Monday, November 09, 2015

It's raining and cold here, we know what that means.  Cold & Flu season.

By popular demand, here is a repost of the cure.

Googala Moogala 

There was recent conversation in my family about the famous Googala Moogala. This is a drink my Maternal Grandmother Sylvia (may she rest in peace) used to feed us when we were sick, it would make us better. 

My mom disagrees with the recipe, but she is known to disagree for the hell of it. 

What is a Googala Moogala? 

It is served in a small juice glass, with the hope of pushing a kid to be over a cold. 

1 raw egg 
1 shot whiskey 
Juice of 1/2 lemon 
1 tsp honey 
1 dollop whipped cream 

Break egg into glass, squeeze lemon into glass, make sure no seeds, dollop honey into glass, pour whiskey over the whole shebang, stir gently 2 or 3 stirs, put whipped cream on top. 

Advise child to drink quickly. 

According to Sherry: "I had one at the Bandera apartment and willed myself to get better or just stop coughing so I didn't have to have another. " 

She also suggests using a shot of dark rum, not whiskey. but I object, it should be whiskey. 

yes, I have had these, yes, even as an adult. I do not know if it really makes you better, but you damn sure sleep for a few hours. 

I should have had one of these when I had cancer, I bet a Googala Moogala and a hard candy could cure anything.

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