Monday, July 28, 2003

So Friday was my birthday, I was 39. (am 39).

Work sucked Friday, this one guy gives me a rash, did not return an urgent call, so my birthday lunch was ramen noodles. And lots of misery trying to complete a project without his help.

Then at house, groups of friends came & went, it was nice to see them. I have a lot of junk snacks and miller beer left. Hmmm, I do not drink much beer, and I am too fat.

OH! did I mention my balls still hurt. But Dr.s appointment at 2:30 today

Sara and I had the hardwoods refinished in the middle bedroom, it is now an office/library/study. We need to seriously figure out how tro arrange/rearrange. But all books are on bookshelves, so less boxes in our increedibly empty living room.

Spent sunday morning cleaning the DRZ & Superhawk, my nails are still iscky with oil/grime.

thas about all.

need to find good link for today.

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