Monday, June 21, 2010

Saul hanging out playing computers with Chris

Sherry & Saul at Central Market Playground

Sherry & Saul

Sleeping with me at Chris' house in Austin

Saul hanging out with Zack in Austin

Stores in NE Texas

Sleeping in the Sprinter

Hwys in TX

Texas Wienerland! I have a Texas Wiener.

At the Railroad Museum in Marshall, TX

Sandi. who saved the party, making a fish dish for Sara

Folks 50th anniversary party in Longview

and yes, he is having chocolate cake with Grandfather Max

Dancing at the party

Last rest stop in Texas.

Sunset over New Mexico line

Route 66

Tucumcari historical museum, Saul got to STAND in and climb around a bay window caboose!

New Mexico Rain! We drove from Tucumcari almost to Albuquerque and back. Sara's wallet was found, and we got to see this beautiful rain.

Saul and Sara headed into Petroglyph park outside Albuquerque. We arrived ar 4:51pm, the park closes at 5, but there is also an open area we went up to see.

Climbing up in the rocks, checking out the petroglyphs!

Saul decided he liked running on the sand, back to the parking lot!

Views from the South Rim of the grand canyon

In the "WatchTower" at the canyon

I do not want to walk on the sidewalk

At a scenic outlook, we backed the sprinter up for lunch. Sat in the back, made the ice chest a "table" for Saul. Ate, watched Yo Gabba Gabba on the laptop, and saw the canyon.

View of Sara out takin photos while we had lunch

Saul is the Leader! we went on a mini hike, and he insisted he was in front and the leader.

Saul and Sara pointing out the sites at South Rim

Friday, June 18, 2010

home. 3am.

straight shot from Grand Canyon home, 12.5hours.

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Stopped in Lost HIlls (Buttonwillow) for last gas, MAY have put Sara and Saul on blankets in the back, for comfy sleep.

more photos coming as soon as I can load them

Thursday, June 10, 2010

up, light brekkies at Chris' house

then over to Bobby for some of the best a2Fay i've every had. so great to see friends.

stopped at Academy for some shopping, home for laundry.

Then with Chris, Sara & Saul to central market to visit with Austin friends who came out.

David took this pic of me and Saul

stopped at Fiesta for some groceries. Taco Cabana for snack, and back to chris.

sleep tonight, clean and pack tomorrow, and off to Longview

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

up and out to Cisco's Bakery for breakfast, it was wonderful

Then to Austin Speed Shop to visit JesseD

South to Sherry's house and lunch at Thunderclouds

South to Joe's hung out, and off to the lake for Jet Skiing and fun

Angels hamburgers

then Chris' where Saul dropped asleep

no links, no photos

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

what a morning. up, shave, shower.

off to meet Jim Ranes, and then to a restaurant I cannot remember, the name, but need to, it was great!

Fred came, and gave me a headfull of ideas. yay, will work on in 2 weeks when I get home

off to meet with JimL and meet his pal talk about work-y stuff.

Wal-Mart for a lamp for Chris's house.

Joes place, when we rallied and out to Chuy's for well, Chuys. Green chile chicken enchiladas, green chile rice, borracho beans, Dot, no salt, and lemme tell ya, YUMMY!

back at Chris's house, waiting for 11:25, when Sara and Saul arrive.


Monday, June 07, 2010

the speed limit in Texas is 80

so I went 80. as fast as the van will go

Got in last night, had dinner with James at Hyde Park Bar & Grill, talked a storm, then went to Chris' house to unload
He got home, we delivered BSA to gal for Ken, came back and slept great.

This morning, woke up, went to Academy, for sandals, which I forgot to bring. Stopped by Tamale House #3 for some breakfast Tacos, then to OMJ;s to eat.

Off to Mac the Welders, where I got to ride OMJ's restorated 305 Honda Superhawk. It ran insanely smooth, fast, light, and fun. Of course, it was very hot outside, and i could not take a long long ride. But what a brilliant bike.

Then we had to get James home for his trip to Stephenville. After, Chris and I went to Joes, to grab him, then down to Cabela's in Buda. Stocked up on some necessities, then back into town. Visited Pointey Headed Steve, who has a hilarious cat that falls over if he ties socks around it. Well, I need to find the YouTube Worthy video that Joe took, to explain.

Loaded up, and out to the Salt Lick for DINNER!

Entrance to the Salt Lick

todays specials

Meat smoking pit

Giant Plate of meat

Beans, pickles

let the destruction commense

peach AND blackberry cobbler

empty giant plate of meat

3 pals at rest

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