Wednesday, December 04, 2002

was just thinking about someone special to me:

his mom raised him as an adult. Much of the philosophy is NOT "don't be a kid & have fun" but more of a "i am going to treat you with respect and as a human, not an object". There was no baby talk, only intelligent conversation. Crying was frowned on "unless you are bleeding", and questions are always honestly answered, or answered with "I do not know, let's try to find out" instead of lies and myths to quiet the kids. Candy kept to a bare minumum, with fruit instead. Little to No fast foods. and again, always strong answers and honesty.

Kid is now 14, going on 15 (i think). IN the midsts of ALL the teen-puberty-angst. And I have seen him snap, holler at his mom for embarrasing him, etc., then stop abruptly, back off, apologize and say "i am sorry mom, I love you, and I recognize it is hormones, please forgive me"

WOW! this is the product of a correct, though sometimes accidentally so upbringing. He really communicates with his folks, because he KNOWS he can get honest, real answers, and there is nothing they will hold against him.

Hello? he is a champion from the start. and laughs and tells us about freinds of his who cannot speak to their folks, etc. etc....

What I would give. that is a GOOD way to be raised, and produced a pretty cool kid.

Go Zack Go!

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