Saturday, September 28, 2002

Day X

Saturday, 9/28, 8:30 am Cali Time, 9:00pm Chennai Time

I am in the air on the way. I got in touch with Miller, he was delayed with some business, so we scheduled a noon-ish meeting. In the interim, I walked around, answered some email, and posted my last post. Around noon-ish, Clay arrived at the 4 Seasons to pick me up for a personal tour of Singapore.

Knowing I am mildly fighting some jet lag, I may have been a little less energetic, but still functioning like a human. We drove around town, he pointed out some of the brilliant sights of Singapore, we caught up on family matters, work environs, and while I recognize how well his inputs have shaped my career, it was great to sit in the car, hear the words, and be able to say “thank you”.

Clay believed in me while I was at Motorola, and he gave me the great advice to untie myself from the platform (Macintosh) and realize they are just tools (computers). The ability to process the information is much more valuable than the platform itself. Clay helped push me into an area where I could open my brains, and know Mac or Pee Cee was not the question but “how do you apply what information you have” was.

We stopped and took a photo of me in front of a giant water spitting dragon, I will surf for more info on it later. Then we walked around the new Singapore Opera House. OMG, these people KNOW what they want, and how to buy it. I was speechless, hand cut, hand inlaid, hand built, in an architectural marvel to rival Sydney’s Opera House. Oddly, the art exhibited was a collage of flags, made of human hair. But they flew the Texas flag, so it was okay.

Driving at speed through Singapore’s streets is a blast. My old neighbor Leo was right, they cannot drive there. But that’s another story. Out to the Miller Ranch, and picked up his son. I have not seen Westin since he was 13, before they left for Singapore, and we were trying to pick up the piano player at the Four Season’s bar in Austin. He has grown into a mighty fine young man, with tons of potential. Hopefully he will harness it all in the correct direction.

Out for lunch, which, sadly, has made me queasy, but in an MSG way, not in a “icey black death” way. I will be better shortly. Then we went to sim lim square, a giant shopping mall for electronics, and Clay bought a new cell phone/handspring, as well as a “thumb drive” for me. 32 mb USB, plugs in, transfers data, wow, way way cool.

This place is a playground for the techie, and makes Fry’s look like a craphole.

Off to the airport, and I am standing in line for Singapore Air. And the luck runs the fuck out. The flight is full, and they do not have a seat for me. Uhhh, NO way, I am sorry, I have a reservation, that means you reserve a seat for me. Of course in the nicest possible Texan way. She miraculously pulls a seat, and I am on the flight. Please hurry to the gate. Where the sign says they will not open for another hour. I sit and watch the dynamics of the people as they push, split line, and queue for the front. Great, I am never going to get there, and if I do, It will not be good.

Allow me to say it simply. My experience with Singapore Airlines so far SUCKS ass. I get on the plane, and am in the second to back row. The waitress is insistent I put my bag in the overhead bin. She drops it, then slams it in the bin. Uhhhhh, Circus Pack, pad my laptop, it is the only one I gots.

The Indian men on this flight are some of the rudest folks I have ever met. I truly hope the members of MY team do not treat other humans as rudely as these bastards treat the flight crew.

Oh, did I mention I am on an inside row? And the whole plane smells like ass?

I pass on the drinks, I pass on the food, I pass on everything, I just want OFF this ass-smelling plane. Finally I ask the waitress if I can get my bag back, and get an immigration card. So I am typing, and it sucks, the hinge on the laptop is cracked, so the screen wobbles, and flickers, of course it is the side with the ribbon cable. I will try to remedy this later.

Please let me out of here.

More as we land.

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