Friday, August 23, 2002


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My pal Jim is in San Jose visiting, and selling his CBR 929 RR to Sara. She'll have a greeat
new sportbike, and he will have one less toy in the garage. I'm quite thrilled to have him here
visiting. Jim is one of my best freinds, and has a way of reminding me what is, and what is
not so important.

Last night we discussed the possibility of attempting to bring Texas BarbeQue to California.
Rudy's Texas BBq. Yummy stuff. But would be a big adventure, and capital expenditure.
I KNOW it would be a license to print money out here, people would flock to it. REAL BBQ?
Heck yeah. Leave my job? eeeek!

So other than that, I plan on a long weekend with lots of motorcycling. I know I need a vacation,
or time off, or to just STOP thinking about work constantly, and maybe I will have a chance this

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