Sunday, October 06, 2002

India Departs.

Trip Day 10
Sunday, 10/6, 10:15 pm Chennai Time


Dinner last night was a blur, I barely remember it, I am tired, wore out. Then this morning I woke, had a wonderful breakfast at the Taj, knowing I have only one left. Onion Dosa, make it spicy please, Idli, with Aloo, the chicken sausages, and some coffee. Read the paper, then back up to my room to catch up and prepare for the day.

I spent time on IM, Julia helped me get in contact and get Sara connected, and my sweetie and I got to chat for a while. I miss her, course, ya’ll all know that.

Then Arul phoned, we are supposed to meet, maybe noon? Then Louise phoned, she and Diane, co workers, made it in last night, and can I meet earlier, we have a busy schedule. So I mail some post cards, change some money, the hotel driver takes me over to the Park Sheraton where they are staying, and we all meet up in the lobby. So great, the ONLY time I have for socializing with these wonderful humans is when I come to India? Cool! More trips to India.

We drive to? Fisherman’s Cove! For lunch. But we arrive at an odd time, the beach restaurant is not serving. We take some photos, buy some carved seashells from a fisherman/vendor, then leave for tourista destination ONE!


a small town built around some “oh my gosh old!” temples and monuments. It is almost impossible to describe. Entire Granite land formations carved into temples and houses of worship. Imagine taking a solid granite hill, 10 stories tall, and carving it down to build an entire city. Yeah! Like walk from one building to the next, knowing they used to all be the same rock? Wow! It is absolutely; take your breath away, amazing. I snapped tons pics, will post them.

We wandered around and were pestered and harassed by salesmen, one of whom finally got me with some jewelry, and a carved elephant. More photos please?

Back to Fish Cove for buffet lunch in the main building, I had curried spicy seafood with garlic sauce, rice, potatoes, veggies, and topped it with strawberry ice cream for desert. We spoke about work, about India, about life in general, it is always lovely to spend lunch with 3 brilliant people, you learn good stuff that way, ya know?

Tourist Stop Two:
Back in the car, and over to Dakshinachitra

to quote the web site: 'Dakshin' is Sanskrit for 'South'. South as in South India, ... Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, each distinctively different yet invariably clubbed together. 'Chitra' is 'picture' or 'sketch'.

a living museum, where they have replicated the styles of four regions of south India. Again, amazing. Houses and people, shops and crafts, we see tons cool stuff, but are also beginning to melt.

We take the car back to drop Diane & Louise at the Park Sheraton, Arul & I head back to the Taj. I have had a brilliant day, I was very tired, but would not trade it for anything.

Back at the Taj, Arul & I have dinner at Southern Spice. The fantastic restaurant I had eaten at with Keith.

Arul knows the manager. He won’t let me get by on starters, though I try. We eat like kings, Idli, Banana Dosa, Shrimp, Idli A---- (I cannot remember the name) and some wonderful potato spicey dishes, topped with coffee. I am so full I cannot breathe.

Up to the room, download photos, get ready to sleep, remember my tickets, and discover, OH NO! Wednesday is NOT an 11pm flight, it is an 8AM flight! OH MY GOD! I have to totally rearrange schedules. I will make this happen, but I just got more rushed.

Will fit in everything I need, damn, a whole day flying. This is gonna suck

Well, I cannot write more, cause I have a 6am flight to Bangalore in the morning, and I need sleep.

Cool touring, check the web sites, more later kiddoes!

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