Monday, June 30, 2008

help chango look out the window Saul!



Sunday, June 29, 2008

"Charles, you forgot, you are from TEXAS Boy. Man-UP"

Yep, I could Hear you Chris! I heard your words, and seen your smile, inside my head and such.

Went to home depot.
New toilet installed. close enough color. Kohler Wellworth Bottom and Top and seat
ceiling fan for Saul's room installed. Hunter Stonington 46"

went to Fry's.
Sara's desktop is now working
bought backup drive for her to keep her data on just in case
bought a case to put the hard drive out of her laptop in, but got wrong one, will return and swap out tomorrow
got bluetoof headset for new california law about handsfree on cell

depending on how she likes the fan in Saul's room, may buy same for family room. (that one is not working so well lately also)

thanks Chris

its all broken. i just need to throw money at everything, and fix it

house is level, but front door will not close, and glass is breaking
interior doors will not close right
saras laptop video card died, but whole laptop is POS - she is looking at new ones
sara's desktop computer gives memory error, and will not boot up
sliding glass screen door is broken
living room fan does not work right
sauls room fan is not working right
main bathroom toilet does not flush
main bathtub is delaminating

and the list just goes on and on.

yesterday i thought I would just go buy 2 fans and a toilet, well, no fans i like, and the one i like is $450. Sara wants a toilet that matches colors, the cheapest i saw is $575.

we looked at front doors, but cannot make a decision

ya know what? i just want a beer, and i cannot even do that.

Friday, June 27, 2008

sprained. badly, in 2 directions (which is apparently rare enough they kept calling people in to look at it)

Xrays are good. Wearing an ace wrist brace

Santa Clara Urgent Care. of course out of network, $300, but no waiting in line, and no BS. I got to look at the Xray, and see where the sprains were causing inflammation, but the bones are clean well, except where they had been broken before in other places.

home now, about to feed the boy

last night he barfed
and barfed

and barfed a little more, just to make sure the carpet got its fair share.

i am trying to find a doc-in-the-box, so I do not have to sit forever in the ER, i want to get my wrist x-rayed. I think it is just sprained, but it still hurts

why is it that when you go to the ER, you sit and wait, while they treat people with no insurance and knife wounds, but you HAVE insurance?

why is the guy with the money having to wait?

that's why I hate going to ER. sit and wait. sit and wait.

this morning Sara and Saul came and jumped in bed with me. He was super cute, crawling all over the place and pushing covers on himself saying peek-a-boo

probably super cute to make up for the barfing

but he barfed up breakfast, so had to re-eat that.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

on my way home from hot hot hot riding in Moab, UT.

photos by Chris Thomas

Thursday, June 12, 2008

How long could you survive in the vacuum of space?
Created by OnePlusYou

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

my name is Saul
I have a water bottle
I am eating a cookie
it is from Grandma Jannie.

then some everly brothers

repost, sry

traffic outside the hotel window in Chennai on last trip

and riding

GREAT NEWS! Saul went to Kathy Cox today, and weighed in at 20 pounds 11 oz. that is a gain

Monday, June 09, 2008

Yesterday we went to visit Mike & Evie and go out for Supper.

Today was a wonderful day. We got up, dropped Tarzan off at Daycare, then went to Palo Alto to the Children's Health Council, which is somehow connected with Stanford. Met with Dr. Bentley, a psychiatrist, who coordinates treatments for children with eating issues.

We met for an hour and a half, discussed all the history, issues, possibilities, info, etc. etc.


She is working on an action plan. She will get copies of ALL medical reports, chat with all doctors and specialists who have met Saul. She will go watch him eat at Scribbles and Giggles. She will build a team of specialists from the health center. Nutritionists, Physicians, Gastrointerologists, Neurologists, and whomever else we need. She will develop a strategy, and will herd all the right professionals into the right places at the right times, until we can get the kiddo eating.

I felt very good when we left. As I told Brad "no wall hangings, no patchoili, no hippy, no magic. Just a clinician looking for data to build a plan"

VERY good.

We got home from daycare this evening, and it is very very hot here. almost 86. FOOEY. I am gonna get beat when riding dirtbikes in the desert next week.

But Saul ate 6 pureed ounces. eggs, turkey, sour cream, olive oil, tomato sauce, cheese and mint. Without much fighting.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

friday, came home early, kid and sara were home, mostly a blur had cheeseburger with Brad

Saturday, rode dirtbike at Metcalf, while Sara & Saul went fishing. FISH! he says "fished IN" and makes 'gills" sign, like on Waynes world.

Got home, cleaned bikes, changed all oil and filters, all bikes are ready to go.

made Dale some racks to smoke Jalapenos on, made some cheese stuffed peps, they were INSANELY hot, I thought I was gonna die. We had dinner at big Dale Party.

