Thursday, November 14, 2002

Be careful, I am on a rant.

So my pal Julia sent out a joke this morning, Classic.

Yankee does rolling stop, Texas Trooper pulls him over, argument ensues, “no one was around, I slowed down then continued” Trooper says “no you must come to complete stop” more talk, then Texas Trooper pulls yankee out of car and proceeds to beat hell out of him, then asks “should I slow down, or come to complete stop” Yep, Texans illustrating through example. Tee hee.

But it got me to thinking about all the wannabe fascist sons of bitches here in San Jose. They HATE motorcyclists, with a passion. Will ticket you and offer to take you to jail at the drop of a hat. Why? Cause they got no REAL crimes to solve. Rebecca jokes that in San Francisco, they look at you, say “you ain’t killin someone or rapin someone, get out of here”

Well, yeah. Exactly

So I thought more about Texas, and did some web surfing to remind me.

Texas DPS does NOT mess around.

Top Ten Criminals in Texas? On the DPS web site:
look at the crimes: Murder, 3 counts, Kidnapping, Assault with deadly weapon, registered sex offender, and my favorite :attempted Capital Murder of a Police Officer” Hell yes they list what you did.

Sex Offender Search? On the web!
this is good stuff, agree, go to the web page, scroll to search by Zip, enter 78758, Austin, by my pal Doug’s house.

Oh yeah, they list your address, they post your picture. they even put in your shoe size. People KNOW if you have been bad.

Texas Rangers the baddest of the bad.

And in California?

The DMV’s page:

a whole bunch of panty-waist crap about how we cannot be held liable, and we have to protect the rights of the criminals, etc. etc. etc.

and here is how to find out about sex offenders in California.

if you can figure it out, he’s already raped your babies.

So in summary, Yes, Texas Troopers are bad ass dudes. To quote from 1935 press releases:

“The modern Ranger has risen to the challenge and has accepted the traditional expectation to be the very best. Rangers are better trained, and educated then ever before in the history. Even though their number has just reached just over the 100 mark, they still fall way short of one Ranger for each of the 254 counties in Texas. Yet, with the repetition of "One riot, one Ranger," the Rangers don’t seem to need a massive group to accomplish their mission and maintain their reputation.”

In contrast,
San Jose Police Department:

LOOK! I’m on a Horsey!

Yes Julia, you are right, Texas Troopers will yank you out the car and beat your ass if you back-talk them.

San Jose Motorcycle Cops may yank you off your bike and yell a lot, and drag you to jail for speeding, unless you are really a criminal, then they will run the other way and call for backup. Oh, unless COPS is around with the TV cameras rolling. "bad boys, bad boys, what-cha gonna do?"

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