Tuesday, September 17, 2002

I have had a brilliant idea, and now I need someone to help me sponsor this adventure. I have been corresponding with my pal Flash, and think he is the right agent for this mission. I want to make a book.

My pal Eric Bong is trying to log a MILLION miles on a bike?

I think Flash should try for a thousand boobs touched!

THIS is a GREAT idea. I swear, make a book "boobies I have touched" and like, interview their owners, and stuff.

"so ma'am, how long have you had these boobies?"
"Do you let just anyone touch them?"
"how big are they, relative to common fruits?"
and so on.

One page photo of guy touching boobie, opposite page with interview. Clothed of course!

oh my god, this is a great idea. I MUST set to work immediately.

and maybe boobies could refer to other boobies.

I need to do more research on this. it is an excellent idea.

Someone, HElp me! Help me find financing.!

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