Friday, October 04, 2002

okay, quick note before I leave to go shopping

for the THREE people out there who are actually following this,

What the HELL is with a Bidet? Do people REALLY shoot a stream of water at their butthole to clean house? Is it more environmentally wasteful than toilet paper? What about water shortage? How do you prevent it from hosing yourself all up the front of your clothes. (yes, I need to change) and where do you learn how to use one of these? Does anyone we know have one in their house? Are there instruction manuals? What is the whole, (*or hole) point?

Next thought. How can I bring everyone I know to India? This place is fun.

and finally, special, incredible thanks to Miss Julia Green, who is faxing my MC racing pre-entry form on Monday I emailed a document to her, and she will fax it in. I hear the Friday before the race is open track day, and will arrange to do that as well.

Ciao! off for shopping!

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