Friday, March 21, 2003

Freedom Fries? What the hell is this about? On March 11th, the cafeteria for the US Legislature changed French Fries to Freedom Fries, hoping to show displeasure at France, and their lack of support for this war. Freedom Fries? Freedom Toast? will teenagers get into Freedom Kissing?

HELLO AMERICA! There are people starving in our streets! Unemployment is rising, Debt is going through the roof, and we are changing the names of cafeteria foods? WAKE THE HELL UP!

On a happier note, Sara wanted Outlook installed on my old laptop. I open it up and LO AND BEHOLD there are some archives of email and writing. Things I was POSITIVE I lost in the last great computer crash. I found some correspondance I really wanted to review, it was like small gems found on the roadside.

And mom sent me hamantashan for Purim. Yum

And I seem to have a cold, my throat is sore, my nore is dribbly. The only answer is to go roadracing at Sears Point, and hope it clears up in the sun and heat.


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