Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Okay, so I understand, it has been way too long since I updated. Well, things have been crazy, I lost track. I’ll try to handle in order:

Eating: I have found if I eat less, MUCH less, then I do not have problems. I am not sure how long it is sustainable, but I am trying to eat less. I have some good days, and some days where I spend too much time forgetting and eating, and sitting on the hopper, crying and wishing. But for most of the time, I am fine.

Bike: 4 weeks ago I got off the DRZ, minor lowside, but seems to have stretched my knee. More on knee later. Bike. The bike got a bent kickstand, I have already fixed that. The DRZ is fully dark now, and I am waiting on the taillight unit to come in, and it’ll be mostly ready. I overspent a little, and need to wait before I can afford to put tires on the new rims, but the old rims work fine. This bike is such a blast to ride. I giggle constantly.

Ticket: From weeks ago, my attorney, Randall Sprinkles, did a bang up job. From traffic violation to no license in wallet, $117 fine, no hit to my driving record. It is true, counties are just generating money. Bastards!

Knee: So my left knee is not working right, I am actually typing this while sitting in the doctor’s office. Yeah, after 4 weeks, it did not get better, so I went to doctor. You know what? I am tired of doctors. More on the knee after I see the guy.

House: sleep has become something I do optionally. My neighbor snores way too much. Sometimes I doze off, then wake up to find my beautiful girlfriend snoring away! YAY! I wish I could sleep that good. But we are both light sleepers. We’ve been discussing moving in July, to something, well, quieter. More as that happens.

Work: Work is great, I am mostly busy, but always happy, I am challenged and able to come up with solutions. I have a wonderful team working for me, just keeping them focused…..

Entertainment: traded the VCR for a VCR/DVD combo. And have not found much I want to watch. I think I may assemble a wish list on amazon, just for the heck of it.

I do not know what else I have to discuss, so that’s it and that’s that.

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