They have hiked the rate every chance they legally can, and are servicing $70k worth of loan for us.

Last week, I recieved a letter informing me I did not have enough Flood Insurance, and they were going to purchase some on my behalf, and charge me for it.

Pam, my wonderful insurance agent at State Farm called them to say that yes, I did have enough insurance.

Well, she just called me back. Countrywide wants us covered to the mazimum amount allowed in California. And I have to pay $100/year additional.

Countrywide wants me to have $250k flood insurance, even though they only service $77K worth of note.

Aurora is FINE with the amount we have.

Guess what? I am shopping to refinance the $77k, JUST to pull it away from those grubbing vindictive BASTARDS at Countrywide.

yeah, I am pissed. You'd think if you were in business, you would at least TRY to make decisions that keep the customer relationship alive?

Fuck NO, not today! Get every cent you can! And this attitude is about to cost Countrywide MY loan, and I will do everyhting I can to convince any and everyone I know, to screw these weasel bastards.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

me actually going fast last month Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

LOOK DEEp into my nostril Posted by Hello

I have figured out how to use a service called "hello" to post photos to my weblog. Whoopeee! Posted by Hello

and this shock is broken. note the shiney rod jammed to the left, and into the yellow spring? It is supposed to go up into the cylinder at the top of the spring. Look at this and think OUCH, times $700 Posted by Hello

we've smashed the exhaust pipe, AND filled it with dirt Posted by Hello

what a helmet looks like when yer noggin goes skipping down the track Posted by Hello

this is the broken GPS from last weekend Posted by Hello

Jack says I am too tired to be beautiful Posted by Hello

Apparently I am not the ONLY Texan who slips up occasionally and gets caught.

Governor Perry thought he was off camera when he said "Adios MoFo" On camera!

Why is it when I say dumb things they don't make Tee Shirts

adios.... mofo

(special thanks to mi amigo & Austin connection, Senor Cantu!)

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

i am still the points leader. scroll down to group #7

there is NO way. I should not be the leader.

This just in from my Minister of Information on the French celebration of the 100th aniv of Jules Verne's demise.
The Little Giant in France:

The main website. Note snippets of video. check out all pages.
Created by a street theatre group called Royal de Luxe.
It's going on tour, oddly Burning Man is not listed.

quote from above
"The writer's dreamlike and avant-garde vision will be represented on
stage by the street theatre company "Royal de Luxe" during a large
town parade and four days of festivities in Nantes, from 19 to 22
May, and in Amiens, from 16 to 19 June. The programme enticingly
announces "the Visit of the Sultan of India Atop His Time-Travelling
Elephant". The show will go on tour to Le Havre, in the north of
France, in mid-July, then London in September, wrapping up in
Bilbao, Antwerp and Calais in 2006. In parallel to this, video
director Pierrick Sorin will present a short film on the same theme,
inspired by the gigantic, elephant-shaped steam engine imagined by
Jules Verne in his novel The Steam House."

A few more photos and videos of the spectacle:

This site explained things (in English) and includes some
behind-the-scenes info. A Journal Entry, and more photos.

Monday, June 20, 2005


Please make mom clean house NOW, so it never EVER looks like this


Well, it wasn't a yard sale, but I wadded the XR at thunderhill on Saturday.

Yard sale is when the bike goes tumbling, and bits fall off leaving a path that looks like someone has all their stuff out in the front yard? Get it?

Wadded is when it tumbles end over end, and crunches up the front & back.

I have Pirelli Tires, they sponsor Matthew, so I thought I would run them as well. My tires are 3 race weekends old, but they felt good in the first practice, I thought I'd change gearing, do 2 laps in 2nd practice, then get new tires. The Pirelli team is very slow and unreliable at the track, I wanted to make sure I got my practice in. This is the first factor of the crash.

In the first session, the bike was running strong, everything felt great. I came in, put on a smaller rear sprocket, looking for more top speed.

Hought, 2nd round, 2 laps, put on the GPS, see what top speed I get, come off, get tires. At the gate, just before you go out, I spoke to my pal Jay Kinenbarger, who said he was on new tires, and needed to go slow to warm them up.

I passed him, turn 5, the Cyclone, is an uphill climb, with a sharp left to right switch over the top of the hill, then downhill to a fast right hander.

Up the hill, everything is great. Crest the hill, transition to the tight turn, going down hill, on the gas, I realize I am turning, but the front end is still a little in the air. When the tire touches the ground, it does not grip, it lets go, the front end washes out in a classic lowside, I am sliding down the track with the bike. Then the tires grip, and stands everything up!

Pitching me over in front of the bike, from my back to on my front. Face first, sliding, then off the track, into the dirt, and I feel something repeatedly smacking me in the back of the head. I turn, and it IS the bike, cartwheeling behind me, chasing me as I slide, smacking me around.

We finally stop, the bike is on top of me. I manage to turn it off. I cannot drag myself out from under it, so I lift the bike. this is hard when you are sideways, twisted, and covered with dirt.

I get out from under the bike, pick it up, check myself. Nothing is broken, everything is bruised. I am sore, and my helmet is full of dirt.

The bike is sitting wierd. I look, and find I have broken the rear shock. The shock rod has come out of the shock, then jammed in the spring. the tail of the bike is hyper extended.

The exhaust pipe is bent almost 90 degrees inward, and stuffed full of dirt. There is grass and dirt in everything.

