Sunday, May 29, 2005

3rd place, still point leader i think


Friday, May 27, 2005

Life is wierd.

The Governator dug a pothole, then filled it? what the heck. My fave quote is:
"It's a lot of money spent on a staged event,'' said Matt Vujevich, 74, a retiree whose home faced the crew-made trench that straddled nearly the whole street. "We still have the same problems. Everything's a press conference.''

The 'plasticized bodies' exhibit is leaking? UGH!
I am NOT gonna want to see dead people
I am DAMN sure not gonna PAY for it
If I went, and they were leaking? I would have a MAJOR customer service issue

You were always told sex will make you go blind....

Once again, KIDS make me smile.

What's happening in your weekend? Me? I am gonna race at Sears Point. Then come home and sleep?

Thursday, May 26, 2005

On the way home, Bernard called from Real American. the Harley is sorta ready, he did not rebuild the tranny, said run it 1000 miles, lets drain and inspect again. then he tried to charge me $6 for fluid. I made him take $26 and promise to buy his wife flowers on the way home.

got to my home, worked on the XR

new sprocket is on race bike! woo hoo! dropped from 43 tooth to 40 tooth. Had to drop a link in the chain, and of course, it was just a LEEETLE BEET too long, so I had to break a link out of the chain, and HOPE my gearing is perfect.

bike is cleaned, toolboxes and track spares are loaded in the sprinter.

tomorrow after work I will load a cooler, chairs, food, clothes, leathers, and be packed to jet.

VERY early saturday morning, I'll drive to Sears Point to race.

I am the FIRST race on Sunday morning, so that's like, 10:30? poop

then pack up and see what happens.

Sad news. My pal David Bourland's father died. David is a great guy, and I feel for him. You know WHY David is such a good guy? Because he always thinks and cares about his friends. I pasted his email below, but you will see in the first line why I care about this guy. He is worried about telling his freinds? When we should be worried about him.

Tonight, I'll hoist a pint for ya David.

and your dad. RIP

Subject: It has been a tough day and I have bad news to share

I am sorry I don't have the time or energy to call each of you. Today has been a day that we all know we will have to live through sometime but that doesn't make it suck any less.

My father has passed away. I got a call....

(edit here, C)

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Do you ever get so busy you cannot sort out all the tasks? Then it gets kinda overwhelming? I think this happens to many people. Fortunately, some of us deal with it in better ways than others.

The past two weeks have been very hectic. Actually, I feel the pace of life in Silicon Valley is hectic. I am investigating ways to continue to be most effective at my job, while slowing down some, and remembering to live. Folks out here call it "Work Life Balance". Folks in North East Texas call it "Havin a beer with your friends" Maybe a road trip through Texas to see cool things?

Fortunately, I THINK about these things. Other people have different reactions. Sometimes they do things that seem foolish to the rest of us; however, for them, it is the correct action, it is what they need, it is their version of my "slowing down".

On the other hand, some people are just plain stupid. We hope our pal Mr. Darwin gets to them in time, you know, before some nut-bags try to prove creationism, and we all have to rely on the wisdom of Scientific American to keep us even.

At the end of the day, I am just happy to ride my motorcycle home, see my Sara, sit in the hot tub, go to sleep, and dream of the ghost of motorcycles past. (see Joe, I didn't forget you!)

I just sent this to Carl's Junior. I don't like censorship.

I just read about the Parent's TV Council wanting to ban your Paris Hilton Commercial.

I don't eat much fast food, I'm a 40 yr old motorcycle roadracer, working in Silicon Valley to support my bike habit.

However, I find your 'sexy' commercial campaign witty and smart. I'm strongly opposed to censorship, and wanted to email in my support.

Furthermore, I will post this on my weblog, and will encourage everyone I know to have a Carl- burger this week to support your creative ad campaign.

Monday, May 23, 2005

it's a PDF, so you gotta have Acrobat. Then scroll down to the article on the 5th page. It's about ME! If you prefer raw text, here!

It was an okay weekend. Sara went to Rich Oliver's Mystery Camp, and learned to ride dirt bikes well. She was very excited when she got home, so I guess I am in the market for a pair of Yamaha TTR-125s

BUT, I got debts I gotta pay first. (if anyone has a better idea for an online tip jar, like the one now on the right side of this page, please point it out to me)

What else?
I got my CB 175 to run. it is VERY VERY loud.
I went to Dale's 50th birthday party
I watched Goodfellas again
I helped SaraH get her MZ Scorpion to run, it is not loud
I dropped my leathers off with Juan Lindo to put stretch panels in, so I can fit my belly.
I helped Larissa with her EX500, it is a poopy bike, and does not run. .. yet
I watched Napoleon Dynamite again. it's freakin sweet.
I watered the tomatoes
I helped Beth load Flash's salmon poop colored motorcycle and take it away
I worked on the Bellypan for my race bike
I am getting ready for the Sears Point Races this upcoming weekend.
I have a fierce headache

I have it on good authority that Sara's folks will be coming out to visit June 3rd or so. and there may be a steamer trunk full of cookies. This will not help me fit into leathers, but they are great cookies.

