Tuesday, April 15, 2003

I sent an update to a cousin, and realized it would fit here very nicely.

My update:
Digestion is getting better, I have started eating MUCH less, and it helps. Apparently I have some diverticulitis, and the light eating and mecidation has helped close it up for a while.

When I got this respiratory thing, I had to take a few days from work, and stay in bed. that helped my knee to heal up, and I am not limping at all anymore

Sara and I have decided the condo is much too small, we will be talking to my mortgage broker later this week to see what we can jointly qualify for, and start looking to sell the condo and buy a house. Looking in San Jose, Willow Glen, Campbell and Boulder Creek

Work is going very well, I enjoy management, getting paid to tell people what to do suits me.

The Harley went in for it's annual tune up, I pick it up this evening with a clean bill of health. The Superhawk is still in shop for ITS tune up, but should be ready later this week. And I am looking at a 1968 Honda CB 160 as a new addition.

That's about it.

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