Saturday, December 28, 2002

ummm, I have been playing Sims Online too much, it is fun and silly diversion

Drove up to SF this morning to get parts for the DRZ from the good poeple at

last night we went to a show to see my pal Julia's boyfreind's band play. I remember little other than their lead singers extreme camel toe.

Yesterday was a blur of lawyers, guns and money. Randolph Sprinkle will save me. I handed him a stack of $20s

Xmas S & I went to see the new Pedro Almodavar flick "Talk To Her" then went out for traditional Jewish dinner on Xmas! Chinese food with friends and family! woot.

Work has me completely enthralled, I am totally loving management, and working on process, refining my goals list, and trying to motivate my team. At the moment, we have 15 or so MAJOR projects, all in a stalled, 1/2 complete phase. I INTEND to wrangle it all to completion soon, to show some flash-bang results.

oh, and no news on my intestines.

did I mention the HUGE camel-toe on their lead singer? HUGE!

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