I am out of things to whine about. It is great to be alive.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

whats catching my interest today?

Russians building scavenger cities from space debris

Rednecks and Dry Ice Bombs

More on the finger in the Wendy's Chili

Star wars rap

No longer use Kensington Laptop Locks, it is a waste of time. (how to pick it video)

Taser my tongue?

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

OMJ's son John bought my house on Avenue F in Austin (years ago).

He just bought another house, emptied out ave F, and is gonna rent it, But, he posted some nice photos. If you want to see the first house I ever bought. Course he painted the interior and remodeled the bathroom, but other than that, it looks like my old house......

Sunday, May 15, 2005


yesterday had a lively spin on my 350 India Bullet.

O Jack was behind me on '05 BMW GS 1100. BIG dang bike, but he was toodling, and I was goin fast.

2 miles later, right hand, decreasing radius, downhill turn, I hang off, lean in, WAY overcook the corner, and the footpeg scrapes, then hoikes the bike straight up, spitting me into the left (oncoming) lane. White SUV driver, whomever you are, you are in my prayers of thanks, does not panic, slows, stays in his lane. I pass him on the far left side ditch!

Dirt and gravel everywhere, the front wheel locks, slides, unlocks, 3 distinct times, I footplant once, save it, shift down 2 gears and keep going.

Of course my heart is racing, and if I wore drawers, I would have soilt them. But we keep going.

Stop later and Jack says he did not see anything. big cloud of dust, and me coming back on the road from the ditch.

2 hours later, I am leading to head home, slow down for a left turn, into a reverse "Y" intersection. with gravel in the crotch of the "Y"

lose my mind, turn my head back to look for my pals, front wheel hits the gravel, down I go. I'm okay, my left shin got a bit caught by the pegs, the front fender has a tiny scrape on the lip, but the LEFT footpeg is bent up about 10 degrees.

20 more miles, left turns are a breeze! I have ground clearance!
Rights still scrape and leverage me up.


I am fine, the bike is repaired, i am slow and calm, eeek

Today Sara & I drove to Berkeley. I bought a Honda 175 bike for parts to restore my old racer. Then we met Rebecca & Paul and spent time with them

Then went to Magic Gardens, met Novella Carpenter, who is writing an article sorta about me for the Metro. She gave us some tomato plants Yay!

We all piled into the sprinter, and drove to the Biodiesel fuel station she is a part founder of.

I wanna try a tank, it is supposed to make your motor run cleaner, but who know, I will dilute it with #2 diesel soon, but on the way home, she ran fine

that's all

Oh, and it don't matter who's in Austin, Bob Wills is still the King!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

my new favorite web page. NOT safe for work.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

My pal Christos sent me the most brilliant, yet sad email yesterday.

Instead of attaching the photos, I have linked to a blog that has them here
(Scroll down to the flags, read the legends) Or a slideset here

Google does not say much about it, and I cannot find original docs, it may be a hoax, either way, it is an interesting thought

Last month, the Norwegian diplomat Charung Gollar was asked to present the UN with a graphic showing the main problems in the world in 2004.

He presented a set of 8 pictures entitled "The power of stars" and was
applauded for the simplicity of his idea.

In spite of having no pretension at all, his work was presented to participate to the Nobel Price of Politic Marketing.

Attached are the 8 pictures presented. Read the legends

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I was racin a few weekends ago, and my pal Jack took some brilliant pictures.

Of course, I am only saying this because I am in most of them.

But anyhow, yes, I feel great, I am doin swell at work, and I am currently leading the AFM Formula Singles Class in Points. (It won't last, no illusions here) Life is good!

Please enjoy Jacks photos, and know I feel top of the world.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

national id is bad, okay? protest. via fax, or phone your senator.

don't trade away more personal freedom in the guise of national safety. there is no such thing as safety, it is an illusion. Federal ID will not help make you safe, it will ONLY help gummint agencies.

You already have a license, id card, from the state, the fed don't need it.

Thomas Jefferson! States' Rights! Fed should protect the borders and keep the highways open, otherwise, keep em outta your wallet!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Boy Racer!

it's all done with smoke & mirrors. But that guy, he OBVIOUSLY doesn't know what the heck he is doing.

If you scroll down to class #7 you'll see that for an ignorant sumufgun, he oddly seems to be doing okay

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

good press for me?

read to the last line of the article.

I'm back from the track. 2nd Place in Formula Singles! I was moving. It was fun. Waiting for photographs to come out. But, I have been so dang tired, it is not funny.

Sara's DRZ motorcycle battery died this weekend, then she dropped her 929 in a driveway. She is okay, the bike is a little scuffed, she has been thinkiing of selling it, now it may happen.

Still no news on my mental decisions, but I am back to where my brain is spinning and I am thinking about these things.

Last night I dreamed we adopted a pit bull puppy. Maybe it has been long enough that I am almost ready for another dog? RIP Ladybird.

My Honda 175's made it to CA, thanks Beth, and are in my garage. My racer has sat for too long, and needs a bit of work. I think I am going to do a restoration to stock. Then make a race bike that is only a cafe racer, not street legal at all. It will be slow going. I have many other costs and projects.

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