Wednesday, February 17, 2021

traffic stops

 on bookFace, someone asked about traffic stops, and I remembered these humorous incidents.

FIRST stop - 1977 - 13yrs old, hauling the mail in a buddy's dad's 1965 Chevy step side.  He (the buddy, not his dad) bet me a snickers bar I couldn't drive the truck at 70mph through the "wicked S turns" on a country road in North East Texas.    I did, we topped a hill and saw county sheriff headed the other way - I put my foot in it, but officer radioed to the guy behind him!    2 cars?  bad luck.

they pulled us over, and read the riot act,  wrote me a ticket to go to the courthouse/post office and pay Mrs. Little the Postmaster and County Clerk $15 for speeding.     Never asked for a license, didn't know how old I was, but knew my parents.

Had to mow lawns all weekend to get the cash to pay on a Monday morning.

Not my first, but one of my favorites:  in Austin, TX, about 1987?  I think the Crown and Anchor had recently opened, and I still maybe had a beer or 5 when riding  (i never touch a drop if bikes are involved nowadays)

Head out from the crown with a bellyfull of their awesome fries, more than a few beers....  and a group of pals on dirt bikes.  I was on a 76-ish Yammie DT400, most of them were on Honda XR600s....   We of course, left the place WFO & wheelies high.

in front of?  yeah,  ... an officer...   he lit up the light show, and we split up and went.   I must have drawn the lucky straw, cause he was gonna chase me.

NOT sure why, but I knew there was a park - and I figured there is no way he'd drive car through a park,  so I blasted through it like nobody's business.     Till i saw a bright red light, felt like I was flying, and woke up on my back on the ground with an officer looking down at me and laughing furiously.

APPARENTLY, I ran through a swingset, which caught me in the chest, lifted me UP UP into the air, and slammed me out cold on my back in the dirt. --- the bike just stopped and fell over.   the officer saw it all, and was only briefly worried i didn't break my neck.

"Didn't see it, don't want to know, don't need to see your license,  get out of here"

staggering, managed to get bike up, started and go---  next day couldn't breathe, went to St. David's, X-ray showed 3 broken ribs....  

Sunday, January 31, 2021


i just went through my FB friends list, cutting and culling--- mostly, friends who are no longer with us. (i am getting old)

But? I couldn't unfriend the "ghost" accounts of my parents

For some reason, I really wanted to wake up this morning, walk downstairs to the pantry, eat a ding-dong, while putting some pop-tarts into the toaster.... at the Country Place house.

someone else lives there now - I hope they are raising a wonderful family.

I get it, we get older, people pass on, places change, where we call home is different. ... And there is NO going back.

Before they died, I'm pretty sure mom wanted to go do whatever it was she did on Arthur Avenue, and dad, in south Dallas......

the little things? not giant historic moments - the little things, ar what is lost forever.

ON A POSITIVE note - Saul is in his room watching some random meme generator, and laughing his butt off. So that is nice. in the house... :)

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Kidney Stone Extras

the dang thing is still rattlin' around in there. UGH.

Last night, after I finished reading to Saul (yes, he is 14, yes he can and does read voraciously by himself - nightly reading before bed is STILL a lovely practice he allows his parents to do - great bonding time)

I stood up from his bed, had an instantaneous wave of fever, pain and nausea... and was CONVINCED! ... i had the 'rona.

then I remembered, i also had a HUGE pain in my guts, and it felt like I had to poop.

New Mantra "if it hurts and you cant poop - its PROBABLY Kidney Stones"

I took some of the pain killers the doc prescribed, and an anti-nausea, drank lots of water, and went to bed slightly worried.

About 5am, Penny wanted to go outside - i got out of bed, and felt much better. Its not the 'rona ---- its that dang stone rattling around, poking things from inside...

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

 second week of new job  - they allowed me to come back - I take that as a good sign

there is tons of opportunity - and i am having to hold myself back while I learn
dont be that guy - the one who comes in and knows how to change everything for the better --- until you know what everything does

i'm learning and hoping to contribute.

Thursday, November 12, 2020

 Nov 9 - 2020  - new employment

Started new job in the midst of the Corona Pandemic.

How will this work?   I am a contract-to-hire (If I do good and they like me - they will hire me)

I am working for DataNetIT - and can never thank my pals Steve, Inder & Bindu enough for helping me find and place here.

High hopes for new stuff to happen, they give me the knowledge and opportunity to truly make a difference


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