Wednesday, October 30, 2002

I helped Eric & Lissa decorate their house for Haloween, and I am typing on my new Thinkpad T-30 from work. it is much lighter than the old reliable Dell, and my Dell has a busted Display. If anyone has an Inspirion 7000 15" display laying around they'd like to unload.......

Anyhow, all sorts of stuff is going on, basically, I have decided I want to sell my FZR400 (as soon as Sara says it is okay) and buy a Mini Super Motard. Picture a 150cc dirtbike, street legal, with big brakes, and great suspension. YAY. If I can, then I may even sell the XR 600 bane evil addiction bike.

I could clear out 2 and only replace with one, that would be great. Sara says it sucks we are limited by the amount of space in the garage, and sould buy a bigger house with bigger garage. Well, I wish we had thought about that a year ago. But my budget is not really there, and I think it is easier to sell a bike, than buy a new house.

Will all work out in the wash. Wow, the keyboard on ths laptop is very loud. MUST sell more junk on eBay. Have been unloading lots, it feels good to sell things, and free up storage space.


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