Wednesday, August 20, 2003

After yesterday's fluid-episode, today was somewhat calm. I slept late even! Sara and I stayed up watching "Lagaan" last night, a particularly wonderful movie, especially if you are white folks, but want to learn what the Indians are singing during those brilliant dance numbers....

I was not able to keep any solid foods in, due to the contrast still in my system? But finally around 10:pm sara brought me some ice cream, and it managed to hang around long enough to count.

When I woke this morning, it was to a loud expellation of gas. You may remember me quoting Fred about such matters in a prior food poisioning incident, needless to say, I was not "farting with confidence" yet. And after hearing this expellation, I realized, I needed to get out of bed, and go 'check on things' as they say.

Well, the nicest way to put this is "And then I got into the shower."

Clean, feeling nice, off to the office. Trying to make my life feel normal, I stopped at Diamond Cleaners on hwy 87 at West San Carlos, to drop off some dry cleaning, then to wal-mart to return an air pump I do not want to discuss, and into the office at 9:30 for meetings.

Still not feeling like eating, I had some juices. You'd think I would be turned against apple juice after yesterday, but no, I still like it. Drink a little juice, do a little work. My pal BethW came by to drop off a DVD she got from JimRanes in Austin. He made a short out of clips he filmed on his trip to Tashkent, Uzbeckistan for Herb the International Playboy's first wedding.

It was just amazing seeing video of Jim & Herb. Felt like I was right there, well, okay, maybe not RIGHT there, but was good to hear/see pals from Texas.

Went to a few meetings, actually did some good business, then hit a wall at 3. Absolutely no energy. Of course, cause I cannot keep anything IN me. The hospital staff did warn me it could take 24 hours for all the goo to run its course. So I made for the house.

Using my NEW verizon LG-VX4440 cell phone, I called Mr. Ranes to talk to him. I have good freinds. We chatted all the way home. But I was bonk-city when I got home.

Lots of packages at the house. My last order from amazon arrived. A cover for the Weber grill Dale, Joan & Jack got us for housewarming, and Diana Souhami's book "Selkirk's Island, the true and strange adventure of the REAL robinson crusoe" My boss Keith mentioned it in passing, and for some reason I could not get it out of my head, so I bought.

I also recieved ben Schott's "Schott's Original Miscellany" which someone apparently ordered FOR me, and did not include gift card. It looks tremendously interesting, but I wish I knew who sent it.

So now I have a: Pirate Hat & Eyepatch, a book, a dozen bagel dogs with Lik-M-Aid that I have NO IDEA who sent me. And it is starting to freak me out, cause I feel bad about not sending thank you notes.....

Tonight I have dinner plans with some of our engineers (who are freinds) visiting from Israel. So I needed to get some nap time in.

Tomorrow at 2 we (sara & I, not the royal we) go back to Dr. Andonian's to learn what we learned form the CT scan, and find out what the next step is. I am feeling okay, but tomorrow will make a huge difference in what the next few months look like.

To quote Tweek from South Park "Oh man! That is WAY too much pressure!!!"

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