Monday, October 21, 2002

Umm, I do not know where to start.

Friday was brilliant. I passed Jack on the OUTSIDE of turn one. Outside, that's a clean pass. And it made up for having the nefarious Dick Rossi STUFF ME on the inside earlier.

Seriously, Dick has found the speed, turned it on, etc., and is riding wonderfully, could not happen to a better guy, when I looked over and saw him running up inside, I was all grinning and giggling, and thinking "YAY Dick! You GO man!"

I practiced till I could not move. Yay Greg, Yay Denise, Yay Jack, Yay Richard, Yay Lisa, Yay Julia, Yay Gwen, Yay Boris, Yay Sue, YAY to EVERYONE who was out there having fun.

Friday night, wow, what can I say? Julia had a wonderful idea to raise money for the corner workers. She would donate x amount for every person who made a naked lap of the pits. Jack, Myself and Marcus from the 125gp group took a lap. Harmless silly fun. Richard videotaped it, and Grace provided the laughtrack, I am amazed at how much she giggled.

It was OBVIOUS that we were having silly fun, and making people smile and laugh, and raise money for our cornerworkers. Yes, OUR cornerworkers. Our Guardian Angels who go the extra mile to keep us alive and safe while we participate in this silly sport and try to kill ourselves on a regular basis.

We ride, people laugh, we get back to the pits, and the track officials from Thunderhill over react in a way that would have made Civil Defense Air Wardens proud. Jumped all over us, screaming and yelling, taking down numbers, threatening the crowd. It was definitely a wet blanket tossed over the fun.

I will not go into it here, other than to say, Jack and I sat at the hotel Friday night, and each wrote on our laptops. My thoughts were about how i apologized, his thoughts were about how to point out the stupidity. Mine are posted on my weBLOG:

However, we raised money, and more people heard and donated money later. All in all, the corner workers did okay from our antics. Expect photos & video later.

Friday night dinner at "Franco's" in Willows, very yummy food, except the worm in Lisa's salad.

Saturday practice was a blast. Mike Norman gets extra special mad fat props for bringing in a clutch for me, once installed, my bike would pull all the way to 14k. Earlier, up to 9k was power, then 9-14 was just spinning motor, no go. The clutch made all the difference. I had some great dices, some amazing flying laps, I was feeling great, but tired.

Saturday night, Greg, Cindy, Jack, Doug and myself went to Orland for the "Eve of Destruction Demolition Derby" Woo hoo! American entertainment at it's best.

Sunday. Practice, yay, fast, good.

Sitting in the pits, John Rabasa points at Jack's chain, and says "that's way too loose" evil bad foreshadowing.

I race, and toss the chain on my bike in turn 12/13, before completing one lap. BUT! I did not know it was the chain, I thought I fragged the clutch. Coast in, push, get out of the way, make mistakes, get into the pits, Mark points out the chain, DOH!

Well, I did not frag the motor, but I also did not finish the race. BIG dissapointment. BIG.

Leaving the track, we made some photos, I hope Jack will post them soon.

Creech said it best:

"note to self, leave clothes ON at Thunderhill"

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