Monday, September 30, 2002

India Departs.

Day 4

Monday, 9/30, 3:30 Chennai Time

Sunday I had a light nap, I did not mean to, I wanted to work on my presentation, but I thought if I just lay down for a second, I would feel much better. And I passed right out. Fortunately, I did set the alarm on my cheap-o Wal-Mart wristwatch, and was able to drag my bones out of bed in time for dinner.

Wow! Dinner at the Indian restaurant in the Taj was just brilliant. Keith suggested we have “starters” and after the first round, we decided to make dinner just out of appetizers. While we ate a band came out and play some music, It was cool, I did not understand any of it, but it was cool, then switch to another band, and a dancer was performing some really cool, folk, traditional, I guess. She was very pretty, the food was tremendous, the acoustics of the room were amazing, the conversation was good, It was a darn good evening.

During dinner a young girl came up to our table and began repeating “boy looks like a girl, boy looks like a girl.” Okay, so not many Indian guys sport long hair I guess? But a beard, hello? Oh well, it was funny.

I was worried about sleeping after the nap, but got to the room and went right back out, like a stone hitting the floor. I was down for the count. I did even manage to wake before my alarm went off, just like at home, maybe my clock is adjusting?

Ya know, I am getting really fat. The hotel room is covered in mirrors, and I was able to look and see many angles I did not care to be viewed from. Of course, while on vacation is the wrong time to begin dieting, but I did start some stretching, exercise in the morning, I will attempt to do this daily, if nothing else to loosen the muscles and get ready for real work later. It felt good to break a sweat.

Met Keith for breakfast, and amazingly did not make a pig of myself, some meat, some muffin, some juice, but not too much. The off to work. The driver has not fixed the AC in his car, and we are absolutely drenched by the time we get to the office. There needs to be a change. Will see.

At headquarters in Chennai, the building is nothing like I expected, then as we climbed the stairway, I thought, hmmm, and we round a corner, to a modern, san jose-like office, weird!

Met Aparna, saw Kandan, Tanigai, Arul, whom I have met on their previous trips, handed out goodies, toured the facilities, and met so many people I cannot possibly remember all the names. Had coffee with Aparna, and caught up some. It is so odd to “meet” people you already know. Instant Messenger is a nifty thing, allowing co workers and friends to communicate in a different medium, and learn and know.

So back up, and out for lunch with Keith and his team on the ground here, what a great group of guys. It is so refreshing to see positive enthusiasm. After lunch, back at the office, he asks if I am feeling okay, apparently I am a bit flushed. Maybe too much time away from Texas, and I forget how to handle the heat? I hope not.

More as it comes.

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