Sunday AM, got up early with kid, rode hot rod up and down the street. Woo HOO Hot Rod.

afternoon, we went with Sara to Target, did lots of shopping, got a new harmonica.

Went to Mike & Evie to visit, then dinner at elephant bar.

He is sitting on me now, and looks like this,

Friday, June 06, 2008

fam stix

Pyzam Family Sticker Toy
Create your own family sticker graphic at

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

for YEARS, since I have known him, OMJ (James Gardner) has told me "Charles, stop buying junk, get yourself some Red Wing Shoes" And for years, I have not listened. My current pair of street motorcycle boots were bought out of a discount catalogue for $21 in 1993.

Today. This VERY morning, I woke up and knew it was time to fulfill my destiny. I went to the Red Wing Shoes shop on Stevens Creek and Lawrence Expressway. Kimberley the manager told me they do not stock the model I want, but we ordered it.

Laces and zip, steel toes, vibram sole, back lether, oh hubba hubba.

Kimberley helped me try on a similar pair, made on the same mold for fit. I now wear a size 10, and have been stretching all my shoes. this explains a lot of discomfort. She also told me Red Wing provides free polishing, cleaning, oiling, shoe laces, repair, etc. for life. For LIFE! And it is made in the United States of America.

Once Again, James, you are correct, and I should have done this much sooner. They lasted a long time for him, they will last a long time for me.

and now, some updates on the kid.

Last night I noticed a large box from a car seat Sara purchased. And a box from some diapers. A knife, some tape, and a box fort is made!

Mike and Evie came over to visit, and she went to play in the fort. I think Mike smiled bigger than I have seen in a long time, when he gave her a proper spankin! :)

They all played for a bit. Last shot is of monkey himself. No, he looks very unhappy! Angst ridden, you could say. All black and goth. Oh, wait, no, he is laughing his bottom off! Woo HOO

And some power wheels in action video from earlier in the day

my plans for an 18v conversion and turning it into a "drifting" car has been delayed till he is a bit better at driving.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Ladybird's book of Policemen!
A humorous re-interpretation of a kids book, Do not read with mouth full

RIP Ladybird! Best companion evar

wild weekend of flurry.

Friday night, Tia Julia came early. I had an errand to run, referenced later as "Tarzan's new wheels" Got back from that successful venture, then took Sara for Sidecar Pilot Lessons. We drove around the neighborhood, sidecars are difficult beasties to drive.

When we finished, we swapped places and made tracks for Sushi dinner and a date.

Saturday morning I went to metcalf to ride dirtbikes. My pal Joanne showed up, and was doing great, til she locked her keys in her truck, then fell and broke her ankle. We dealt with the issues in order. Drove Joanne home to Palo Alto. Picked up her husband Mauro, drove him and a spare key back to Metcalf to get his van. He drove home and took her to the ER, where they said "spiral fracture" I suggested she do jumping jacks till it was a proper break. She declined.

I got home, ran ran over to Mel and picked up the Corvair. It had an exhaust issue we came to a compromise to repair. :)

got home again, and cleaned up some, cleaned bikes, did laundry, ran errand, got metal poles for luggage racks, got battery for "Tarzan's New Wheels" got home and got sorted out.

Saturday night was "date Night" at Scribbles, so Saul was there, Sara and I went to Puerto Azul for some yummy dinner date. Then went to pick up kiddo.

Sunday morning we all piled into the sidecar and drove to Vasona Park for a BMW mini club meeting rally thing. There were sidecars and old bikes, old guys, etc. But no Rob Grauer, the BMW wizard pal of Saras I am hoping will help me clean up and do the stuff that needs doing.

Got home, and put Tarzan in his new wheels. Did he like it? OF COURSE! Photo is proof

Put him down for a nap, then ran to hardware store to get some PVC. Sara found a web page that describes a PVC pipewark "permanent tomato plant cage" well, damn dirty hippies, no real measurements, and V1 looks mediocre. I am working on a real redesign for V2

Cut down another of the ded white birch trees in our front yard. More light, but also more exposure. It tells me I really DO like the tree/jungle look out there.

Last night, Sara said "I don't hear the baby, what is he up to" and you know, when they are quiet? is when they are making trouble.

I walked into the bathroom, fortunately, holding the camera, to find this!

an empty roll of toilet paper, and a guilty looking kid. Who immediately stood in FRONT of the empty roll, so I would not see it. HIDE the evidence!

Unfortunately, he could not be in two places at once, and I saw the final result. 1/2 roll of toilet paper. Fortunately, no cell phones, keys, daddys wallet, etc... BUt I know it is coming.

took him back out to the living room, to illustrate which toys were his. He likes the sit and spin

and now some video

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