Sunday, December 01, 2002

Today, we rode some more. Big group, Sara & I on DRZs, Dale & Joan 2-up on his Honda F4, Dick Rossi on his F4i (the I means fuel injected) Robert Kennedy on his clapped out, beater Nighthawk650, and Linda on her white BMW GS thingey.

we rode and rode, and went on all sorts of cool roads, culminating (for me at least) in Tunitas Creek.

How do you describe hauling butt around a single lane road, twisting through the mountains, with leaves & pine needles on both sides, trying to chase down last year's CLASS Champion from your roadrace class, and just trying to keep up to see what lines & styles he uses?

wonderful, that's how, it was just wonderful.

THEN, to hear Sara on the radio (whe have helmet radios) and know she is very close behind us? oh, it was grand.

hmmm, the guys in the condo next door to me are snoring. it is so gosh damn loud.

tomorrow is Sara's birthday, we will have a small soiree at the house, cake & stuff, will be fun.

I am out of words now.

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