The corner workers help me by pointing where I should push it to. I push it all the way back to the pits, undress, assess the damage. Shock is gone, muffler is gone, GPS is shattered, front end is twisted, tires are poop, right radiator is bent, but holding water.

I want to put it in the truck and go home. Greg Creech wants to race on Sunday. He really wants to beat me. He has an XR650R at his house. I drive 4 hours to Redwood City to get his bike. Load his bike and his wife in my Sprinter, drive 4 hours back to the track.

At the track, I remove the tires from my bike, and take the wheels to the Pirelli vendor, who PROMISES me they will have them mounted before they leave. Then I start on the bikes. Pull Greg's shock, Phil from Aftershocks switches springs, but it is still set up for a 350 lb man. Exhaust pipe, and I am closer. I cannot straighten the front till I get the tires back.

I take a shower, I have some dinner. Phil has been BBQing at the track, he had meat & fish, lots of yummies, and his daughters were there. Charming gals, I tell ya. Hanging around the aftershocks pits is great. I can take no more, I sleep in the back of the truck.

The Pirelli guys are tired, and will not do it. Even though they promised. They finally get my tires mounted Sunday morning at 9am. $325. I missed tech, I missed practice. I talk the tech inspectors into tech approving my bike late, so I can race.

Back to the pits, and try to straighten the front. Something is wrong, it feels ba. Maybe due to the shock, I dunno. Rachel says the front is straight. She's been riding with her dad since she was a kid, I take her advice, and concentrate on everything else.

Before each race there is a hot lap. I take the bike on a hot lap to scrub the tires and see how it feels. You know how it feels? Like CRAP! Crap on a stick. this bike is not rideable.

I go back to the pits, and spend the rest of the day napping. There is nothing else to do.

My race. I am on the POLE position! Spot #1. I have NEVER EVER been on pole position. and I am about to lose the same race.

Green flag, everybody leaves. I almost crash in turn one. whenever I try to turn, the bike starts a mad oscillation. The bars try to shake out of my grip, I cannot go fast. I cannot ride a bike that will not turn. I watch everyone ride away from me. I am so sad.

halfway through the race the starter holds up a crossed green and white flag, to show it is halfway. I start crying Why don't they throw the white flag, meaning last lap. I want to quit. I did not drive 8 hours and work my butt off to quit.

I finish in 5th place. dead ass last. it sucks. I am so sad.

I get back to the pits, and have to swap all the stuff back onto greg's bike. He will take his bike home, he has room. I swap, I do the mechanical work in about an hour. His bike is rebuilt, My crippled bike is in the sprinter.

I MUST find some parts soon. I already ordered the shock, I will wait to replace my GPS. I need a muffler and radiator. this was esspensive. i am sore

GPS (Garmin 60CS) + $420
Shock + $720
Muffler + $500
Right Radiator + $325

Friday, June 17, 2005

i am leaving to go to the races this weekend. it is wet and rainey, there are 7 guys registered to race, 4 of them are known faster than me.

maybe I will be out of the points after this weekend. and can go back to doing this for fun

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

this guy made a home-brew air conditioner, and I am thinking, I MUST BUILD ONE for when I am at the race track. I have a small voltage inverter for the sprinter that would easily power the fan.....

All I really want is cleanliness. It's not too much to ask.

I work for a 'big' company in Silicon Valley. That means I am stuck in an office for 8+ hours per day. I go to work, I do my best, I go home. But during those 8+ hours? I am still a human. A biological machine.

Yes, I HAVE to go to the bathroom at least once or twice per day. With all the budget cuts, the cleaning crew comes by randomly. Every other day? On weekends? I don't know.

We are all human. Everybody poops. Everybody HAS to poop.

So help me out here.

STOP PISSING all over the toilet. There are urinals. Use them. No skipper, you do not need to close the door, kick up the seat, and piss all over the porcelain. Just stop it. Cause someone is gonna have to clean it up enough to cop a squat there eventually.

We are all trapped in the same building for 8+ hours. Your mom does not work here. Do not make a mess.

And wash your hands when you are done. I really hate it when someone goes to the bathroom, then just walks out. I KNOW I am gonna have a meeting with you in 20 minutes And when you try to shake hands with me? There is a reason I am gonna turn away. I know you just pissed all over the toilet, shook twice and walked out. I can almost see the germs on your hands. Practice good hygiene

If you do use the sink? For cryin out loud, it's a sink, not the Splashtown Waterpark at Six Flags. Do not splash water everywhere. Those paper things? Use them to wipe up after yourself.


The best? The most treasured moments? When I walk into the bathroom, the seat is up, and the water is blue. Ah, the elusive 'blue water dump"! It means the cleaning crew just left. I am the first person to sit on the clean seat. I know there are no cooties, no pee, no one left an "Upper Decker". Oh, how I love the blue water dump.

To recap!

do not pee all over toilet
clean up when you splash the sink
I love the blue water dump

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

stop cat scans

where do you get your news from? I don't really read a paper anymore, and while I listen to NPR on mornings I take the truck, I mostly get news on the net.

mostly from my main Yahoo page.

But I wondered, where do YOU get your news from?

Saturday, June 04, 2005

be very afraid

Friday, June 03, 2005

am home from 2 day management training. things are insane crazy.

Sara's folks are here visiting, that's nice. We all went out for Antonio's birthday last night.

Tonight? dunno

Tomorrow, fix the wheel on the sidecar and get it to Ken's, he may have a buyer

Sunday? dunno

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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

race photos are up

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