Tuesday, August 20, 2002

My pal Chris Null, of the book and movie fame, has started a blogger page, he is linked at www.chrisnull.com Somehow he figured out how to have it on a NOT-blogger page, and it looks like it holds links. Chris has figured out some stuff I have not.

My hope is to eventually learn how to work Blogger better, and move to a 3 tiered system:

I'll use Yahoo Groups to send out my LOTD and maintain mailing lists

Move to Yahoo Photos for photos I take, but I need to alternate them out and get rid of old stuff

Use cstatman@yahoo.com and cstatman@excite.com for personal email and addresses

Use Blogger for journal entries,

and eventually phase out the Texas.net account.

I do not know if it is do-able, but I hope to try.

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