Monday, August 26, 2002

Bright Red Light.

In the movie Uncle Buck, there is the BEST visualization ever of what happens to me on a regular basis.
At one point, John Candy's Character, "Uncle Buck" opens a closet door, the audience sees a bowling
ball roll off the top shelf, towards his forehead, then the whole screen goes BRIGHT RED, just for a second,
then black, then he opens his eyes, and people are standing over him.

I seem to do this, a lot. Being knocked out. Rung my bell. Out like a light. Why do I spend so many
seconds of my time unconcsious? I try to lead a conscious, examined life. Yet, oddly, I get knocked
out a lot. I try to blame it on my genetics. My mom's family is short. Face it, Eastern European
Jews are SHORT people. However, I live in a tall world. Things I need are always on the TOP shelf.
Heck, I store heavy boxes on the top shelf.

No chair, I can just kinda jump up and grab it. Slide to me, ooops, what is happening?
POW! Bright Red Light. And I wake up laying on my back, sometimes with a heavy box
on my chest, and wet sticky red stuff on my forehead. IF I am lucky. If the blood is dry, it
means I have been out for a while.

Why am I thinking about this? Because my old roommate Jim was here this weekend.
He is as tall as I wish I was. And he could reach things on the top shelf. Wow. Once we
went to the store to look for pants. 30 inseam was on the top shelf, 38 inseam on the
bottom. Hmmm, who thought of this? then I was looking for 34 x 30, and the sales girl
told me I was rounder than I was tall. EEEK. I am over-square. And I drop heavy things.

So just this morning, I was trying to get a helmet down from the top shelf, and pulled a box
of riding gear on my head. and saw a bright red light.

then I came to work

Why do I spend so much time unconscious? and is this affecting me in the long term.

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