Monday, March 24, 2003


cstatman69: I have learned sometthing new and wonderful
CyclePunk725: wats that?
cstatman69: so, do you know who Marmaduke is?
CyclePunk725: sounds familiar
cstatman69: the great dane in the comic strips?
CyclePunk725: yes
cstatman69: okay, do you know what a Marmaduke is? I just learned this weekend.
CyclePunk725: ?
cstatman69: what does a great dane look like from behind?
CyclePunk725: get to the point
cstatman69: so when you are mooning, Tuck the balls under, and have the dane look
cstatman69: it is called a Marmaduke.
CyclePunk725: nice
cstatman69: oh yea.
cstatman69: my pall Matt was corner working, and shot me a marmaduke in Turn 11.
cstatman69: last lap of the race
cstatman69: I damn near fell off the fucking bike laughing
cstatman69: ass & balls.
CyclePunk725: oh no
cstatman69: I trust you will get right on this?
cstatman69: this style NEEDS to be transmitted to Austin.
CyclePunk725: hahah

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