Wednesday, December 11, 2002

the scope went well, but they did not shoot video. :( They did take photos, I have copies, and will try to get them on the web.

The doctor found:
small internal tears (internal hemmaroids)
light diverticulitis
some polyps that were removed and sent to lab for testing.

I had to wear cool green shorts with an easy access panel in the back. I thought about stealing them to PROVE I am a fashionista, but then I thought I am WAY too close to SF for easy access shorts.

They pumped me full of gas, I am still farting from it.

Mostly, the Phospho-Soda I drank cleaned me out a lot, and i ate lunch, so we will see what happens.

The nurse also told me not to drink the Phospho-Soda regularly, cause no matter how empty and good it makes me feel, it is not a good idea.

More as it develops. I am still tired & cranky

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