Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This morning, I needed to drop my Sprinter with Jim M at the Dodge house in Gilroy for service. So I woke up at 6, had a shower, ate some healthy raisin bran, and drove to the dodge house.

Pulled my 1970 Honda CL350 out of the back of the Sprinter. Fred the Red!

I had a meeting scheduled from 8:30 - 9:30 so I wanted to ride as fast as I could, and get to work.

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at ~ 75mph, a 1970 CL 350 Honda has a fierce vibration.

I was worried about the theoretical infrasonic frequency.

and? colder than an iditarod husky's nut-sack

But made it to work, only 20 mins late for the meeting, which is still going on.

all is well, Sprinter will get needed service, I got to ride a bike, and all is well.

You thought it was cold this morning?! The last couple weeks have been the warmest in months except during the freak heat wave. I am not even wearing my winter gear anymore.
You thought it was cold this morning? Mark and I aren't even wearing our winter gear anymore! Been warmer that last couple weeks than it has in months.
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