Sunday, December 15, 2002

Toys for Tots Bike run

Skyline, between the hills, 40MPH+ crosswinds

when we got to one of the wind tunnels, Jeff went down on the Ninja 250. Wind just blew his backside off the road and into a ditch.

The guy on Lauren's GSXR stopped beside the downed, recent wheelchair pilot. Sara on her DRZ went ahead, our radios had shorted, and were not working. I turned to see Jeff was alive. got MY DRZ very sideways in the wind, but did not get pushed over.

Antonio & Sara(h)? stopped in the chase car, and were nearly blown off the road. Managed to get Jeff back to vertical, he & GSXR went back to Alices.

I u turned, to go catch up and tell Greg what happened.

2 or 3 more turns, at 35mph, hugging the tank, putting as much weight forward and low as I could, I still got blown across the road, into an oncoming car, i brushed my thigh on his door, but no other damage, and kept riding. NO, not fun.

At this point, the rain is BLASTING into the bottom of my face shield, my Frog Toggs are putting up a valiant fight, but losing.

I catch up with part of the group at the Skyline/Alpine intersection, update them, then we all go up Alpine. I see Gary going the OTHER way. Finally we catch Greg who has stopped at Alpine/Portola. Update him, and Sara & I go back to skyline to 9 to redwood gulch to Stevens Canyon, to 280 and home

To dry off and warm up, and call Cindy to says Jeff is okay-ish.

Now, in the dry, warm condoo, it was fun, and I am glad I did it. At the time, I was NOT having fun on Skyline.

But we did get toys for tots, and I did go on a toy run.

a challenging one.

It was raining TEXAS Size & Style.

Rain encourages smoothness. That's a fact. Wind, HIGH wind, it encourages the heartbeat.

I shoulda took the Harley.

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