Thursday, November 07, 2002

I started the day off giving a presentation, then had lunch with a guy from Austin, who MAY be moving here, then spent the afternoon having the most wonderful email conversation with a very good friend about life and relations and what all people COULD do if we only tried.

It has been a great day.

Robert Craig Knieval.

one of my heroes, a man who inspired me.

said many cool things, here are some of my favorites.

"I am an American, that means Amer-I-CAN, to continue to be a great country, we have to remember the 'I-CAN' part and not give up"

"It is better to take a chance in life, to win a victory or suffer defeat, even though scarred by failure than it is to live in the shadow of life, as some do, never knowing a victory or defeat because they have not the guts to try either!"

this guy was jumping on a HARD TAIL Harley. Balls the size of a bull!

Now I do not jump my bike, not intentionally at least, but I am still inspired by a few men in my life, who are my heroes:

Robert Craig Knieval who finally taught me not to give up

VG Rollins, my scoutmaster who told me when I was ready to quit the hike "It's just over that next hill" and taught me the value of perseverance

and my Father, who put up with me for years. I actually managed to vomit in every single new car he bought untill after I got out of college , AND I destroyed his favorite car, a V-8 Oldsmobile Cutlass. Yet he still loves me.

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