Friday, January 03, 2003

I just spoke to one of my closest and best friends in the whole world. Which is cool. I miss Joe, and do not get to talk to him nearly enough. Now his daughter is growing up, and I am in San Jose, MISSING IT!!!!

Joe had read about my intestinal issues, and wanted to discuss. Yay! I got to talk about poop more. So, to that end, and update.

Dr. Nguyen my General Practitioner ran some lab tests just before new years, and found NO parasites, NO virus. So my poop is clean. How do you run such a lab test? Well, you have to poop in a cup. So she gave me a special Doctor Cup, and I went back to the office, sat on the hopper, and when I felt something coming, I reached down with the special Doctor Cup, to catch it before it hit the water.

And I had just seen Steve Irwin "The Crocodile Hunter" in his movie and was thinking while pooping. "I am about to catch one, you have to be careful, and sneak up on them. Oi Mate! He's a Grumpy One!"

Then I realized: " I am the mighty TURD HUNTER!"

then I started laughing. It is always bad to laugh while in a toilet stall at work.

Anyhow, I processed a sample, clamped it into the special Doctor Cup, put it in a plain brown bag, and had to refrigerate it before I could return to the doctors office later that afternoon. I put it in a Plain Bag. and marked it "Turd, do NOT Eat, NOT your lunch"

when I got back to it, yep, someone opened it. Fools! Defy the Mighty Turd Hunter will you?????

So the lab shows no bugs, I am just messed up. So eating smaller meals, takiing in less bulk has helped, but I am still searching for the right answer.

Other non-poo related news. Backwards.

Last night my pal Mac the Welder phoned. it was great to hear his voice. He apparently rode some wild 4-cylinder 2 stroke Suzuki monster, but fortunately, still has his sportster.

New Years Day we (sara & i) rode the DRZ's up to Mount Hamilton. I am working on the motard conversion on mine, and have been building a how-to build a motard page.

New Years Eve I celebrated at my pal Greg Creech's New Year's Blastoff. Photo of me & sara at said event.

My pal Mike Jones was there. Mike has lost a heck of a lot of weight, and looks good, but was having a little too much fun. Yay for boobies!

Before That, I spent a lot of time working on the Motard, and travelling back and forth to MotoJava for parts.

well, that's good for now.

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