Sunday, July 06, 2003

House. Moving. Still Moving.

New house? I like it. Sara likes it, and I like it, so if we ever finish moving, it will be grand.

loathe moving? hmmm, whaddaya got? few rooms furniture and a closet of clothes, right?

Imagine a garage with 6 motorcycles, tons of spare motorcycle parts, machine tools, hand tools, maintenance supplies, jacks, lifts, air compressors, welders, etc. etc. etc.... sucks ass. I fuching HATE moving.

and? because I have so much funky stuff? I cannot even PAY movers to do it. they take one look at the machine bench and say, "uhh, no. no. fuck no. I pity you, but no. we will not do this"

Once it is all set up in the new, real house, not condo, I hope to not move again for at least 5 years.

hope. I hope.

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